real estate activities: My Grandmother was a Geneologist - 07/13/15 01:31 PM
My Grandmother was a Geneologist.
She lived on Capitol Hill near the Archives.
Sometimes  when I do massive research on an upcoming listing or case, I know where I get this from. 
A recent topic of  family conversation has been about scanning her life's work. 
She researched the Valentine Family line for her entire life.
It is all in bags. We have the bags, we have the Fujitsu Scanners and we have the college students.
I have brought it up a lot the last year.
Then factor in some random thoughts the other day. 
I realized I did not have anything that belonged to this Grandmother.
Just random thoughts.
Fast forward … (7 comments)

real estate activities: QUICK! What are YOUR Top SEVEN Realtor Daily Reads? - 07/10/15 06:47 PM
QUICK! What are YOUR Top SEVEN Realtor Daily Reads? 
Not Facebook, not Texts, not EMails,  not Internet Sites...READS? 
This has really changed over time because all my top SEVEN are done DAILY on my iPAD.
In no particular order...
QUICK! Here are my Top Realtor Daily Reads.
The local paper is the Washinton Post. Number one on my iPAD.
The second newspaper is USA Today on my iPad which arrives early every morning via email. Any minute, by the way.
The third is Zite. Some people like Flipboard, but it's Zite for me.
Fourth? The Kindle app. Whatever book has my attention is right there waiting for a quick … (4 comments)

real estate activities: Realtor Summer Projects - 07/10/15 02:05 PM
Realtor Summer Projects!
Order your Christmas Cards at a Discount! 
Get a Sale Price on your Football Schedule Client mailers!
Rack up savings on your 2016 Calendars with an early bird order.
Tackle a WORK ON Your BUSINESS not IN your BUSINESS project such as loading  a laptop, cleaning  a file cabinet, or delivering pop bys to past clients. 
Then, kick up your flip flops and schedule time at your local REALTOR Convention. 
The MAR Ocean City Convention for Maryland Real Estate Agents is scheduled early October this year! 

real estate activities: Four BIG Learn to EARN Realtor Resources - 07/10/15 11:44 AM
Four BIG Learn to EARN Realtor Resources!
A Webinar a week DAY keeps the Realtor skill set GOLDEN.
As in Golden Results.
My four right now?
I learn on Active Rain. I learn from RE/MAX University. I learn from monthly sales meetings. I learn from fellow Realtors on House Tour. I learn from Realtor magazines. I learn from Zite. 
But the biggies? 
Here are the FOUR that score! 
I watch I attend Paperless Agent Coaching. I never miss REMCamp. 
And for nuts and books and basics. It is Buffini Big Time. 
How about you? 

real estate activities: The NEW Apple Music and the Realtor - 07/10/15 11:30 AM
The NEW Apple Music and the Realtor?
I love my iPad.
As long as I have my iPad with me, you are in my office. I am not in yours.
What do I like about The NEW Apple Music for the Realtor?
I like loading my Brian Buffini CD's. I like them instantly loading to all my devices.
Poof! poof! Double poof! 
They go to my iPad, my iPhone, my computers all the way up to ten devices in just minutes.
Ahhh...simplicity. Then, there's the same ease for loading the new Eric Clapton CD set.
Or for adding a CD I have never bought yet. Endless choices for ten dollars … (0 comments)

real estate activities: Evernote and the Evernote Fujitsu Scanner for Realtors - 07/10/15 11:13 AM
Evernote and the Evernote Fujitsu Scanner for Realtors ...
I have multiple Fujitsu Scanners. 
I just finished a year long project of scanning my thirty years of Realtor files. Multiple scanners, multiple college students, and many spreadsheet entries later, I have this to say.
I prefer the regular Fujitsu with the Adobe program and the option to send to Dropbox etc.
But, and this is a big BUT,  I have a separate standing work station with the Evernote Fujitsu scanner.
I have started to rock and roll with it.
I scan class notes to read on my iPad later.
I scan my notebook entries which have daily phone … (11 comments)

real estate activities: Make ROOM for OPPORTUNITY! - 07/10/15 10:52 AM
So this went wrong or that went sideways on a recent transaction?
Okay, give yourself a  little whine, moan, groan and complain time.
Then pick yourself up and get going again.
RAH, rah.
You never know what good sales, listings, prospects and opportunities are ALL around you at any given minute.
Just be ready to see and enjoy them all! 

