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Since coming over to Sunstreet Mortgage,our team at the Mesa branch are now 4 out of 4 on getting competitor mortgage declines approved.  Now I am not saying or bragging that this can be done every time, because every mortgage loan applicant must re-apply, collect all the stipulations, have the f...
Well its official, Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC now has a bigger presence in the Phoenix Arizona Market with the opening of the new branch in Mesa. As one of the new branch managers, I was excited to announce this to the world but was beat to the punch by a couple of my favorite social media friends w...
Starting July 1, 2010 all loan originators in Arizona need to be licensed and unless they have certain exemptions. In my state, that exemption is under statue 6-991.01. With this new license comes new regulations on both the federal and state statue. Most of these laws change not only the definit...
As of Thursday, February 18, 2010, according to the NMLS I am officially licensed to originate loans in the state of Arizona.  It has been a 3-month process in the making and I am thrilled to be an officially licensed loan originator.  This will be required for any loan officer by July 1, 2010.  ...
Information on the internet these days is so hard to interpret.  So many people provide tons of raw data, that sometimes the end product does not look like the original planned design.  These days I try to be very careful before I just post something out there on the internet. I know that consume...
As a seasoned mortgage professional around the real estate business for 15 years in Arizona, there are 2 months out of the year that I dread for my clients.  Those months are April and October.  Taxes in Maricopa County are a lien item on real property January 1st of every year, but our county ma...
Mr. Bettag saves the day again with great information.  Thought I would share this information with the folks in my neck of the woods.  HVCC is known as Home Valuation Code of Conduct.  I like to affectionately call it hell for homebuyers, home sellers, realtors, real estate attorneys and lender...
So there I am watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and notice that I am not seeing one Pepsi commercial.  I look at my friends and say hey isn't Pepsi going to run their commercials.  I found out quickly this morning that Pepsi had made the decision to not run their commercials and decided to take a...
After I read Ken's Post, I thought this was worth a re-blog.  Ethics is now a big deal in the mortgage industry.  Our new mortgage originator license has a big section on this and I feel we need to start taking it serious.   Lani Rosales and the folks at Agent Genius started it. I swear. If you d...
In this day and age of information or what I would like to call mis-information, the buying public still does not always have the best grasp of what they need or want when it comes to making a decision on a mortgage loan.  I think most of us out there would agree that the buying public has been t...

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