mobile: Are mobile web and mobile search ready for real estate? - 09/30/08 05:36 AM
As real estate professionals, nationwide, search for sales and marketing tools to better advertise their listings to consumers, talk of mobile advertising capabilities continues to rise to the top of discussion.
We've seen MLS and Associations swarming around the idea of mobile MLS search, in attempt to meet real estate consumer demands and provide easy access to listing information from mobile phones. The only question is, are we ready to start marketing campaigns via mobile web search? If you are trying to reach a large audience, wireless user reports point to "No".
In our research, we have yet to find a … (3 comments)

mobile: What should you take to your next sales team meeting? - 09/05/08 05:49 AM
As summer all to quickly comes to an end, you'll likely be finding more time to sit in on those weekly team sales meetings in your office.  To be honest, now may be the best time to attend these meetings, too!  With the attitude about the market, this is a great way to get you motivated and back in the real estate game.
Here are a couple of things you'll want to remember to bring with you:
1.) A POSITIVE attitude - If you go into a meeting with a pessimistic attitude, you'll just bring everyone around you down.  If you … (0 comments)

mobile: What should you take to your next sales team meeting? - 09/05/08 05:48 AM
As summer all to quickly comes to an end, you'll likely be finding more time to sit in on those weekly team sales meetings in your office.  To be honest, now may be the best time to attend these meetings, too!  With the attitude about the market, this is a great way to get you motivated and back in the real estate game.
Here are a couple of things you'll want to remember to bring with you:
1.) A POSITIVE attitude - If you go into a meeting with a pessimistic attitude, you'll just bring everyone around you down.  If you … (0 comments)

mobile: Stop pushing your potential customers away! - 08/28/08 09:42 AM
Yesterday I was in a meeting with a group of people and introducing them to mobile advertising and the role it plays in the real estate industry.  One particular person happened to not be a real estate professional, but in the process of being a homebuyer/seller in Boise.  Once we described our service to him, he completely identified and related to the need for a service like Goomzee in the real estate industry.  It's a great way to gather pertinent information right away.
As we explained our service, mobile advertising and lead generation, he was interested in what kind of information … (5 comments)

mobile: Are you branding to college kids? You should be.... but how? - 08/20/08 08:39 AM
Today my colleagues and I took our first trip to the new Hooters that opened just last week (the first Hooters in Montana!). While there we were talking to our lovely waitress and making conversation asked where we worked.  On Monday, we hired a new member for our sales team.  This gave him the chance to give his first live spiel about Goomzee and what we do.  HE DID SO GREAT!
As Lon explained, "we provide the ability for consumers (house hunters, renters, etc.) to send a text message to learn more information about a property.  Basically, if she drove by … (6 comments)

mobile: Real Estate Olympics 2008 - we need your help! - 08/19/08 03:43 AM
In light of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a member of Inman put together a Real Estate Olympics competition; "Real Estate Pacesetters 2008".
Last week, over 40 contestants were submitted for the contest as the industries premier pacesetters; companies who are leading our industry towards change.
I'm PROUD to announce that has been chosen as one of the 8 final contestants!!  Among the 8 contestants, we currently are listed in Lane #5!  Now is our chance to make our move and to be nominated as Gold (preferrably), Silver or Bronze.  All votes are submitted by the Inman community.
Please take a … (1 comments)

mobile: Politicians Text Message To Stay in Touch - Do You? - 08/11/08 05:52 AM
I've noticed politicians making an extra effort to reach-out to more young adults with campaigns such as the get out and vote programs by companies like MTV.  Other sources for news, information and events have been implemented this year, and if you haven't already heard, one of the biggest has been text-messaging.  People can sign up to receive the latest news from their favorite politicians to keep in touch and updated.  This morning I was catching up with some wireless industry news, and according to Wireless Week Obama will be announcing his VP running mate thought his text messaging campaigning during … (0 comments)

mobile: How do you keep motivated - follow the KW way! - 07/30/08 07:43 AM
As we all know, technology continues to evolve by leaps and bounds, and the role it plays in the real estate industry is a vital one. We, Goomzee, was recently invited to attend an event that's premise was meant to motivate customers and keep their marketing minds going. As we continue to hear of the market downturn, although we may not necessarily all agree with it nor be affected by it, we need to have a way to keep motivated. How can we keep selling our properties? What tools are available and which of those will best fit my marketing portfolio?

mobile: It's all about what the seller wants - or is it? It's YOUR job to EDUCATE. - 07/18/08 05:39 AM

"It's all about whatever my seller wants to hear."
Recently I've read some interesting comments in some of the blog posts about agents adopting new marketing tactics - or not adopting them for that matter.
What stands out in my mind the most is a comment that read, "It's all about whatever my seller wants to hear."  Stop there.  Isn't it also about the buyer? These comments triggered an irritation that just needed to be scratched.  So here we go.
Ultimately, yes, if you want to win listings, pleasing the seller is what needs to happen.  But as an agent, … (10 comments)

mobile: Just when you thought you had a real mobile office... - 06/26/08 06:18 AM
Sick of driving around in your vehicle (the office away from the office) looking for a WiFi Hotspot?
Now you can really set up a "mobile office".  Chrysler has announced they will add wireless routeres to some of their 2009 Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge models.  What a great service for REALTORS and road warriors alike!
Now I know what you're thinking... How much is it?
Not as bad as you'd think!
The router - $449
Installation - up to $50
Mobile Web access - about $29 per month ($35 activation fee)
Service will be provided by Autonet Mobile.
Feel free to … (11 comments)

mobile: Have you "Gone Mobile"? Here's why you should... - 06/20/08 03:07 AM
In June's issue of Texas Realtors magazine, Dee Copeland wrote an excellent article about mobile marketing technology and the way it's headed in the real estate industry.
Here area  few excerpts and if you click on the title, it'll take you directly to the article online!
Going mobile New technology and mobile marketing tools to help your business.
by Dee Copeland
"Mobile what?
In the simplest terms, mobile marketing refers to interacting with consumers on their mobile phones. This could include sending content to or from a mobile device or using a mobile phone on both sides of the interaction. … (3 comments)

mobile: Identifying your tech-savvy customer - 05/29/08 04:06 AM
Nielsen is preparing to report their Q1 2008 findings for mobile buyers.