real estate activities: Do You Team Up with the Seller to Get Their Property Sold? - 03/10/15 12:26 PM
What a great way to explain this! Whether you team up with the Buyer as a Buyer's Agent or with the Seller as a Seller's Agent, teamwork is the best way to get to the goal line and score the SALE. The Agent needs the Seller or Buyer to be aboard. 
Do You Team Up with the Seller to Get The Property Sold?
When listing a property I know I can't do it all by myself. Sure I can do the required paperwork, get the photos taken, upload to MLS and launch an internet campaign but I need the seller to be … (1 comments)

real estate activities: Buffini Coaching and Peak Producers - 03/08/15 11:08 AM
Buffini Coaching and Peak Producers....
Today I contacted a few RE/MAX Agents from around the Country that I know from Facebook or Active Rain who have just returned from R4 or the RE/MAX Vegas Annual Realtor Convention. They have graciously been sharing what they learned. 
The skinny seems to be work your sphere of influence. Tend to your farm. Work is work.
Most of the tech tools seem familiar to me. I downloaded and researched a few of the apps or products they mentioned. Here's a few!
PilxrExpress PicMonkey wisestamp
So my takeaway from their takeaway is simply … (3 comments)

real estate activities: and Real Estate - 03/08/15 10:25 AM and Real Estate.
I believe in Learn to Earn time.
Thirty years of real estate, you know stuff. 
You learn something new in every case. 
You could also call it Project Time. Or work on your business time.
Anyway, the recent project is
It is a product that provides a way to capture leads for your market reports blog posts as one example. 
There's cool intro video for five minutes plus a longer one for forty five. 
Yep,  I've been entrenched in the Southern Maryland snow figuring it out. I learned about this and via Ross Hair's phenomenal … (6 comments)

real estate activities: Southern Maryland Snowstorm - 03/05/15 10:00 AM
There's a Southern Maryland Snowstorm. A BIG one.
We're snowed in for the weekend or for a few days at the very least.
Riley Rover is really enjoying this. He thinks lying in the snow is FUN. He thinks perching by a roaring fireplace is nonsense. He is okay, however, with sharing his dog food with all the hungry birds. 
While my snow bunny has been enjoying the fluffy stuff, lots of Southern Maryland Realtor computer projects will be getting completed during this quiet SNOW phone time.
Busy few days of Real Estate projects ahead! And lots of door opening and door … (4 comments)

real estate activities: Never too LATE for a Realtor Written Business Plan - 03/03/15 02:43 PM
Never too LATE for a Realtor Written Business Plan.
So what, it's March? Better late than NEVER EVER NEVER.
First, I assembled the Buffini, Ferry and Trulia Business Plans.
Then I ran off and sold and settled some houses.
So today I read through them all finally. I really thought about it. Hours. 
Sometimes I march (yes, it's March) to my very own Golden Results DRUMMER.
I wrote down 10-10-5-15 in my daily list of to do items. 
I noticed a lot of 10 numbers in the NAR 2014 HomeBuyer and Seller Reports.  Something like Buyers look at ten homes in … (8 comments)

real estate activities: NEW Pop By Ideas for Realtors - 11/04/14 09:05 AM
So what are my latest Pop By Ideas for Realtors?
Hot off the press from my Evernote list, think Reynolds stuffing bags, hangers, Rubbermaid type containers and stickers like these! Go ahead, the ideas are here to share! 
The HOLIDAY  Ham, Turkey, Roast ( and "Golden Results " HOUSE Purchase, Sale or Referrals ) are in the BAG with Cheryl Ritchie, RE/MAX Leading Edge. Enjoy your Holiday Roast Bag!  You'll Retrieve Golden Results with Cheryl Ritchie, RE/MAX Leading Edge, for all your Southern Maryland and Anne Arundel County Real Estate Services. Visit .   Once you've finished your Holiday LEFT OVERS, … (4 comments)

real estate activities: OK, What Gives With the Extra Subscribers Piling Aboard? - 10/27/14 11:21 AM
OK, What Gives With the Extra Active Rain  Subscribers Piling Aboard?
I took a Siesta from Active Rain blogging for a few months and then jumped back aboard a few days or weeks back. 
After many years of blogging, a little SNOOZ was wayyyyyy overdue.
I've has to relearn this and redo that, but overall I'm getting my GROOVYYY back. The Golden Groove kind.
But what I have noticed most of all is the ramped up Subscriber List  for my site.
I still rattle on about the same stuff but more peeps are signing on to subscribe to it.
OK, there … (4 comments)

real estate activities: Project Countdown to New Years Day! - 12/29/13 04:34 AM
What's the Project Countdown to New Years Day?
It's a good thing I prioritized because not all of them will get done.
No problem, we have snow days and Holiday play days still coming.
What's still on the list?
Have friends free flea through my closets. Mop up iTunes. Crank out TurboTax. Hook up the Aria scale to Fitbit. Attend a wedding. See the Banks Disney flick.
Honk , honk. Move over. This GoldenGirl is on a year end mission. 

real estate activities: Lots to DO after a Switcheroo! - 07/17/12 06:25 PM
Lots to DO after a Switcheroo!
After a change of office, there is a whirlwind of activities.
Tonight is pick up the sign stickers. Get office keys. Set up printers on laptop.
There is a quick Happy Hour to mix with and meet Agents. 
I figured out the in house communication system so that was listed on the Company Calendar.
So is the charity event for Wounded Warriors on October 9.
Tomorrow is deliver and install new office sign stickers around the countryside.
Lots to do when you make a Change of Office or Broker. Gotta Run....lots to get done!
RRetrieve … (8 comments)

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