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Home Buyers let me help you find the best house possible for you.  In order for me to HELP YOU find the best house you need to HELP ME.  How can you HELP ME, well, you need to talk to a lender, a direct lender or very qualified mortgage broker in my experience is BEST.  You need to be honest wit...
One of the best things in the world - a buyer (or seller) who want to work with you.It's easier when it's someone you know- - but why would a stranger call a Tracy Agent - ME - and want my help in finding them a home?  It's an easy answer... they already know me.Nope we've never ever met - but t...
I'm escaping to Washington DC - I've never been there - it's an all night flight from one side of the country to the other......with a slight stop in Detroit. Along with 26 other people mainly 7th and 8th graders....I have an 8th grade history buff, miiltary fanatical son and he's going.  I can't...
Are you considering buying a home in Tracy or Mountain House, CA?  Do you know what is a good neighborhood and what isn't?  Do you know which homes in Mountain House have Home Owner Association Fees and which ones don't?  hmmmmm if you don't know the answer to these questions then it's really im...
BLOG -- When do you do it?  Do you Blog at night -like I do -- or do you blog in the morning?  Have you tried other times?  Do you get better responses depending on when you send your blogs?inquiring minds want to know.
I'm starting a new group, I looked everywhere and didn't see one dedicated to ALC's across the country.We are a brand new Market Center - just approved for Launch -- basically we want to glean as much information from those who have Been There, Done That, Doing It as we can.Keller Williams is su...
This is the funniest thing thats happened to me in a while.  I have a VERY good client, he's bought several properties, he fixes them up, mostly by himself and he does a fabulous job. He already refers to me as HIS Top Notch Realtor -- and has promised to make us both a lot of money.  He thinks ...
There isn't any other word for it -- it is JUST EMBARRASSING to walk into a property with buyer in tow and find it to be DIRTY and messy.  This is really true when it's an REO property and no one lives there.  I wish I'd had my camera today when we walked into a home to find garbage everywhere. ...
Just sitting here watching the news -- we were all just there for Family Reunion - so are you ok?  Do you need anything?  WOW -- what a weird storm.
Postive thinking --My very good friend wrote this it's a great read. Click hereI agree, I'm thinking positive, I'm also willing and able to do REO properties, which makes me wonder WHY does an agent from let's say Roseville -- 80 miles away take a property listing in my area.  I know the bank jus...

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