klamath falls: Is the recent precipitation enough? - 04/14/10 11:57 AM
I know there has been some sleepless nights amongst our local farmers about whether or not they will be able to irrigate the fields this growing season.   The chat around the town has been unmistakable.   Overheard at Fred Meyer a few days ago "There was 5 inches of snow in Chiloquin and 12 inches on Deer Mountain."   Very common conversations.
Some feel the decision has already been made and the recent return of winter is too little, too late.
Here is a small testament to the crazy spring.  Yes, the sun is beaming and yes, that is hail on the ground … (1 comments)

klamath falls: Wal-Mart has real estate classifieds? - 09/10/09 09:57 AM
My telephone rang a few days ago, inquiring about a house I have listed for rent.  Since I do not work in the rental market, I found this odd.  Over the weekend, a few more calls about this came in.  Finally, I thought to ask the caller where they are seeing this.  She responded, "The Wal-Mart classifieds."
Nosy by nature, I went to check it out.
Sure enough there it was.   http://walmart.oodle.com/housing/sale/
A local search can be done for rentals, real estate for sale, in my neck of the woods, 33 pages worth.  Yowsa.
Obviously, oodle, a venue I had not heard of … (8 comments)

klamath falls: What is the strangest thing you have found in a house? - 08/12/09 02:34 PM
I was chatting with someone recently, and this question was asked.  What is the strangest thing you have found in a house?
My friend Brent Thomas, whose bread and butter is REOs, has much more interesting and sad tales than I do about things found in foreclosure houses. 
The strangest things I have found are usually more structural than bizarre.  The 1,500 sf house with 6 exterior doors.   The house clients still refer to as the "green house" - green exterior, green roof, green walls, green carpets, green tile, green, green, green.  The big square footage home broken into a bunch … (3 comments)

klamath falls: Close Encounters with the Wildlife Kind - 08/01/09 06:27 AM
Tim Bedore, a first class stand up comic, has some interesting theories.  One is the Animal Conspiracy Theory that the animals are out to get us.  I am beginning to think he may be right.
If you do not listen to the Bob and Tom radio show or you do not follow stand up comedy religiously, you may not know Tim Bedore.  If you are curious, here is a link to his site.  www.vaguebuttrue.com
My husband thinks it is laughable that I can go out to show property and come home with an animal encounter story.
Last summer, I was out in the … (5 comments)

klamath falls: I love it when sellers help themselves! - 07/13/09 11:36 AM
Sellers, thank you to those that actively help try to sell your house!
I held an Open House Sunday for a lovely home in a nice neighborhood,  The owners have moved into their new house, so there are only a few pieces of furniture, some towels and such in the home.
Since I have shown this home a few times, I am familiar enough to know it probably will need a little sprucing when I get there to be ready for the open house.
When I pulled in the driveway, I was thrilled to see a freshly mowed, weed free lawn.  … (0 comments)

klamath falls: Stripping foreclosures and working to stop the trend. - 06/30/09 02:12 PM
Awhile ago, I was talking to another Realtor in town that works with foreclosure properties.   He was relating the vandalism and theft from these houses in foreclosure with intricate detail.   When I asked him if he has been contacting the local authorities and he said no.  The waiting, waiting, waiting to have someone who clearly just wanted to write the report and go and the lack of interest in these crimes were reasons cited for not reporting.
This topic came to mind again today because an appraiser called me.  He was asking about a property I had recently sold that he may be able to … (0 comments)

klamath falls: Announcing my office change. - 05/18/09 09:09 AM
I have made a move to join Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty. 
Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty has consistantly been the #1 office in Klamath County, they have a strong internet presence and are keeping pace with the changes in the industry.  The combination of their emphasis on marketing, dedication to excellent customer service and commitment to the community made this office the choice for me.
Please feel free to contact me at my new digs!

klamath falls: Can't we all just get along? - 04/29/09 09:14 AM
Really, I mean it.
We are all in this together, so can't we all just get along?
People can be short, intolerant and just downright mean.   But business is business, put your game face on, suck it up and extend at least a bit of professional courtesy. 
Some excerpts of comments that have come my way lately:
"You need to push your client to get those closing documents signed RIGHT NOW." - from a loan officer who failed to understand that my client was in the midst of a personal crisis.
"We are $30,000 apart and if you cannot make a decent offer, don't bother … (8 comments)

klamath falls: It is almost Rim Drive time again - 04/15/09 05:25 AM
Rim Drive at Crater Lake should be open soon, another summertime favorite.

I will never forget the first time I went to Crater Lake.  It was June, it was a beautiful day, so we set out in T-shirts and shorts.  As we got closer to Crater Lake National Park, the snow was starting to be patchy.  Then solid accumulation.  Since I am allergic to cold, I was concerned.  My husband said it would be fine, but I was skeptical.  (His version of fine and mine do not always coincide) 
When we reached the lodge, the snow was higher than the … (0 comments)

klamath falls: Are we there yet? - 04/13/09 06:12 AM
Those interested in real estate often ask me this question:  The real estate bottom.  Are we there yet?
Buyers are watching for signs that the bottom is here so they can crawl off the fence.  Sellers want to stop dropping their price, or are finally going to put their house on the market.
All markets are checking for the bottom.  I have an email relationship with a Realtor in Vegas who, when asked about the bottom in his market, say not even close.  An acquaintence in Dallas says that her area of Texas is showing signs of improvement. 
But how are things looking … (1 comments)

