Do you have listings that get lost amongst others?  Using interactive services on your For Sale signs is a great way to get your listings noticed AND remembered! Last weekend I was driving through a new, popular "cookie cutter" neighborhood in our area.  I noticed that about every other house was...
There seem to be two types of summer in Montana... During the first half you can take a deep breath and fill your lungs with some clean Rocky Mountain air and enjoy.   This weekend seems to be the start of the second half of summer, and I would recommend taking a little more shallow of breath.“Re...
As a real estate agent, you may understand the aches and pains of the cold calling approach.  My question to you is:  What is the best way for us to let real estate professionals know that our marketing tool is available to them? We all know that agents lead a very busy life, and may not have the...
This weekend I spent my time on Northwest Montana's beautiful Flathead Lake.  As we all know, a beautiful lake with easy access means lots of visitors and lots of people who would LOVE to live on it, or rent for a weekend vacation for that matter.  Either way, a lot of traffic up and down the sho...

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