As real estate associations around the country continue to report their decreases in membership for 2007, I can't help but wonder...Do you encourage your fellow struggling Realtors to stick it out, or do you kindly say "Real estate isn't for everyone, I'm sure you'll find something out there.  At...
I thought this would be a perfect ending to a week.  Some of you may have experienced some frustrations that are illustrated below.  Working at my computer all day sometimes makes me feel like this!!! I hope this covers them all :)                       Happy Friday!!!!!!! Erika 
Nothing beats walking into a house and smelling fresh baked cookies, homemade pie or smells of the waves rushing onto the shore.  It's gives you that warm feeling of being at Gramma's house during the holiday's or playing on the beach as a kid.  Good smells trigger good memories, and put your wal...
I received this email today and thought it was a great addition to my last post: Chronicles of a Young Homebuyer ENJOY!!!THE SPOILED UNDER-30 CROWD!!!When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were when they were growing up; what, with wal...
Chronicles of a Young Gen Y Homebuyer I’m 25.  I’ve never bought a house, I’m not quite ready.  But you can guarantee I’ve done my homework and I already know what agents I will work with when I am ready to buy.  I have several friends, the same age as me, who have owned 2 or more homes; and I c...
We've all seen Infomercials... and yes, sometimes even fallen for them.  Was it the "OOOOOOOO", the "AHHHHHHH" or the screetching excitement from the lady in the background (who sounded more like she won a million dollars than just saving 5 minutes of scrubbing time on her 8-year olds playground ...
I've been talking with ad agencies for the past two weeks about creative ideas on how they can implement Goomzee Connect into their clients' advertising portfolios.  We focus our primary sales and product enhancements based around the real estate industry, however, some advertisers have called u...

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