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Among all the other exciting things that have happened in the last week in the madness that has become our world it seems our little village of Del Mar had a bomb scare yesterday!  The "nothing but exclusive" L'auberge Hotel had a phone call at about 4:00 pm on a busy Friday night that a bomb was...
It always amuses me greatly when I have a listing cancel or expire that the next few days I get a huge amount of phone calls from agents - most I have never heard of thinking that I am the seller.  I just cancelled a listing for a client in a beutiful high rise building in downtown San Diego - li...
THE INSPECTORS INSPECTOR So totally agree - about being at all inspections.  My husband is my partner and has a background of building restaurants etc. - so he is invaluable to me in this business.  Truthfully I am not the best when a widget is not fitting into a gidget - He however KNOWS them al...
San Diego always seems to have been in the buyers mind as "the city by the sea"...  When out of area buyers wander into our office in down town Del Mar or call from our web sites there seems to be an illusion that every area of San Diego is by the ocean!  Oh, if it were so even a shaky market wou...
This is my first experience with a Active Rain blog - so bear with me as I am fast becoming a blogging fool - I have one on my web site - but am happy to become part of the Active Rain Family which in these challenging real estate times makes us an even tigher family. ...

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