coaching: Gratitude on Memorial Day - 05/30/10 05:09 AM
Before running out to join family and friends at barbecues or going to the mall to check out the sales ... take a few minutes and think about how proud we should be to be Americans and to honor those who served and those who serve today so we could live in this wonderful country. Those of you who came to know George know that he immigrated to the United States from communist Czechoslovakia. And it wasn't easy - yet he was determined and finally achieved his dream. When someone (after hearing his accent) would ask George, "Where are you from?" … (6 comments)

coaching: "Last Chance to get on this training session..." - 04/01/10 01:34 AM
The other day I posted an invitation for you to attend a very important FREE online seminar taking place later this afternoon. As of today there are just 27 spots available, so if you want to attend and still haven't registered, you have to be quick about it. You can still register at the link below right now. ************************************************
Training begins TODAY - THURSDAY APRIL 1 AT 5 PM Eastern so
go here now to register for this very special training now ...
Short Sale TeleSeminar
************************************************* On this FREE webinar you will discover... >> How to generate tons of … (1 comments)

coaching: "How to get a "leg up" on other Realtors ..." - 03/31/10 02:26 AM
Let's be frank ... most agents can work with banks on a short sale or hire someone to do it for them. However what most agents don't know about short sales is how to get potential sellers to respond, how to find prospects, get a hold of them, and get short sale listing appointments. Most agents just solicit short sales about helping them sell their home. That works fine once they have decided to sell their home but what do most people facing foreclosure try to do BEFORE they decide to sell? They try to avoid/stop the foreclosure first, right? If … (0 comments)

coaching: "How to list, sell, and CLOSE more short sales ..." - 03/30/10 03:52 AM
Experts are saying that there will be 4 MILLION foreclosures (if not much more) this year (2010). That means there will be a HUGE opportunity for agents like YOU to list and sell these homes through a short sale BEFORE they go into foreclosure. I have been receiving emails from many of our customers and subscribers asking me about how to list and sell homes using short sales. Some of you haven't been as active in real estate as you would like to be ... others have decided to change the focus of your business. So I talked to an agent … (3 comments)

coaching: "CraigsList Replay No Longer Available ..." - 03/28/10 05:18 AM
Sorry if you missed last Thursday's jam-packed training call on how to generate hundreds of leads for no cost on CraigsList, but the replay has been removed. The information shared was intense... quite frankly, way more detailed and valuable than many attendees expected. I did convince Josh to do this seminar for all of us again - but due to his busy schedule it's going to be several weeks. I'll post it as soon as I get confirmation from Josh as to when he will be available to do this teleseminar again. Wishing you the best in your real estate career, … (8 comments)

coaching: Free seminar on how to use Craigslist to generate lead after lead after lead - 03/24/10 10:17 PM
Many agents have tried to market themselves using Craigslist with widely varying results. Most agents actually give up because they don’t get the results they expect. They hear of other agents doing great with it and then they get one call if that on their adverting. So why is that?
Well, the other day I was introduced to Josh, an agent who literally broke the code on lead generation on Craigslist. In fact, he generates hundreds of leads a month through craigslist.
Why? What makes him so different? After talking to him at length I realized I could use the … (7 comments)

coaching: Want to stay in touch with clients, but the cat's got your tongue? - 03/11/10 11:19 PM
Do you want to stay in touch with your clients but the cat's got your tongue - and you're agonizing over what to write? We have the solution for you...
It's time to get "back to the basics" in your real estate business! One of those basics is to go after every lead you can ... by INCREASING your mailings.
Your mailings have just ONE PURPOSE: To keep your name, face, and phone number in front of potential clients. It doesn't matter WHAT you mail as long as you keep on mailing and mailing. Your letters don't have to … (5 comments)

coaching: Fix tomorrow today! - 03/08/10 09:36 PM
You have heard the phrase “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” This phrase is something that is really important when it comes to your future. Planning is very important, that is why every major business and successful person has a plan personally and in business.

What is your plan for tomorrow? Was yesterday, the way you envisioned it? Is your business going where you want it to? Why not? Did you plan today, yesterday? Well, if today isn’t going the way you want, what makes you think tomorrow will be any different unless you make the … (8 comments)

coaching: The Timeless Principles of Successful Advertising - 03/03/10 08:55 PM
I recently came across a guide written by Thomas Smith, a successful London businessman. He wrote these advertising points in 1885 in his book, "Guide to Successful Advertising." It's really incredible how his observations transcend time ... they still hold true TODAY! Take a look at what Thomas Smith has to say ... The first time a man looks at an ad, he doesn’t see it.
The second time, he doesn’t notice it.
The third time, he is conscious of its existence.
The fourth time, he faintly remembers having seen it.
The fifth time, he reads the ad.
The sixth time, … (18 comments)

coaching: If your current strategies are NOT working ... Do you have everything you need to fix it yourself? - 02/20/10 10:37 PM
So many promising real estate agents, just starting to learn how to market their real estate business end up pulling the plug on their potential too early.
How do they sabotage themselves?
It's mostly because of a lack of understanding about of how the business is actually done. We all went to school to pass the test to get our real estate license, but no one there taught us how to make commissions by listing and selling real estate.
Unfortunately, most of agents don't realize that if they short change their education, they'll end up turning off their … (7 comments)

