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Sometimes conforming mortgage guidelines just do not fit into every deal.  This is where sub-prime lending comes into play.  Even in our tightening mortgage environment sometimes an alternative bank can place a difficult loan.  Today I called a sub-prime bank to find out if they can lend on a har...
OK,So maybe this was not the brightest thing I have decided to do, but I am tired of the consumer getting the raw end of the stick just so a homebuilder can make more money.  I recently lost another loan to the homebuilders lender because of a very abusive practice of giving certain incentives fo...
Attention Realtors and Home-buyers in Arizona:  We are in a market identified by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to be a moderate declining market.  This is not the first time I wrote about this issue:Arizona Identified as a Declining Market: Appraisal Reviews Required, but because I am having more pe...
My good friend Christoph Schweiger has decided to meme myself and 7 others, so thank you.  I am going to follow your rules and let the world know all about me.List 7 things about me: I am a huge movie buff and will see everything out there.  After seeing so many films, I really enjoy documentarie...
 I am not the first to report this on Active Rain, that award goes to Kate Bourland:  The Bloodbath Continues - Two Majors Leave the Wholesale Market, but I might be one of many who will miss this bank, as I am deeply saddened to see them leave this challenging market.Here is the official corpora...
In the last couple of weeks, interest rates have been at the lowest point that I can remember since September 2005.  Recently, I have been locking my clients rates at around the 5.625%-6.00% range. Now the question is: "Should YOU take advantage of these Low Rates and Refinance your Home Mortgage...
Well Sun Devil Fans, Arizona State University open up its basketball PAC 10 play against Oregon.  They ended winning that game and now beat Oregon State today.  This is the first time in 20 years that ASU has started with a 2-0 PAC 10 start.  Now I do not think we can expect a great season from t...
I must admit, when it comes to gift giving during the holidays, its not a big priority at the Miljour house.My wife's family does not even exchange presents anymore.  About 10 years ago we started adopting a family for Christmas and end up giving a family who needs help a real Christmas.  Its spe...
In the last year, mortgage guidelines has changed completely.  We have seen tons of mortgage companies go under.  Heck I think we all enjoyed visiting mortgage implodeBut now that the herd has thinned and the competition has been eliminated, I am having a hard time understanding why wholesale ban...
As we start planning for next year and reflect back on a crazy year, the first thing that always comes to mind is planning with my business partners.So to kick off the year, I formed a Real Estate Mastermind Group.  In this group I am going to have 10-15 agents involved and we are going to work t...

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