mountain home: Prices up in Metro areas! - 05/30/12 01:08 AM
Prices up in Metro areas!  I subscribe to Realtor Magazine Daily News.  I read a neat article by Melissa Dittman Tracey today.  She detailed how Median prices are up in 10 active Metro areas...  the list is as follows
  10 Metros Where List Prices Are Rising the Most <!-- AddThis Button BEGIN --> |   <!-- AddThis Button END --> -A A +A   10 Metros Where List Prices Are Rising the Most Daily Real Estate News | Tuesday, May 29, 2012 <!-- /.section-date-author --> <!--<pre><?/*php print_r($node);*/?></pre>--> <!--paging_filter--> Prices of for-sale homes are on the rise in several metro areas. According … (0 comments)

mountain home: Memorial Day - 05/24/12 04:51 AM
Memorial Day is upon us!  Traditionally a sign of Summer...not officially on the Calender, but for real life... to most of us Memorial Day means Summer!  

I hope it means more than that to most of us.  I hope Memorial Day means more than Summer to all of us!  
I remember going to the cemetary on "Decoration Day" as a kid to help decorate the graves of the people that were known to have served in the military.  
Living here in Mountain Home, Arkansas, Memorial Day signals the start of Tourist season...but this is a very patriotic community and there will … (1 comments)

mountain home: Open House ? - 05/02/12 06:43 AM
Open House ? I will be holding a house open Saturday afternoon 1 pm to 4 pm.  Not exactly earth shattering news in a Real Estate Blog.  The Home that I will be holding open is at 14 Battlefield Place.  This is a Great location just south of the town of Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Most Real Estate professionals hold an Open House frequently.  I am curious if any folks have special things they do for their Open House?...
When I considered doing an Open House I called the seller and asked if she would allow me to do it.  She was happy to … (3 comments)

mountain home: Slower Pace of Life - 04/27/12 03:18 AM
Slower Pace of Life is what you will find here in the beautiful Mountain Home area of North Arkansas.

 I forget sometimes what a difference it can make for folks...Slower Pace of Life.  I bumped into a past client that had purchased a home through me a couple years ago.  I almost did not recognize him.  His whole demeanor has changed.  He had a calm about hime, a peace.  He was the one that brought it up.
He told me that the change of environment probably had saved his life... I thought he was puffing, but it became clear after … (2 comments)

mountain home: Bassmasters Elite tour on Bull Shoals Lake - 04/19/12 12:59 AM
Bassmasters Elite tour on Bull Shoals Lake this week!  The Elite is a Tour of Professional Bass Fisherman competeing in a Series and is televised on the ESPN network. ..........  The Trokar Quest event is being held on Beautiful Bull Shoals Lake.          Photo by Kevin Overstreet
The touring professional fisheramn were quoted as saying that "There are a lot of Fish!"  The Lake should be in very good condition for the fishery due to the High Water that we have experienced the last 2 years.  Bull Shoals Lake is just North and West of Mountain Home, Arkansas With over a thousand miles … (0 comments)

mountain home: Warning....That Continuing Education Class May Help Your Business! - 03/29/12 10:10 PM
Warning....That Continuing Education Class May Help Your Business!  I attended my State mandated continuing education class today.  I actually enjoyed it!
First Community Bank here in Mountain Home sponsored the class.  They provided coffee, and snacks...pastries, cookies, fresh fruit...a beautiful spread....I know, next time i will take a pic.  They were so good to us, they provided lunch as well!  Wow,  I could get used to this kind of treatment!
The instructor was Keith Montgomery of National School Of Real Estate.  Keith's pleasant manner, and obvious experience was appreciated by the 60 agents and brokers that attended. 
We covered all the … (3 comments)

mountain home: Lake Views - 03/21/12 10:33 PM
Lake Views are spectacular here! 
In the spirit of fairness and legallity...This home is my Mom's...yep,  She is ready to move into town and enjoy the convenience of apartment living.  So, The listing agent...Me, is a relative of the seller.  Having said all of that...I sure wish I could keep Mom's place!  Nestled in the Ozark Hills, just outside of Mountain Home, Arkansas  Just 4.5 hours south of St. Louis, 9 hours South of Chicago, 4 hours West of Memphis, 1.5 hours Southwest of Branson Mo., 3 hours North of Little Rock.

The Lake Views are Spectacular!  This 4.5 acres joins … (2 comments)

mountain home: Flyfishing annual Sowbug Roundup - 03/21/12 01:12 AM
Flyfishing annual Sowbug Roundup Starts tomorrow here in beautiful Mountain Home, Arkansas.  The Flyfishing annual Sowbug Roundup will be held at The Baxter County Fairgrounds.  The activities will start at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at approximately 2:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.  Admission will be $5 for adults to attend all 3 days of the event!  Can you imagine... $5!  Young people 12 and under are free!

A complete list of Sowbug Roundup activites can be found at  The organization is mostly older folks, so they have made a real effort to involve young people in the sport.  The event was planned … (0 comments)

mountain home: Golden Eagle Banquet - 03/05/12 06:11 AM
Golden Eagle Banquet to be help Friday March 9th, 2012.  The Golden Eagle Banquet will be held at the First United Methodist Church, 605 W. 6th Street at 6:00 pm here in Mountain Home, Arkansas.
This is an annual event is designed to recognize local community Leaders while being a strong fund raiser for the Westark Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.
The program this year will honor Calvin Czeschin of Mountain Home, AR for his outstanding contributions as a community leader, businessman and philanthropist.  As a Boy Scout, Mr. Czeschin attained the rank of Eagle Scout and has been … (0 comments)

mountain home: Whose Business is this? - 02/06/12 03:19 AM
Whose Business is this?  Let me start by saying that I am thrilled to be much busier this January and February than in recent years!  Having said that, I have bumped into a couple of "overly helpful" "professionals" during negotiations of the last few transactions I worked.