coaching: Is it a mortgage rescue or a credit score killer? - 02/16/10 10:08 PM
I recently read an eye-opening article about the loan modification process. It was disturbing to say the least. I wanted to share what I learned with all of you so you could pass it on to your clients and associates. It's my "rant" for today ...
Homeowners who are in trouble with their mortgages view the foreclosure rescue plan as a way out of their financial problems. The unfortunate part is that many of them are not aware that entering a trial mortgage modification can actually HURT their credit.
To be sure, many people who apply for the president's … (5 comments)

coaching: A Valentine For You ... - 02/12/10 10:25 PM
Just wanted to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to all of you. And, again, I want to say thank you for your condolences and comforting messages when George passed away.
This is going to be a very difficult Valentine's Day - the first one in 26 years without George. But I'm still going to celebrate our love for each other with flowers - and bringing some to the cemetery to share with him.
On a lighter note, I happend to find a neat Valentine's Day report with 14 low or no cost ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day - for kids, … (9 comments)

coaching: A lesson to be learned - 02/08/10 03:40 PM
Today I'm sharing two real life stories that can help your business - they will help you figure out what buyers to work with IMMEDIATELY, and what buyers you should put on the back burner. Those of you who have been following us for some time are familiar with the 3-line classified ad that was so successful for us and really thrust us into the business .... "I specialize in No Qualifying Properties.
Let's put the deal together." Call George Paukert
HomeTrend Realty 888-555-5555 Anytime. Here's Story #1 ... One day (we were in the business about 3 months) a couple … (6 comments)

coaching: Yes, it's very scary ... - 08/05/09 11:03 PM
No matter who I talk to lately is scared about what has happened to their real estate businesses.

Yes, business isn't easy right now.  And it might even get tougher before it gets better.  But, one thing is
for sure ...

... business is still going on today.

Here's something you have to keep in front of you and read every day:

In general, buyers and sellers don't make decisions about buying or selling a home based on what's going on in the current real estate market or even on interest rates.

What makes them decide … (10 comments)

coaching: Same House, Different Year - 05/28/09 12:00 AM

In 2004:
Your ad would read ...

 I have a house for sale.  $300,000 NOW!
Call Immediately.  Phone #
(In 2004 that house would have been gone within a couple of days.  Most likely buyers would even pay $10,000 - $25,000 MORE just to get it.)
In 2005:
Your ad would read ...

 House for sale.  Cash only.
Flip the contract.  No need to close.
Call Immediately.  Phone #
(And the house would find several buyers, each one increasing the value by a minimum of $25,000.)
In 2006:
Your ad would read ...

3 … (40 comments)

coaching: What makes a great listing presentation? - 05/08/09 01:43 AM

First of all a great listing presentation has to follow a listing appointment. If you don’t have the listing appointment, then there is no listing presentation! So, first thing you need to do is go after listings appointments anyway shape or form, you need to get in front of sellers. (FSBOs, Expireds, Door Knocking)

Now for the real question now that you have your foot in the door, what makes a great listing presentation? The key is to have a “CANNED” listing presentation. CANNED? Basically it has to be scripted, practiced and you have to know what you are … (2 comments)

coaching: How to get listings today, not tomorrow, not later, but today! - 05/06/09 11:54 PM

Are you starving for listings? Are you running around spending money on gas you don’t have? Listings that are in great condition and priced right sell and can sell fast! You already own the lockboxes, the sign doesn’t cost that much and if you priced it right and have buyers calling, you can sell it quickly and put money in your pocket.

But, how do you find these listings? When the key is to find motivated sellers that no one else is calling. DUH! But, George how to do you find a motivated seller that no one else is … (79 comments)

coaching: You have to listen or you are just wasting your time and gas! - 05/05/09 11:08 AM

My wife’s cousin and his wife came to town to look for a condo here in Florida so they could escape the cold winter weather of New York.
So, once they got down here we decided to go out for dinner, and, of course, we talked about real estate in South Florida. Just from the conversation, I knew right away that the real estate agent they were working with just wasted two days of her time because my wife’s cousin wasn’t going to buy a thing and they still had one day to go.

The following day the … (5 comments)

coaching: How to sell a home in 3 hours or less, it is possible! - 04/27/09 01:58 AM
I get tons of emails asking me how to work with buyers without spending days or even weeks driving them around town. It's very simple ...
"Showing" a home is NOT the same as SELLING a home. You can "show" hundreds of homes and sell NONE. Don't handle buyers the way many Realtors do ... "Excuse me, I have to run and SHOW my listing" and the agent leaves the party or the dinner table. Does this sound familiar? If you keep running and "SHOWING" your listings they may still be there 3 years later. Don't you get it? You must … (8 comments)

coaching: What do you do with your prospect letters after you hit print? - 12/11/07 02:14 AM
Do you save your letters?
Have you ever sent a letter to an expired listing, a FSBO or even your sphere? Do you save those letters for future use? If you answered no, then how do you track what worked and what didn't?
During my career I saved everyone of my letters constantly changing them to see what worked better and I can safely say in my last year, I had over 200 of the best real estate letters.
I even had them set up in Microsoft Word with a mail merge that every morning would automatically put in the prospects … (2 comments)