realtor activities: A Sunday Breakfast Served in Bed HACK? - 04/22/18 08:20 AM
A Sunday Breakfast Served in Bed HACK?
Did I get your attention on that? Who doesn’t like the smell of breakfast cooking when you first wake up?
Okay, I said H*A*C*K. Here you go. From the Queen of CrockPots.
Give me a crock pot and eventually I will figure my way around any recipe.
There are EPIC Failures and Sensational Successes,  but a Crock Pot is my solution for Realtor Cooking and Clean Up on limited time. One pot to cook and one to cleanup, period.
So, Breakfast in Bed. Breakfast Casserole. Breakfast Slam. And don’t tell me you can’t cook. You just create one layer … (3 comments)

realtor activities: Realtors Can HIRE a Milennial to TECH it UP! - 07/13/15 01:18 PM
Realtors Can HIRE a Milennial to TECH it UP!
Monday Nights are right for me.
They have been for several decades.
That is Computer Tutor Night.
I have had a Niece, Nephew, Client, Child of Client and Friend just for starters.
For three hours we run through a list of what I could not figure out the preceding week.
Or what new tech tool I need to conquer. 
Tonight we worked on Skyslope, Evernote Scanner with Dropbox Integration, Adobe Acrobat Combine File Feature,, Dotloop etc.

realtor activities: Four BIG Learn to EARN Realtor Resources - 07/10/15 11:44 AM
Four BIG Learn to EARN Realtor Resources!
A Webinar a week DAY keeps the Realtor skill set GOLDEN.
As in Golden Results.
My four right now?
I learn on Active Rain. I learn from RE/MAX University. I learn from monthly sales meetings. I learn from fellow Realtors on House Tour. I learn from Realtor magazines. I learn from Zite. 
But the biggies? 
Here are the FOUR that score! 
I watch I attend Paperless Agent Coaching. I never miss REMCamp. 
And for nuts and books and basics. It is Buffini Big Time. 
How about you? 

realtor activities: Make ROOM for OPPORTUNITY! - 07/10/15 10:52 AM
So this went wrong or that went sideways on a recent transaction?
Okay, give yourself a  little whine, moan, groan and complain time.
Then pick yourself up and get going again.
RAH, rah.
You never know what good sales, listings, prospects and opportunities are ALL around you at any given minute.
Just be ready to see and enjoy them all! 

realtor activities: Read or HEAR your Business Books on Audible - 06/20/15 05:35 AM
Read or HEAR your Business Books on Audible. WOW, what a great discovery!
The ROCK is removed. I was under it. Yes, I moved it.
A few weeks ago a friend sent me the book Think and Grow Rich on CD's.
The updated 21st Century book is comprised of nine CD's which is nine trips anywhere when you live and work in Southern Maryland.
I inhaled  it. Then I wondered why I had not done this before. I listen to massive webinars on my iPad to stay current on the latest marketing techniques. 
So I got started on It comes as an app on my iPad. 
Oh … (2 comments)

realtor activities: Computer Networking at your Realtor Home Office - 03/21/15 03:00 PM
Computer Networking at your Realtor Home Office in Southern Maryland means calling the Right Side Computer Guys.
The store is located with walking distance from Safeway in Dunkirk, MD. 
It goes to show that you hire a professional to do a job. It is easy to not even know what you do not know.
But know I know. Did you know you can set up all you PC's and even your Macs to hook into a main computer?  No extra cost, no extra features, no extra programs, not much fuss at all. There's just a little set up time needed.

realtor activities: Buffini Coaching and Peak Producers - 03/08/15 11:08 AM
Buffini Coaching and Peak Producers....
Today I contacted a few RE/MAX Agents from around the Country that I know from Facebook or Active Rain who have just returned from R4 or the RE/MAX Vegas Annual Realtor Convention. They have graciously been sharing what they learned. 
The skinny seems to be work your sphere of influence. Tend to your farm. Work is work.
Most of the tech tools seem familiar to me. I downloaded and researched a few of the apps or products they mentioned. Here's a few!
PilxrExpress PicMonkey wisestamp
So my takeaway from their takeaway is simply … (3 comments)

realtor activities: and Real Estate - 03/08/15 10:25 AM and Real Estate.
I believe in Learn to Earn time.
Thirty years of real estate, you know stuff. 
You learn something new in every case. 
You could also call it Project Time. Or work on your business time.
Anyway, the recent project is
It is a product that provides a way to capture leads for your market reports blog posts as one example. 
There's cool intro video for five minutes plus a longer one for forty five. 
Yep,  I've been entrenched in the Southern Maryland snow figuring it out. I learned about this and via Ross Hair's phenomenal … (6 comments)

realtor activities: I didn't get everything done today! - 06/02/13 12:30 PM
I didn't get everything done today!
Okay, let' s say that another way.
Time to reframe that comment.
I got lots of things done today.
I learned about GMail Filters and forwarding and tabs via a video.
I checked out and
I fed Riley Rover Chicken on his dog food.
I cleaned the house. Well, fluff cleaned.
I ate healthy snacks and talked with a few pals.
It was a GOLDEN Day on the Chesapeake Bay.
Stevensville Waterfront with PIER 650K! Handout 1202 Kentmorr Road





realtor activities: Let me get this straight. I need to get HOW much done today? - 12/05/11 11:57 PM
Let me get this straight. I need to get HOW much done today?
Okay, a few days after my Wreath Making Dinner Party the list of what needs to get done today does look, shall we say, DAUNTING?
Okay, let's see. Offers coming in, phone calls going out, showings to be scheduled, Quickbooks to be tackled and Paperwork up to my nose.
I forgot to mention the Webinars scheduled  to get up an rolling on Wordpress and a new IDX.
I am calling in Rudolph to light the way today. Move over Riley Rover, we are calling in some Reindeer!

realtor activities: Handsome Homes to Show! - 10/19/11 07:31 PM
Handsome Homes to Show!
It is just plain exciting when there is a handsome  list of homes to show.
You cannot wait to go!
The photos, the descriptions, the stats all stack up to a great day in Southern Maryland!
Woof! Uh oh, Riley Rover wants to swim in the Bay after all the fun is done!

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