rick trowe: If Life Were A Video Game - 03/13/09 02:41 AM
I heard my son saying "No! No! No! from the other room.
It wasn't loud and emphatic; There was more sadness and disappointment in the tone of his voice.
I went to see what was going on. He was sitting in front of the t.v. head down; body slumped forward.
"What's wrong" I asked. "Is it bad" I querried before he had a chance to answer.
"Yes" he said. "I got arrested."
"But it's only a video game & I turned it off real fast before it was saved." He said smiling.
"Too bad life isn't like that sometimes" I advised.

rick trowe: Don't Take That Tone With Me - 09/12/08 05:55 PM
About 3 months ago I borrowed some money against a property I own. After the closing I began receiving credit life insurance solicitations in the mail.
Curiosity getting the better of me, I responded with a request for additional information.
A few weeks go by & I receive a phone call.
"Mr. Trowe I'm ____ with ______ " the female voice said. "You requested some information about our credit life insurance policy. We will have a rep in your area on ____ (which was 2 weeks away) does that work with your schedule?"
I agreed to the meeting.
Yesterday was the … (9 comments)

rick trowe: September 11, 2001: A Day For Change - 09/11/08 09:31 AM
7 years have passed since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, or just 9/11 as it is commonly referred.
I am not sure what I feel about the commonality of the reference. Please do not misinterpret what I am about to say but some times it sounds almost flippant. I did not say that when you, me, the media or anyone says 9/11 that we are being flippant or disrespectful. It's just that sometimes it flows to easily out of our mouth.
When we refer to that day, those events, the people who died, the heroes who acted, the leaders … (2 comments)

rick trowe: When Leaving Money On The Table Might Be A Good Thing. - 09/10/08 02:27 PM
I remember the first home we purchased. We had the usual emotions and feelings about owning our first home.
As you know, there are reasons they are "first homes." One of the features of this home was the 1 car garage.
I could pull our Mazda GLC into the garage but then I couldn't open the door. If I wanted the car in the garage I would have to pop the hatch & crawl out.
When we bought our second home we were much smarter. We found a home with a "2 car" garage with an overhead door opener. Woohoo! 
We … (1 comments)

rick trowe: Speeding: 10 or Less. Does It Affect My Insurance? - 09/03/08 11:11 PM
Where are you going in such a hurry?
Do you have any idea of how fast you were going?
Do you know why I pulled you over today?
Have you ever heard those questions before?
They usually come from a police officer or the highway patrol when you are caught speeding. It's a sinking feeling when you see the red lights in your rear view mirror.
Deep down you know you were going too fast (at least most of the time) and you are hoping to get just a warning instead of an actual ticket.
You probably have never heard the … (8 comments)

rick trowe: As Ron White Says: You Can't Fix Stupid. You Can't Insure It Either - 08/29/08 10:42 AM
One of comedian Ron White's funny punch lines is:
You can't fix stupid!
Insurance can help people recover from many things including some things that involved poor choices. But insurance doesn't cover everything and stupidity isn't one of them.
There are specialty insurance companies out there that will write coverage for things I wouldn't even imagine possible. But stupidity isn't one of them. 
One of the fundamentals of insurance is Risks Must Be Insurable. Stupidity isn't one of them.
To help determine if a Risk is Insurable use this mnemonic:
 Calculable - Someone must be able to Calculate the risk involved


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