What do these stastics mean for you, the real estate professionals, and your consumers?  As usage of text messaging increases overall, so does the increase of adoption and implementing it into other uses; product/service information and purchase decisions.  As consumers continue to see the value in receiving information via text message about products and services, it opens up another stream for real estate professionals to get information out to them.
Why do people love it? It's simple (for most), it's convenient, and it's fast.  They don't have to … (16 comments)

mobile: March Madness - Game updates and a little fun competition - 03/18/08 05:06 AM
I know, I know.  It hasn't started yet... but it's getting very close!  By now some of you have probably drawn out your brackets and placed your bets, whether they be monetary or just bragging rights for yet another friendly competitive bet.
YOU CAN GET SCORE UPDATES ON YOUR PHONE!!!  No more turning down meetings or rescheduling with clients so you can run back to your computer or tv and tune in.
Every year my brother creates a bracket in the Yahoo! Sports and allows other family and friends to get it on it.  Although I don't follow many teams but … (3 comments)

mobile: Mobile Phones, Mobile Advertising and Real Estate - an Overview - 03/07/08 04:26 AM
After yesterdays post of Pew Internet and American Life Project's latest mobile phone report, I decided to gather a bunch of my statistical research together as an overview....
Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!!!!!
A new research report posted by Pew Internet and American Life Project, has determined that Americans are now more dependent upon their cell phones, than they are on their landlines. Not only do they prefer their cell phone over their landline, but they also prefer it as their technology of choice, even over tv and web.
As of December 2007, 58% of those surveyed, reported they have … (12 comments)

mobile: Could you live without it? - 03/06/08 03:26 AM
Study: Cell Phone Now Most Vital DeviceAs reported by: 
NEW YORK (AP) — Americans have become more dependent on their cell phones than conventional phones.
For the first time, Americans say they would have more trouble giving up a cell phone than a traditional phone, the Pew Internet and American Life Project said in a report Wednesday. Less than two years earlier, respondents still considered their landlines the most crucial technology.
"The preferences have flipped," said John Horrigan, author of the new Pew report. "During that timeframe, people have gotten new devices that have more capabilities. People have more … (25 comments)

mobile: Marketing gurus that really deserve a "Job Well Done" award - 02/01/08 09:09 AM
I've been talking with ad agencies for the past two weeks about creative ideas on how they can implement Goomzee Connect into their clients' advertising portfolios.  We focus our primary sales and product enhancements based around the real estate industry, however, some advertisers have called us and asked if they can use our service for alternate purposes; coupons, event/entertainment information, artwork, internal company communication, etc.  Heck, I say, the more the merrier!  I'm glad they are thinking out of the box - which then inspired me!
How it's primarily worked so far: They provide a list of their clients with … (7 comments)

mobile: Don't let those networking opportunities go! - 11/29/07 03:56 AM
Quite frequently, our company founder gets asked to speak at the local University as well as other organizations around town. He’s asked to speak about a wide variety of things, like program development to establishing a business to managing a business. Lately, he’s been cautious on which events he speaks at, as he has been overwhelmed with other tasks of developing and growing the business. Last night he chose to speak at an event assocated with The University of Montana - School of Business.
When I got to work this morning, first thing I did was check our CRM system to … (2 comments)

mobile: Agents are like snowflakes... - 10/25/07 04:39 AM two are exactly the same. 
Meet Agents A, B and C. In the last 12 months, they have each been faced with different obstacles in growing their business.  They are all looking for ways to leverage technology in a cost-effective manner.
Agent A:  Independent Broker, who runs his own business, real estate investor, both sells and manages properties, and has been in the business for 20 years.  He is not a high tech guy, but is looking for a tool that can help him accelerate growth in all aspects of his business.
Agent B:  She solely works with buyers and sellers, … (2 comments)

mobile: Lenders Sponsoring Agents - 08/24/07 04:25 AM
Most mortgage lenders know the value of a good relationship with real estate agents . By helping them generate more sales, they generate more business for themselves! A great way to lend a hand is by sponsoring agents on a lead generating tool. Goomzee Connect is a mobile marketing tool developed specifically for real estate professionals. It provides consumers with 24-hour access to instant information about a listing through mobile application. For example: when in front of a for-sale listing with a Goomzee Connect ID, consumers simply send a text message with the ID code to receive information about the listing. … (2 comments)

mobile: Listing information - the Green way! - 08/22/07 10:46 AM
Providing flyers at listings can get costly, let alone sometimes serve as a garbage filler to those consumers who aren't actually interested in the property.  You may even be losing leads. AHH!
A great way to provide alternate access to listing information at the property is via mobile technology, and Goomzee Connect does just that!
Goomzee Connect is a 24 hour lead capture and listing information service that allows consumers easy access to property information via text message.  When in front of a property they can send a text message containing the property ID code to receive valuable information they are … (2 comments)

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