online meetings: GoToMeeting, A Moral Obligation? - 10/01/08 05:22 AM
Are you concerned about reducing your carbon footprint? Are you finding that the price for traveling is rising sharply? Are you busy all of the time and struggle with meetings taking too much time out of your schedule?
If you answer yes to any of these then you need to look into web meetings software like GoToMeeting. Just think for a moment how much it costs to attend a meeting across town. There's the cost of gas, usually food and the time before and after the meeting wasted traveling. With a web meeting solution like GoToMeeting, you can sit down at … (1 comments)

online meetings: VoIP Quality in GoToMeeting - 09/11/08 07:40 AM
Participants who join the meeting via VoIP need speakers or headphones to hear the GoToMeeting session and a microphone if you want them to speak.
When using VoIP for your meeting, audio quality can vary based on your audio software/hardware manufacturer as well as your operating system.
 Listed in order from best quality to poor quality
USB headset connected to your computer
Headphones and USB microphone connected to your computer
Analog headset connected to your computer
Headphones and analog microphone connected to your computer
External speakers and USB microphone
External speakers and analog microphone
Laptop built-in microphone and speakers
External … (4 comments)

online meetings: GoToMeeting Review - 08/07/08 01:39 AM
We started using GoToMeeting with the free trial. We did a few meetings with it and it really worked well for us but we really didn't do many meetings at all that would justify it. Cut to three years later and we were looking for a solution to our post-implementation troubleshooting. It became necessary to do an email and phone dance with the implementation team, the sales team, the client and the developers. This would take weeks of emails and phone calls. All of a sudden I was like, why don't we just use that GoToMeeting software. We know it workls … (0 comments)

online meetings: GoToMeeting 4 for Mac and PC - 07/30/08 04:48 AM
The new GoToMeeting 4 is now 100% Mac-compatible, allowing Mac users to host a screen-sharing session or to receive presentation rights from a PC user.
Probably too long-awaited to have the impact and the benefits that this was planned for, the addition of VoIP to GoToMeeting is probably the second most interesting feature in this new release. Being this the first release of the voice feature for Citrix, one cannot expect it to be perfect from day one.
As a matter of fact in my own initial tests of GoToMeeting 4, I have had to give up on using the native … (0 comments)


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