The days passed and the memory of the mice began to fade.  Nearly a week and a half later, Joe went to cook dinner.  Due to the enormous heat wave of record high temperatures in July, BBQ season was popular.  Joe hadn't used his stove in over a month!  One evening, when the air became cooler at n...
Wednesday morning Joe was not a happy camper.  After three stressful days of hide and seek with the mouse, and not one, not two but THREE failed traps he was feeling a bit stumped.  That morning he had woken up, to discover that all three traps had been tampered with.  The wooden one had been li...
Most mortgage lenders know the value of a good relationship with real estate agents . By helping them generate more sales, they generate more business for themselves! A great way to lend a hand is by sponsoring agents on a lead generating tool. Goomzee Connect is a mobile marketing tool developed...
Recently a co-worker of mine (we'll call him "Joe") came in the office and was distraught about his weekend mover-in.  On his counter he noticed a banana with chew marks through the skin.  Immediately, Joe noticed a trail of evidence that led to a gas line behind his oven and down to the unfinish...
Providing flyers at listings can get costly, let alone sometimes serve as a garbage filler to those consumers who aren't actually interested in the property.  You may even be losing leads. AHH! A great way to provide alternate access to listing information at the property is via mobile technology...
When the Apple iPhone came out, our local paper came out with an article title "iPhone Little Too High-Tech for Montana".  That morning while at my local coffee shop on the way to work, I noticed the title on the front page in BIG BOLD LETTERS.  Working for a technology company in Montana, I coug...
Did you know that 63 percent of buyers who responded to the 2006 NAR survey said they used information from a yard sign to help in their search — a higher percentage than those who used print ads, open houses, or home magazines? What if...If someone drove by one of your listings, picked up a flye...

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