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My 17 year old son and I are in St. Louis for the weekend. Our purpose for being here is to race bicycle motorcross (bmx - the newest Olympic sport). This weekend is the Central Zone Redline Cup Championship. To get more info on bmx go to the American Bicycle Association BMX website at: http://ww...
About 3 months ago I borrowed some money against a property I own. After the closing I began receiving credit life insurance solicitations in the mail. Curiosity getting the better of me, I responded with a request for additional information. A few weeks go by & I receive a phone call. "Mr. Trowe...
7 years have passed since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, or just 9/11 as it is commonly referred. I am not sure what I feel about the commonality of the reference. Please do not misinterpret what I am about to say but some times it sounds almost flippant. I did not say that when you,...
I remember the first home we purchased. We had the usual emotions and feelings about owning our first home. As you know, there are reasons they are "first homes." One of the features of this home was the 1 car garage. I could pull our Mazda GLC into the garage but then I couldn't open the door. I...
Where are you going in such a hurry? Do you have any idea of how fast you were going? Do you know why I pulled you over today? Have you ever heard those questions before? They usually come from a police officer or the highway patrol when you are caught speeding. It's a sinking feeling when you se...
I enjoy playing golf. I started playing the local Par 3 course with my Dad when I was 12 or 13 years old. Neither of us were any good. We only played once or twice a month but it was time spent together. As I grew older we started playing a regular 18 hole public course. We still weren't any good...
Have you heard the term "I want the whole enchilada?" When it comes to enchiladas, I always do. I love enchiladas. I also have a predisposition for eating the chips, salsa, & queso, that are usually served before the enchiladas. Truth be told, I am usually no longer hungry after eating the "appet...

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