interest rates: Mortgage Market Overview Spring 2014 - 05/09/14 09:01 AM

We are coming out of spring time and heading for the summer and many folks are curious about what is truly going on with Home prices, Interest Rates and the overall Market Conditions for real estate.
First of all let me disclose that, “I am NOT a licensed real estate agent”, so this information is coming from speaking with many realtor partners and industry insiders to share some basic information about the market.
Home Prices:  Most markets have seen stabilized prices.  Prices are leveling off in most markets.  Inventory levels are starting to rebound, making … (0 comments)

interest rates: 2012 Best Mortgage Options - 01/13/12 03:31 AM
As we embark into another year, Most of us are always wondering about which mortgage options are available and what kind of rates and fees are tied to those specific products.  So let me share what I think will be the best mortgage options for 2012.

Best Refinance Mortgage Options:
Rate/Term Refinance:
This year refinances will be driven by rates.  Right now we have historical low rates.  We are now seeing some equity in properties.  With equity the banks are approving these rate/term refinances.  Also, if you are in a property … (2 comments)

interest rates: Scariest Home Mortgage Concerns - 10/10/11 06:48 AM

As we enter the month of October, and Halloween draws near, we wonder if a goblin, ghost or something scary is about to pop out at us. Many clients feel this same way with their home mortgage these days.  Some of my clients are not even aware of what type of mortgage product they have until things can get very scary for them.
I had a past client the other day realize that he had an interest only product. The product made sense 6 years ago, but today the product scares the heck … (1 comments)

interest rates: Low Mortgage Interest Rates Create More Incentive Than First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit - 06/22/10 12:45 PM
With interest rates dipping as low as 4.25% to 4.75% on a 30 year fixed, the tax credit gone should not make much of a difference in the minds of home-buyers.  However, that has not been the case.  So far the mortgage application volumes since the tax credit ending has been very low.  Most borrowers have not yet realized that due to the low interest rates that the long term benefits of owning a home is more beneficial today than the customer who bought their home 3 to 6 months ago.  The reason for this phenomena is due to interest rates … (4 comments)

interest rates: Please Call Me, I am the Advertised Interest Rate - 07/24/08 04:33 AM
"Hi my name is Mr.  Mortgage Billboard.  I am the big sign you see on the way to work each day.  My colors are nice, pretty, and my font type is Helvetica, most appealing to my audience who drives by me each day.  My goal is to become your friend. I will not talk back to you and you can trust me.  Look at my appealing mortgage rate.  Notice how my rate is ½ lower than the rate at the bank.  Please call me I want to be your friend.  Oh by the way please do NOT read my fine print … (5 comments)

interest rates: It's really difficult to time the real estate market and interest rates - 06/03/08 07:11 PM
Lately I have been getting many calls from buyers who ask me if now is a good time to purchase real estate.
My simple answer:  It really depends on your unique situation.  If you are one of those folks out there that is trying to time the market perfectly to get the lowest price possible and the best interest rate than I think you might be waiting a long time. 
You see the truth is no real estate professional or mortgage professional can time the market perfectly.  We have to look at historical data from the past to draw conclusions for the … (0 comments)

interest rates: Market Shifts to Higher Interest Rates as Inflation becomes a Huge Concern - 05/30/08 06:02 AM
I have been watching rates move in an upward direction all week.  Mortgage insiders such Barry Habib with "The Mortgage Market Guide" has been preaching this all week and the signs are there.
Now that rates are moving in that direction, what does this mean to a buyer who is shopping for a great discount on a home?  Well I think it means that you do NOT want to get too greedy.
If you are in the market for a home and prices are coming down, and you are waiting for further movement, then it might be counterproductive if you end … (0 comments)

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