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Well, it happened to me again.  I have to take the long way to get the listing from time to time. For the awhile, I was the queen of going out on a listing appointment, telling it as I see it, only to have the sellers list with the super-producer or the dream price Realtor.  A few sellers have ke...
Normally, I post about real estate issues, but since spring is on the horizon and camping is one of my favorite things to do in the fairer Oregon months, I am itching to camp.  So I have been checking out some camping sites, blogs, and other miscellaneous stuff, and I have learned, these people n...
A prevalent and much reported myth, that Realtors want you overpay so they pad the commission. I read in another venue today, a venomous, anti-Realtor post that, according to the author, stated "you should never hire a Realtor.  Either buy FSBO, or if it is listed, work with the seller's agent an...
Thank you to all those that came out this weekend to the Klamath Basin Home Builders Show.  There were people that walked away rather than pay the new admission charge.  Understandable.  But when I came in to work the first shift Friday and Sunday, people were gathered in front of the doors to ge...
If I had a dime for every time I have been asked this question.  This is how it starts: "I am interested in buying a foreclosure, but when I look online, all the sites want a credit card number.  Where do I find free foreclosure listings?" I try not to sigh at this point as I gear up for my speec...

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