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Staying in contact with everyone is a full time job.  Heck I stopped writing posts for a couple of months and catching up has been so hard.    I suffer from the same problem that most loan originators and real estate agents suffer from and that is creating an effective system so we can wear mutip...
I should probably be in the bedroom sleeping, but NO I decided to work late tonight on mortgage files and now I am extremely tired.  I know I should go to bed but I felt compelled to write a blog.  You see I feel like I have become a big stranger to the blogging community.  This is my first attem...
I have been a season ticket holder to the Arizona Cardinals since they built the new stadium in Glendale Arizona.  You know which one I am talking about, because the last super-bowl was here in town.  Do not get me wrong the new facility is state of the art.  Its clean. air conditioned and fan fr...
Lately, I feel that I have beating a dead horse over here with all the changes due to a declining housing market.  Our lending environment has became so tight that good borrowers feel that there are really no options to help them get into a home today.Recently the mortgage guidelines have become ...
I wanted to talk about some situations that have been coming lately that has lead me to believe that the average "Joe Borrower" is still not aware of yet.If you think your ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) is BROKEN and this is going to cost your payment to skyrocket, you might be completely wrong.P...
So we just had the Oscars and if Hollywood can put together a list of awards for their industry, then I thought I would run down a list of mortgage products that I feel are best for First Time Home-buyers in 2008. And the Winners Are?FHA Mortgages:  This is a great product for most clients buying...
With the Oscars around the corner, my wife and I try to see all the films that are up for best picture.  The 5 films up for best picture this year is Atonement, Michael Clayton, There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men and Juno.So far we have seen 3 of the 5 and plan on seeing Juno and Atoneme...
How many caught a glimpse of Tom Petty as the half time entertainment.  I am sure half the world right?Tom Petty has a quality about him that just attracts me to his music.  It's good old American Rock n Roll.  Not that I have anything against all the new music, but when I have to plan a road tri...
In the Last 24 months, the popularity of the adjustable rate mortgage plummeted.  With the inverted rate curve, it just made better sense for a mortgage lender to advise a client to stay far away from this product.  When you could get a better rate on a longer term note that would not adjust it b...
We are all feeling our pocket books being pinched in so many different way these days.  The economy might be heading into a recession, costs of goods are increasing, gas prices are at an all time high, and for some homeowners it just getting tough to make ends meet.  Recently I met with a homeown...

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