woodland: Woodland Chili Throwdown & Brew-off in Yolo County, California - 08/30/10 04:02 PM
Friendly competition is on the menu September 18th at the Woodland Chili Throwdown & Brew-off at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland. Businesses and civic organizations sponsor teams for the chili, salsa and beer competitions. Our team - Coldwell Banker Doug Arnold Real Estate Woodland office - is entering for the first time in the chili and salsa contests.
I volunteered for the grunt labor subteam - since I'm 8 inches taller and 100 pounds heavier than most of our office that seemed appropriate.
The event starts at 11 am, with winners announced at 3:15 pm. Should be fun!

woodland: Finding a Property Tax Bill in Yolo County, California - 08/29/10 02:45 AM
When working with clients in Woodland and Davis in Yolo County I have to point out to them that their property tax bills are going to vary greatly depending on where they choose to buy a house. California's prop. 13 limited the actual property tax rate on real estate but Mello Roos assessments are common on newer homes. Especially in some of the newer areas in Woodland Mello Roos assessments can nearly double the property tax bill on a house.
Fortunately property tax info is on line in Yolo County. If you go to this website you can enter an house … (0 comments)

woodland: Tour of the Gable Mansion in Woodland, CA benefits Red Cross - 08/28/10 04:12 PM

One of the most photographed houses in Woodland, California is the Gable Mansion. Central Woodland is known for it's lovingly restored Victorians and the Gable Mansion is perhaps the best example. Usually we can just admire these beautiful homes from the street but on Sept. 11 the home will be open for a tour, benefiting the American Red Cross of Yolo County.
The house will be open from 11-3, tickets are $20 and can be purchased here or by calling Yolo County Red Cross at 530-662-4669.
The home, at the corner of Cross Street and First Street in Woodland, … (1 comments)

woodland: Tomato Season in Yolo County - 08/27/10 03:47 AM

It is tomato season in Yolo County - the Pacific Coast Producer's cannery on East Main Street in Woodland is in full production with clouds of steam billowing out early this morning. Tomato trucks rumble down the highway and there are piles of tomatos where a loaded truck took a corner just a bit too quickly. Yolo County has some of the best farmland in the world and ag is still a major player in our economy.

woodland: Short Sales in the Davis, CA Housing Market - 08/26/10 10:26 AM
I recently wrote about the Woodland, CA housing market and the role of short sales in that market. Homes in Active Short Sale or Contingent Short Sale status make up more than half of the Woodland housing market. Now let's look at Davis, 10 miles to the south. What a difference 10 miles makes!
In Woodland well over 50 percent of the homes on the market are short sales. In Davis less than 12 percent are short sales, 25 homes out of 212 total. Of those 25 short sales, 20 are Active Short Sales and 5 are Contingent Short Sales. That's … (2 comments)

woodland: New Homes Coming to Woodland, CA - 08/25/10 07:57 AM
When the bubble burst new home building in Yolo County just about disappeared. Of course there have not been many new homes built in Davis for sometime (although the Willowbank Park project under way will bring some new and highly energy efficient homes to the market) but Woodland boomed with many new homes built up through 2007.
But for the last three years the only new homes built in Woodland had buyers already lined up - builders couldn't get the financing otherwise. Now though we have two projects underway. Pulte Homes is doing ground work on their recently acquired property on … (0 comments)

woodland: Yolo County is not "stereotypical" California - 08/23/10 12:50 PM

Sometimes I meet people who expect all of California to be like San Francisco or Los Angeles. It ain't so - Yolo County is mostly farmland and Woodland, the county seat, is still in many ways a farm town at heart. There are families who have been here a century and more, and sometimes it still feels like you know everyone in town, or at least you know their cousin.  Part of that small town feel is knowing where your family is buried - I appreciate that my parents are buried in the Woodland Cemetery, in the Mitchell family plot. … (0 comments)

woodland: yet another piece about answering your phone - 08/20/10 08:13 AM
I try to be good about returning phone calls promptly but I know I don't always succeed. If I'm out for the afternoon showing houses and I know I need to return calls I'll try to sneak in at least a quick call back, if only to apologize and explain I will be calling later.
But I was reminded this week once again of the importance of returning calls. Last June I met a potential buyer at an open house. He was heading back to South Africa and wouldn't be returning until mid-August. So I got his email and sent him … (3 comments)

woodland: The joys of a long distance escrow - 08/17/10 02:47 PM
Just closing a deal - bank owned house in Esparto (little country town that had a mini building boom at the height of the bubble.) My buyer and I had been through some stressful negotiations with the bank but now everything seemed to be going smoothly. However - my buyer opted to use the title company preferred by the bank because if we used a local company the bank would not pay for title insurance. OK, not thrilled because our local title companies in Davis and Woodland are fantastic but I can live with this.
What a mistake. The title company … (2 comments)

woodland: 30 photos per day for 30 days - 02/17/10 10:48 AM
Blogs are better with images - a statement that's hard to argue with. And sometimes when I want to blog about a local topic I find myself hestitating because I don't have a good image. I know I should be taking photos - lots of photos - but don't get around to it. There is always an excuse, - isn't there?
So for the next 30 days I've vowed to take 30 photos per day here in Yolo County. This is the time of year when it should be easy - spring is here and trees are starting to bloom, the … (4 comments)

woodland: The difference between Woodland and Davis home prices - 01/23/10 01:49 AM
Home prices in Davis and Woodland have been linked for decades, with Woodland homes historically being valued at 20% less than comparable Davis homes. The attractions of Davis (university town with a public school system as good as any in the state) and the intentional slow growth policies of Davis have led to this price gap. Recently this gap has widened to something more like 40% - the house that sells for $500,000 in Davis would sell for $300,000 if in Woodland.
It's no mystery why this is happening. The market in Woodland is currently dominated by short sales and to … (0 comments)

woodland: Open Houses This Weekend in Woodland, CA - 01/08/10 12:02 PM
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Coldwell Banker
Woodland Open Houses
                               Presented by Gordon Lane, Realtor
                                              DRE Lic. #01873017

woodland: Bad appraisal in Davis, Yolo County - 12/17/09 06:06 AM
Davis is a unique community in many ways but what really stands out are housing prices compared to the neighboring communities. Woodland, Dixon and West Sacramento are only 10 miles from Davis but home prices in Davis are just about double of those in the neighboring cities.
The demand for homes in Davis has three main factors driving it - the amenities of a university town, the quality of the local school system, and the resolute no growth attitude of the citizens which prevents the construction of many new homes.
Net result - much higher home prices. Add in an out … (0 comments)

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