realtor tools: MRIS Introduces the NEW Product Mosaic - 07/10/15 10:23 AM
MRIS Introduces the NEW Product Mosaic!
I attended the training session in Arnold MD to learn the brand NEW DC Area interactive Realtor Client MLS portal.
The Instructor was great. The webinar is not available for many weeks. So, be prepared to spend a half day driving to and then doing the training until it is hosted online. The product interested me so I allocated half a day to invest time in learning it early.
I like the fact that it interacts with MRIS Homes. 
So, if a client changes their search area you the Agent are the first to know.
That never happens, right? 
I like … (2 comments)

realtor tools: What's on your Realtor Learn to Earn Schedule? - 10/24/14 12:23 PM
What's on your Realtor Learn to Earn Schedule?
I  just took my list and entered it on my Top Producer Calendar through the end of the year.
That is what is called COMMITMENT.
I reviewed my learn to earn schedule and then BURNED up the Calender entries to make sure I stay on track. 
My Learn to Earn time is early, early in the morning in the first few hours when all the webinars sink in the quickest!
Anyway, fresh off completing 30 day REMCamp Ross Hair Digital Marketing Makeover class, I just entered a dozen or so  new webinars and … (5 comments)

realtor tools: Tech Tools are like Shoes in the Closet - 06/02/13 12:49 PM
Tech Tools are like SHOES in the Closet.
There are never enough.
Some are for fancy occasions.
Some are comfy cozy.
One pair does not fit all.
Come on y'all, add a few shoeboxes to this fine closet.
Stevensville Waterfront with PIER 650K! Handout 1202 Kentmorr Road





More Golden Results Links for 1202 Kentmorr Road Stevensville MD 21666:

realtor tools: Realtors can get ADC Map Coordinates on Mobile Device or via Internet - 04/23/13 11:41 AM

Hey, did you know Realtors can get ADC Map Coordinates on Mobile Devices or via Internet?
Me neither. My map books are here there and everywhere. But they never seem to be where I need them.
It's a toss of a coin if they are in the new Blue Jeep, the Green Jeep or somewhere by the computer.
Then you need many counties. Then they are outdated the very next yearl 
Realtors in the D.C Area have a required entry field for the MLS which is the ADC map coordinates.
So GPS or iPad Apps notwithstanding, you've gotta have these … (1 comments)

realtor tools: So what are your Ring in the NEW 2013 and OLD Realtor Tech Tools? - 12/30/12 04:32 AM
So what are your Ring in the NEW 2013 and OLD Realtor Tech Tools?
Well, there are certain tech tools that are like oatmeal with Blueberry and Nuts in the morning.
In other words, staples. The ones in the checkbook. The ones I agree to accept again and again.
I look it over this time of year to decide what to ring in with the NEW and what to define as old. As in move on. Not enough Golden Results.
So the oatmeal keepers for me off the top of my head are Tour Factory, Top Producer 8i, Real Bird....and hang … (2 comments)

realtor tools: New MRIS Keystone Changes this Week! - 09/15/12 01:56 PM
New MRIS Keystone Changes this Week!
First we got a FREE MRIS app for our clients or for Realtors to use on iPads and iPhones.
Then we got a new look to Keystone with NEW features, too.
My big discovery this week is that you can not only fax in docs to share, but there is an email address for this, too.
It looks like you can schedule revisions and access ths Data Input Product more easily, too.
Retrieve Golden Results with Cheryl Ritchie, RE/MAX Leading Edge, for all your Southern Maryland and Anne Arundel County Real Estate Services. Visit 

realtor tools: Lessons Learned this Wedneday Morn from my making my ten comments on Active Rain - 02/15/12 02:58 AM
What are my Lessons Learned this Wedneday Morn from making my ten comments on Active Rain?
First of all, there is a site called to learn about flooding. It is the official site of the National Flood Insurance Program. Bookmarked!
There is a great Featured Post Highlighting the three S's on an FHA appraisal i.e. Safety, Security, Soundness. Reblogged!
There is a good chuckle awaiting on some Yoggi Beri real estate fashioned quotes. Learn to price and market your homes correctly to avoid déjà vu all over again. Another reblog on the spot. Great dialogs!
My goal is a reblog … (6 comments)

realtor tools: New Steps to Process a Case under Contract - 08/17/11 06:54 PM
Do you have New Steps to Process a Case under Contract as technology has evolved?
Here are a few of mine. What are yours?
I am putting a copy of the ratified paperwork on the cloud so I can access it anywhere. Dropbox or Evernote are two ideas.
I am blogging away after the listing goes under contract. I use Real Bird Blogging Tools and Stats.
I make changes in Top Producer 8i so the Client has a Checklist of completed items in a personal website. NEW!
Nope, no demands for these new technology steps but certainly a lot of … (3 comments)

realtor tools: Why this Southern Maryland Realtor Upgraded to Evernote Premium Today! - 08/17/11 03:19 AM
Why this Southern Maryland Realtor Upgraded to Evernote Premium Today!
Here's the email I just received as an Evernote  "Thank You" which pretty much sums it up the Premium Upgrade their way.
Then I will Sum it up my Southern Maryland Realtor Way. Stay Tuned!
P.S. Check out my previous post on Evernote Realtor Uses!
Not to mention when I saw this mobile list of Evernote ideas and realized you can SCAN from Scansnap directly plus GEE WHIZ email notes directly, this @GoldenResults Twitter Golden Gal signed up to follow the HOT @Evernote Tweets on the spot. I still have to check out the … (0 comments)

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