text: Politicians Text Message To Stay in Touch - Do You? - 08/11/08 05:52 AM
I've noticed politicians making an extra effort to reach-out to more young adults with campaigns such as the get out and vote programs by companies like MTV.  Other sources for news, information and events have been implemented this year, and if you haven't already heard, one of the biggest has been text-messaging.  People can sign up to receive the latest news from their favorite politicians to keep in touch and updated.  This morning I was catching up with some wireless industry news, and according to Wireless Week Obama will be announcing his VP running mate thought his text messaging campaigning during … (0 comments)

text: Have you "Gone Mobile"? Here's why you should... - 06/20/08 03:07 AM
In June's issue of Texas Realtors magazine, Dee Copeland wrote an excellent article about mobile marketing technology and the way it's headed in the real estate industry.
Here area  few excerpts and if you click on the title, it'll take you directly to the article online!
Going mobile New technology and mobile marketing tools to help your business.
by Dee Copeland
"Mobile what?
In the simplest terms, mobile marketing refers to interacting with consumers on their mobile phones. This could include sending content to or from a mobile device or using a mobile phone on both sides of the interaction. … (3 comments)

text: Austin, TX visit, success! - 05/13/08 05:41 AM
Last week, Mike and I made a quick trip to Austin, Texas to visit both current and potential clients. One of our current clients, who is managing a 200+ unit condo development in the Barton Springs area of Austin, has been leasing a vanity code for nearly 6-months. By providing out text-for-info service, Goomzee Connect, to market the Barton Place Condos, people driving by are able to send a text message to learn more about the development (size, price, beds, baths, amenities, contact info, etc.). She has created billboards and sandwich boards with the vanity GCode; BARTON. Mike and I visited … (0 comments)

text: You're invited! Spotlight Austin 3.31.08 - 03/31/08 10:09 AM
As an official sponsor of the April Patten and Karlseng's "Spotlight Austin - Highlighting Developments in the Central Texas Real Estate Industry", Goomzee would like to personally invite you!Spotlight AustinFeaturing UT Campus Area CondosApril 3, 20085:00pm - 7:30pmCaswell Lofts2205 N. Lamar Blvd.Austin, TX  78705Below is the official invite.  Please feel free to share with it other colleagues and clients who may find this event valuable, and don't forget to post it in your office!Find out more and RSVP today, online at:www.texastitle.com//SPOTLIGHTAUSTIN
Or email me and I will be happy to send it to you in an email!

text: March Madness - Game updates and a little fun competition - 03/18/08 05:06 AM
I know, I know.  It hasn't started yet... but it's getting very close!  By now some of you have probably drawn out your brackets and placed your bets, whether they be monetary or just bragging rights for yet another friendly competitive bet.
YOU CAN GET SCORE UPDATES ON YOUR PHONE!!!  No more turning down meetings or rescheduling with clients so you can run back to your computer or tv and tune in.
Every year my brother creates a bracket in the Yahoo! Sports and allows other family and friends to get it on it.  Although I don't follow many teams but … (3 comments)

text: Mobile Marketing and Real Estate? Why Now. - 01/08/08 05:16 AM
I've been doing some research on statistics for mobile marketing this past year, and I thought I would share my results for those of you interested.  It seems that more and more buyers are falling into the age categories of text message users. 
November 2007 made headlines in the mobile industry as the total number of US subscribers reached 250 million. Just five years ago, 2002 marked a total of 140.7 million subscribers.
The Mobile Marketing Association reported that a survey found that 3 in 4 mobile phone subscribers (75%) use some form of text messaging.
Forrester research reported usage of text … (10 comments)

text: Don't let those networking opportunities go! - 11/29/07 03:56 AM
Quite frequently, our company founder gets asked to speak at the local University as well as other organizations around town. He’s asked to speak about a wide variety of things, like program development to establishing a business to managing a business. Lately, he’s been cautious on which events he speaks at, as he has been overwhelmed with other tasks of developing and growing the business. Last night he chose to speak at an event assocated with The University of Montana - School of Business.
When I got to work this morning, first thing I did was check our CRM system to … (2 comments)

text: Goomzee New Year Comes Early, New Pricing, New Site, New Program - 11/20/07 03:17 AM
I thought I would share our most recent updates for those who have been keeping up with Goomzee news and those who haven't yet heard about us!  Thoughts? Questions? Comments?  Let me know!!!
MISSOULA, MT November 20, 2007 – As Goomzee amps up to ring in the New Year, a brand new website featuring new pricing packages, an affiliate program and enhancements to online customer service has officially been launched.
Goomzee.com has been redesigned based upon research, product development and prominently, customer feedback.  The new look comes just in time to present Goomzee Connect’s … (0 comments)

text: Realty Roundup - September 19th! - 09/17/07 05:31 AM
WHO:  Goomzee Team
WHERE:  Austin Board of Realtors - Realty Roundup:  BOOTH #1204
WHEN:  Wednesday, Sept 19th 10am-4pm
WHY:  We're excited to visit the Austin area Realtors and present them with a great new way to provide customers with convenient access to information and capture leads, all at the property, through Goomzee Connect. Come visit the Goomzee team this Wednesday, Sept 19th in booth #1204 for some Vegas style fun and games at the Austin Board of Realtors - Realty Roundup!  We have a great opportunity to win some discounts off of our service, and the best part is, EVERYONE IS A WINNER.   … (7 comments)

