rent control: Disgruntled - 06/11/07 12:34 AM
This comment came from a disgruntled Edmontonian. I planned to email him directly but Dustin's email address was a dud. "Dustin's email: Your "real estate investments" are going to put me on the street. Unfortunately, real estate has now become something that only investors can afford. I am a professional engineer making good money and housing in Alberta is simply unaffordable. I have absolutely no idea how it is affordable for a grocer or the rest of the working class to afford a home. Why not focus your business on helping people find affordable housing regardless of socioeconomic status? Your greed … (2 comments)

rent control: Worse Than Bombing - 05/02/07 12:36 PM
Julian Koziak a politician who oversaw rent control in the final years of Alberta's last big boom is against a return to the idea."It's been written that rent controls have done more damage to cities than bombing Koziak was quoted on Tuesday. He also said they discourage construction."It was part of a national response to an economic crisis that resulted from inflation," he said. "Interest rates went through the roof and hit 21 per cent."Alberta imposed rent controls reluctantly in late 1975 to comply with the federal anti-inflation program. The plan was to limit increases to 10 per cent in 1976 … (2 comments)

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