real estate tools: Realtor Best Time Management... SPRINT or RUN? - 07/10/15 01:07 PM
Realtor Best Time Management... SPRINT or RUN? 
I have been immersed in books lately.
Time Management. Success Principles. Business and Marketing Methods.
The concepts that have stood out are to SPRINT, then Break, then SPRINT.
The long, hard run is not the winner's course. 
The tortoise and the hair tale is alive and well in our industry. 
There are diminishing returns to too much work. Take a break to recharge your batteries.
Habits take about three weeks to form.
Confession...My new three hour EARLY paperwork sprint took four weeks. Some things just  take extra effort to remove the BRAKES.
Ask yourself....What is the single most important thing that needs … (2 comments)

real estate tools: MRIS Introduces the NEW Product Mosaic - 07/10/15 10:23 AM
MRIS Introduces the NEW Product Mosaic!
I attended the training session in Arnold MD to learn the brand NEW DC Area interactive Realtor Client MLS portal.
The Instructor was great. The webinar is not available for many weeks. So, be prepared to spend a half day driving to and then doing the training until it is hosted online. The product interested me so I allocated half a day to invest time in learning it early.
I like the fact that it interacts with MRIS Homes. 
So, if a client changes their search area you the Agent are the first to know.
That never happens, right? 
I like … (2 comments)

real estate tools: So Who Is The Better Real Estate Salesperson? - 10/21/14 12:25 PM
So Who Is The Better Real Estate Salesperson? 
Okay, the conversation this evening went something like this:
iPad iPhone iPod toting Realtor Aunt: No time soon, but when is your next Verizon phone upgrade date? 
Senior High School Athletic Good Grades College Bound Nephew: Dec 15. I'm glad you called. My phone just stopped working.
Aunt: When do you need it?
Good with a SALES CLOSE Nephew: I'll be by tomorrow to pick it up. 
I better save him a place in the Southern Maryland Real Estate Firm. 
Twelve months down to 24 hours in just a few syllables. 
Best part? … (0 comments)

real estate tools: Realtors! How to convert a sit down desk to a stand up desk! - 03/18/14 04:52 PM
Realtors! How to convert a sit down desk to a stand up desk! 
This project has consumed me for a couple of weeks. I have been rattling on about it. 
Yep, rattling.
Now I peer out the window anxiously awaiting the FedX and UPS delivery.
For this 5'5" Realtor, think twelve inches for the sit down to stand up desk conversion.
That is the magic number. 
Put a twelve inch step stool or footstool on a thirty inch high desk or table and PRESTO you are now working at a stand up desk. And burning more calories doing so!
Think....a footstool … (11 comments)

real estate tools: Holiday Weekend Realtor Projects - 11/30/13 08:08 AM
I am knee deep in Holiday Weekend Realtor Projects.
While the phones have been quiet and the Turkey and Stuffing have been gobbled, I have hunkered down to get a handle on some forms and iPad products.
Southern Maryland Agents have embraced DotLoop.
Anne Arundel Agents have stayed with ZipForms.
Since ZipForms now links to Cartavi who just married Docusign, that means in the adjacent county I go that different route.
So iPad Queen that I am, I have been focused for days on doing sample listings and contracts on the iPad with both platforms.
It's a handful but I am … (5 comments)

real estate tools: The Golden Results Project Checklist - 06/09/13 01:14 PM
I was on the way to a RE/MAX Convention a few years ago and a passenger in the vehicle ridiculed me about what was I going to do at the Convention ...go learn to sell a house?
Then she laughed.
Years later I remember the sarcasm. However, I also know that we have a Jack of All Trades Kind of a profession. We run a business. We take it seriously.
So proudly, I am sharing my Projects List for the next month. Lots of acronyms and codes but you get the drift.
Busy, busy when not listing or selling Southern MD … (3 comments)

real estate tools: The old post becomes new again! Check out this rewritten oldie post! - 04/07/13 11:52 AM
Don't blink. You will miss my oldie post. Let's add some 2013 commentary. The idea is inspired by Tammy Lankford today on her featured post Today.
Have you tried Snag It? Just google the words and for just under $50 you'll have one of your most utilized tech tools in minutes! Or try it for FREE! 
2013..ditto..cost is up I expect but I still use SnagIt big time. I even record Webinars with it now!
I also use it daily to capture screen images that I want to email. I also use it to send full, scrolling websites. Listen to the video! … (2 comments)

real estate tools: So what are your Ring in the NEW 2013 and OLD Realtor Tech Tools? - 12/30/12 04:32 AM
So what are your Ring in the NEW 2013 and OLD Realtor Tech Tools?
Well, there are certain tech tools that are like oatmeal with Blueberry and Nuts in the morning.
In other words, staples. The ones in the checkbook. The ones I agree to accept again and again.
I look it over this time of year to decide what to ring in with the NEW and what to define as old. As in move on. Not enough Golden Results.
So the oatmeal keepers for me off the top of my head are Tour Factory, Top Producer 8i, Real Bird....and hang … (2 comments)

real estate tools: RE/MAX NEW URL Branded Shortening Tool Just Announced! - 11/07/12 06:50 PM
RE/MAX NEW URL Branded Shortening Tool Just Announced!
This Realtor Tech Tool will give us the viewing stats plus added branding recognition for marketing pieces along the lines of the Stats provided on Active Rain Posts.
Kind of like or with Balloons.
I am going to experiment with it then report back
Here you go!
It's a Branded NEW  RE/MAX URL Shortening Tool available on Mainstreet. Check it out yourself. Yum! QR Code, too.
Gotta Run! Time for me to hit the Sandbox and play with another Tech Toy!
Visit for the scoop and the skinny. 
You'll Retrieve Golden … (1 comments)

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