I showed properties and wrote an offer and acceptance per the buyers instructions on a vacation home here in the Mountain Home area to a fella from out of state.  He called me after receiving the contract via e-mail to tell me that his agent (from his home state) had told him to … (0 comments)

mountain home: On What Foundation are You Building Your House? - 01/26/12 03:07 AM
On What Foundation are You Building Your House?  We all make choices.  I am happy to see the people that are new to the Real Estate Business posting here in Active Rain.  The vast majority of those posting strike me as very professional people that are working to build a business.
The local Market here in Mountain Home has seen a few new entries into the business even as the overall number of … (2 comments)

mountain home: The Sky Isn't Falling in Mountain Home, Arkansas - 01/25/12 01:50 AM
The Sky Isn't Falling in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  I have been helping folks find that "just right" place for over 25 years.  The last 3 have been a challenge.  The Market here in the Mountain Home area has been affected just like it has in most places in the U.S..  
You are probably wondering ....   so why would he start a blog with The Sky Isn't Falling in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  
I have seen Our local Board of Realtors membership drop from nearly 400 agents (in a town of 12,400) to a number closer to 240 agents, and of … (0 comments)

mountain home: Holidays and New Beginnings - 12/27/11 08:28 AM
Holidays and New Beginnings seem to go hand in hand.  I try to make time each day to give thanks for my blessings.  My Grandfather always told us to count our blessings...I honestly think it is more important to be Thankful for them.
The Real Estate Industry (that could be written... business, or Why hasn't my house sold yet?) has been tough in 2011 in this part of the world.  North Central Arkansas, or more specifically the Mountain Home area.  We have always had a bit of insulation wrapped around our market due to the retirement / relocation segment of our market. … (2 comments)

mountain home: Short Sale....Can be a great option for Sellers! - 10/24/11 06:44 AM
Short Sale....Can be a great option for Sellers!  You may know someone that needs to sell short.  It might even be You.  The frustration and confusion an be overwhelming.
Did You know that You can get paid by the government when you sell on a Short Sale?  
Did You know that some lenders... Chase is a major one that will pay $10,000 up to even $20,000 when You sell using a Short Sale.
Did You know that the lender will pay a large portion of the closing costs....including the Brokerage Fee.
Short Sales have not been a large part of … (4 comments)

mountain home: Took A Break - 10/24/11 02:24 AM
Took A Break from writing for a bit.  Why am I back....?   I missed it.  I like sharing what I am good at with others....Not the writing...The Selling or Purchasing of Real Estate.  
It seems that here in Mountain Home that buyers are screaming..."don't you know that it is a BUYERS market" while sellers are convinced that "yeah but the market is not that bad here....".
The truth usual, somewhere in between the extremes.  There are more homes on the market than you would find in a Seller's market.  It is a Buyer's market if You are a … (0 comments)

mountain home: Bridge Bash 2011 - 09/21/11 08:54 AM
Bridge Bash 2011,  I will be part of the First Annual Bridge Bash this weekend...We are calling it Bridge Bash 2011  for obvious reasons.  This whole project is to raise awareness and Provide Hunger Relief for North Central Arkansas.  
                              Bomshel, Nashville Recording Artists!
We will gather 2000 people on the beautiful Rainbow Arch bridge over The White River at Cotter Arkansas just a few miles west of Mountain Home to take a photo of all the people on the Bridge....thus the name Bridge Bash 2011!  
I will … (2 comments)

mountain home: Football and Fishing... - 09/13/11 11:16 AM
 Football and Fishing...If You live in the south already...You know what I am talking about.  If You live in North Central Arkansas near Mountain Home,  You probably are too busy to read this.
The Start of September brings us College Football.  I am an AVID Arkansas Razorbacks fan....I Love my Hogs...Some of You may have strong feelings for other fine institutions of higher learning.  I can appreciate that.  We will discuss football, and I will even promise to remain civil!
The Fishing part...?   The White … (0 comments)

mountain home: Center of Hope Charity Dog Show, Mountain Home, Arkansas - 08/16/11 05:43 AM
Center of Hope Charity Dog Show, Mountain Home, Arkansas,  All Proceeds to benefit Ozark Center of Hope!  This should be a really fun event for all of us Animal Lovers!
The Center of Hope Charity Dog Show will be held at The Mountain Home High School right here in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  When.....?  October 1st!  All entries must be in by September 15th!  
The Admission is reasonable....$2.00 for students and $5.00 for Adults.
I Love living in Mountain Home!  There is always doing something to help Others!  Come out and help!

mountain home: Obedience and Rally Trials for dogs - 08/11/11 08:50 AM

Obedience and Rally Trials for dogs.  You may have noticed that I did say it was for dogs...I do not want any confusion here with my spouse.  I can see her signing me up and bringing Mocha the Chocolate Lab along to watch the fun and games.
Seriously...There will be an Obedience and Rally Trials for dogs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The Rally hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm with the location being at The Baxter County Fairgrounds right here in Mountain Home, Arkansas.
The Entry is $2 per person or $5 for a family.  There are no … (2 comments)

mountain home: This has been one of those Wild Weeks! - 08/05/11 10:52 AM
This has been one of those Wild Weeks!  I continue to count my blessings...Some days it is easier than others.  I wanted to share this photo that I snapped today at lunch.  My wife spends a lot of energy throughout the year making sure that Our Garden is presentable...Here in Mountain Home it has been warmer than normal so the watering has been considerable but worth the effort.
This butterfly found a perfect place to lunch just above the pond...

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