text: Lenders Sponsoring Agents - 08/24/07 04:25 AM
Most mortgage lenders know the value of a good relationship with real estate agents . By helping them generate more sales, they generate more business for themselves! A great way to lend a hand is by sponsoring agents on a lead generating tool. Goomzee Connect is a mobile marketing tool developed specifically for real estate professionals. It provides consumers with 24-hour access to instant information about a listing through mobile application. For example: when in front of a for-sale listing with a Goomzee Connect ID, consumers simply send a text message with the ID code to receive information about the listing. … (2 comments)

text: Listing information - the Green way! - 08/22/07 10:46 AM
Providing flyers at listings can get costly, let alone sometimes serve as a garbage filler to those consumers who aren't actually interested in the property.  You may even be losing leads. AHH!
A great way to provide alternate access to listing information at the property is via mobile technology, and Goomzee Connect does just that!
Goomzee Connect is a 24 hour lead capture and listing information service that allows consumers easy access to property information via text message.  When in front of a property they can send a text message containing the property ID code to receive valuable information they are … (2 comments)

text: Be careful how you word things... - 08/17/07 11:31 AM
When the Apple iPhone came out, our local paper came out with an article title "iPhone Little Too High-Tech for Montana".  That morning while at my local coffee shop on the way to work, I noticed the title on the front page in BIG BOLD LETTERS.  Working for a technology company in Montana, I coughed up my $.50 and grabbed it.  I was APPALLED.
Okay, so as I read through the article it talked about how the iPhone won't be offered in Montana becuase we don't have any Cingular stores. Now that's fair... so why didn't you say that in the first … (2 comments)

text: Drive-by marketing - at YOUR properties! - 08/17/07 09:43 AM
Did you know that 63 percent of buyers who responded to the 2006 NAR survey said they used information from a yard sign to help in their search — a higher percentage than those who used print ads, open houses, or home magazines?
What if...
If someone drove by one of your listings, picked up a flyer and left their phone number in a box for you to call them back, would you?  OF COURSE YOU WOULD!!  So why not do it! It's like handing you a candy coated phone number... except you skip right through the hard shell of cold calling … (7 comments)

text: Needle in a haystack? Make your listings STAND OUT - 07/25/07 09:32 AM
Do you have listings that get lost amongst others?  Using interactive services on your For Sale signs is a great way to get your listings noticed AND remembered!
Last weekend I was driving through a new, popular "cookie cutter" neighborhood in our area.  I noticed that about every other house was on the market.  As a consumer, it was a bit overwhelming.  But, for the first five minutes of idling around, I was jumping out of the car and attempting to grab flyers, except 2 of the first 3 boxes were empty and although the third did have flyers, they had … (6 comments)

text: Help! How do you keep up on tech trends? - 07/11/07 06:16 AM
As a real estate agent, you may understand the aches and pains of the cold calling approach.  My question to you is:  What is the best way for us to let real estate professionals know that our marketing tool is available to them?
We all know that agents lead a very busy life, and may not have the time to talk on the phone at the time we call, therefore, not giving us the chance to explain how our service can help you.
Our company recently released a new mobile marketing tool for real estate professionals; Goomzee Connect.  It provides at-the-property listing … (0 comments)

text: Advertising your waterfront listings - what's your technique? - 07/02/07 11:00 AM
This weekend I spent my time on Northwest Montana's beautiful Flathead Lake.  As we all know, a beautiful lake with easy access means lots of visitors and lots of people who would LOVE to live on it, or rent for a weekend vacation for that matter.  Either way, a lot of traffic up and down the shorelines, often out of towners visiting the popular Montana sites.
My mum, dad and I were driving past a waterfront listing and noticed for one, that the sign was difficult to read, and two, the only information available on the house was a phone number … (2 comments)

text: "Infolust" and the real estate industry - 06/22/07 04:52 AM
Happy Friday everyone!
I just wanted to share some information with you all that I recently found on Google when doing some information research.
All thanks to the insanely expansive and detailed web of information that continues to be spun, offering transparency of prices, of reviews, of opinions, and of detail. Yes, you’ve heard this before. But just for a moment, marvel at how incredibly addicted consumers have become to getting instant access to any kind of useful and relevant information. In fact, consumers are experiencing nothing short of an all-encompassing INFOLUST:
"Experienced consumers are lusting after detailed information on where to … (1 comments)

text: Text-message marketing and your sales strategies - 06/19/07 08:32 AM
I have been catching up on realtors take on using text messaging in their business, reading up on some great blogs about how some of them have incorporated it into their everyday business activities.  Many of the responses have been positive, and others a bit weary on how it works and whether or not their potential customers will actually use it. 
However, once a teenagers craze, text-messaging is becoming a useful tool to all ages.  The largest segment of users today ranges from 18-38, and the median age of first time homebuyers is 32!  Also, the older ages are adopting it … (6 comments)

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