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Real estate is a tangible, visible thing.  Most people prefer to have their real estate investments nearby where they can drive by them and make sure that everything is as in good shape.  They take comfort in knowing that their investments are in an area that they know, and that they are familiar...
 If you aren't a leasing pro, you might hear terms get tossed around like "triple net" and "industrial gross", but you have no idea what they mean.  Basically, they refer to the portion of the operating expenses of the property that the tenant reimburses the landlord for under the lease.  In the ...
  Part of my job is to keep up with the economic forecasts...both for the San Francisco Bay area and nationally.  Most economists see the bottom of the real estate market occuring some time in 2009.  That means that investors would be smart to begin looking for bargains out there.  In real estate...
Commercial real estate brokerage is the fourth highest paying profession in the United States.  It is a very different field than residential real estate.  It's not necessarily harder....it's just completely different.  It's a completely different body of knowledge, and most aspects of it are dif...
One of the very best forms of lead generation that I've experienced has been forming my own leads group.  If you aren't familiar with leads groups, they involve a group of people in sales that get together each week (or every other week) to exchange leads.  The members are generally in various ty...
At this point, almost everyone in real estate knows who Keller-Williams Realty is.  After all, it is the fourth larges brokerage in the United States...with over 73,000 agents.  What's most remarkable is that this company only started in the mid-80's.  The other big players in residential real es...
A study was just completed where the participants were polled to see how much experience a person needed to have in a given area to really know what they were doing.  In other words, what does it take to really be called an expert  The results of the study were that it generally takes ten years t...
If you are looking to lease a retail, office or industrial space, then hiring a broker to represent you is a no-brainer.  In 95% or more of cases, the landlord pays the commission of both his broker and the tenant's broker.  Therefore, if you hire a competent and experienced broker to represent y...
When you are leasing an office or retail lease, beware of clauses that require you to subordinate your lease to the lien of any present or future mortgageholder on the property.  The purpose of the clause is to allow the lender maximum flexibility in the event that it forecloses on the landlord's...
A relocation clause in a retail or office lease allows the landlord to move you from the space that you originally leased to another space in the  shopping center or the office building.  You may have picked the spot that you leased because of it's southern exposure, or because it was near anothe...

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