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We’re NC real estate brokers and members of “The” Pinehurst Home Team. For nearly two decades we have served the needs of buyers and sellers of single and multifamily properties and offer a friendly, consultative approach to client’s real estate and relocation endeavors. Whether visiting or considering relocation, we encourage you to visit our websites and contact us for more information about the greater Pinehurst North Carolina area and the unparalleled quality of life the area offers.



Technology is changing the way in which North Carolinians buy, sell and research homes, including how they work with real estate agents and brokers, according to the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. The Profile is a survey conducted by the National Assoc...
Pre-Qualification consists of a discussion between a home buyer and a loan officer. The loan officer collects basic information regarding the customer's income, monthly debts, credit history and assets, and then uses this information to calculate an estimated mortgage amount for the home buyer. T...
According to Holden Lewis of, Mortgage insurance will be tax-deductible in 2007. For some homeowners, the new law means it will cheaper to get mortgage insurance instead of getting piggyback loans.The 109th Congress passed the tax law in its final hours. Hundreds of thousands of home...
You've got a little more money coming in now and wonder if you should make extra payments on your mortgage, or perhaps you wonder if you should cash in your investments and apply the money to your mortgage. Before making that decision, take a look at all the variables in your particular situation...
Instant wealth from real estate sounds good when you hear one of these self-made millionaires tell you how they did it in a made-for-TV infomercial touting their home-study course that reveals the secrets of investing in real estate. No one can guarantee that you will make money by investing in r...
We're going to post a new series offering professional advice for developing insight into todays homeownership experience. Each article we post will be straightforward and informative and we certainly hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to forward these tips to anybody who might benefit from th...
That's the question... There's no sure answer because either choice involves some risk. If you lock now and rates fall, you lose. If you don't lock now and rates rise, you also lose. Alternatively--and here's the good news--you win by locking before rates rise and you also win by not locking in a...
You've been pretty good about keeping your credit rating up. Always paid on time, every time. There may have been a late payment or two a few years back, but you never took anyone for their money. But today you got a phone call from your loan officer wanting "credit explanations" regarding some i...
Are you aware that your financial identity is more at risk after making a large purchase?... Especially that of a new home. Credit thieves, unscrupulous individuals or illegal (often underground) rings, target recent home purchasers to appropriate credit card, address and/or driver's license iden...
The mortgage lending procedure is, shall we say, not always a walk in the park... If you're a borrower, you likely face such commands as "document this," "apply here," "provide that," and "sign here and here and there." In the interim, lenders keep talking about fees... a fee for this and a fee f...

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