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I wanted to update everyone that I moved to a new Mortgage Company.  Some of you still follow me from time to time and my goal is to get back to writing again more frequently.       
  Maybe the government is finally listening or maybe it’s the luck of the Irish upon us, but I have some great news to share about some positive changes to help clients purchase a home again and refinance their existing loans.   Positive Purchase Mortgage News: On Conventional loans, a homeowner ...
As we embark into another year, Most of us are always wondering about which mortgage options are available and what kind of rates and fees are tied to those specific products.  So let me share what I think will be the best mortgage options for 2012.             Best Refinance Mortgage Options:   ...
        I was watching Fox Business News yesterday and confirmed it that MetLife is pulling out of the mortgage business.  MetLife entered the market back in June 2008 when it bought a bunch of divisions of First Horizon Corp.  They are now exiting out of this market 3 and 1/2 years later.  This ...
In the last 60 days I’ve had 2 clients call me about looking into a reverse mortgage. I am not sure if I even shared with most that I actually DO offer this product and service. First of all the Reverse Mortgage is NOT your traditional type of mortgage product. It does not follow the basic guidel...
I am not the first to report this good news, but felt it was worth sharing.  The Obama Administration announced on October 24, 2011 details of expanding a government sponsored refinance program to help more underwater homeowners refinance to reduce their payments.   Many clients of mine wanted to...
          As we enter the month of October, and Halloween draws near, we wonder if a goblin, ghost or something scary is about to pop out at us. Many clients feel this same way with their home mortgage these days.  Some of my clients are not even aware of what type of mortgage product they have ...
With a struggling economy and an extremely weak real estate market, clients have been looking for real options to make their ugly real estate situation go away.  Here are some questions from the unspoken that no one wants to talk about:                Should I Short Sale my Home?   Can I get appr...
        Did you know that conventional loans are now offering very favorable terms to buy property with only a 5% down payment. Conventional loans still require higher credit scores to qualify, but if you have the excellent credit and are buying a home the Conventional option might pencil out bet...
Can I buy another home if my house is underwater?     Did you know that about 50% of all homeowners in Arizona owe more on their current home than what the home is valued at. This is a shocking statistic, but this information becomes very important once a decision is made that you need to move. ...

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