klamath falls: Taking the long way. - 03/31/09 10:01 AM
Well, it happened to me again.  I have to take the long way to get the listing from time to time.
For the awhile, I was the queen of going out on a listing appointment, telling it as I see it, only to have the sellers list with the super-producer or the dream price Realtor.  A few sellers have kept in touch with me to complain about their Realtor, or ask me questions about what their Realtor is doing, which puts me in a precarious and uncomfortable position.  I do not want to talk badly about my cohorts, and I do … (2 comments)

klamath falls: Yes, that is me, trying to make you spend more money. - 03/10/09 12:03 PM
A prevalent and much reported myth, that Realtors want you overpay so they pad the commission.
I read in another venue today, a venomous, anti-Realtor post that, according to the author, stated "you should never hire a Realtor.  Either buy FSBO, or if it is listed, work with the seller's agent and negotiate yourself, of course asking that they cut their commission.  Realtors are not on your side, they want you to pay more so they make more commission."
Of course, the author claimed to have purchased a bunch of houses this way, saving themselves "so much money" … (0 comments)

klamath falls: I loved the Home Show! - 03/08/09 12:27 PM
Thank you to all those that came out this weekend to the Klamath Basin Home Builders Show. 
There were people that walked away rather than pay the new admission charge.  Understandable.  But when I came in to work the first shift Friday and Sunday, people were gathered in front of the doors to get in, which I took as a good sign.
I walked around and talked to some vendors today, soliciting their feedback on this year's home show with the admission charge.  I received some interesting comments, and most of it was that they felt the people who did attend … (0 comments)

klamath falls: Where Do I Find Foreclosure Listings For Free? - 03/02/09 10:11 AM
If I had a dime for every time I have been asked this question.  This is how it starts:
"I am interested in buying a foreclosure, but when I look online, all the sites want a credit card number.  Where do I find free foreclosure listings?"
I try not to sigh at this point as I gear up for my speech. 
Here is what you need to know about foreclosure sites:
<strong>Never give a foreclosure site your money because the information on these sites is not worth a dime.</strong>   
Reason #1 - Foreclosure sites gather their information from the mandatory notice … (0 comments)

klamath falls: The Klamath Basin Home Builders Association Home Show is coming soon! - 02/24/09 10:12 AM
The Klamath Basin Home Builders Association Annual Home Show will be held on March 5, 6, and 7 at the Klamath County Fairgrounds.  The show runs from 4 pm - 9 pm on Friday, 10 am - 6 pm Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm Sunday.
This year is the first time there will be an admission charge for the show.  For adults, the admission is $3, if you bring a canned food item for the Klamath-Lake County Food Bank, the admission is reduced to $2.
The admission charge has been a fairly controversial issue.  I spoke to the administrator of … (2 comments)

klamath falls: Suggestions on staging your home to sell. - 02/18/09 04:17 AM
Many people ask about staging their house for sale, here are some suggestions.
First off, step outside and take a good look at your house.  So many buyers want to drive by a home and get an impression or a decision from this drive by.   Even with four seasons states with snow, you can stage the outside a bit.  An attractive wreath and window treatments that look nice from the outside are a place to start. 
Take a look at what the outside of your home says.  Keep bushes and trees trimmed, yard mowed and free of debris.  Fences and exterior … (0 comments)

klamath falls: Good vs. Great - Bringing Service To The Next Level - 02/16/09 07:15 AM
I have been obsessed with service lately.  Good versus bad, good versus great, and the little things that could make it better.
Perhaps because I have had the displeasure of leaving messages, voice mails and sending faxes only to not receive a response.  With one Realtor, I eventually called his principal broker, who took my call and promised I would get a call back by the end of the business day.  Of course, I did not get that call back.  Another Realtor took almost a week to return my call.   How would the clients feel if they knew that was the level … (0 comments)

klamath falls: The importance of pricing your home for the market. - 02/05/09 05:01 AM
It is important to price your property for the market. Even being overpriced by 5% can be the difference between the house getting shown and people looking elsewhere.
It is a new day. With endless internet resources, buyers can know in a moment whether you are competitively priced or on the high end of the market.
I showed a house recently that suited my buyers needs. But because the house has been on the market over 400 days, the potential buyers assume that something is wrong with it. Something is wrong with it, the seller started out WAY too high on … (0 comments)

klamath falls: What buyers need to know about foreclosures! - 02/02/09 09:03 AM
There is so much information and misinformation available regarding pre-foreclosures, short sales, foreclosures and REO properties (lender owned). Here is what applies from my experience as a Realtor, not an attorney, in Klamath Falls, Oregon to the topic.
Foreclosure sites and toll-free numbers to obtain "foreclosure listings" are a waste of time, and this is why. Foreclosure sites gather the information from the mandatory postings and court filings. These are rarely updated and are notoriously inaccurate, as these sites want to show lots of possibilities to intrique you enough to pay money to subscribe. There is not one thing these websites … (0 comments)

klamath falls: Bringing my passion for Real Estate to my job. - 01/24/09 02:43 AM
I love real estate.  I really do, and I think that shows.
I answer my phone any time I hear it ring. 
I work weekends.
I will take you back to the house you are under contract on 10 times so you can measure or take paint chips.
I will go the extra mile to make sure my clients are happy.
I do not understand why other Realtors do not bring some level of enthusiasm to the table.
I have a call into a listing agent for questions on a house she knows I have shown my clients, twice.  They are … (0 comments)

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