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Great article,,, with some very good points to keep in mindEvery one has temptations that we must contend with everyday, and I am not talking about the personal ones Tiger Woods succumbed to, there are already enough blogs on that. I am referring to temptations that every Realtor must face on the...
    What is the Rate should be the least of your concerns     It never ceases to amaze me that the first thing a client will ask is “what is the rate”?  I have not even qualified them yet let alone to get them approved.  In today’s times it really should be about whether the loan can be closed or...
Santa Maria Homes for Sale - What I will be doing at the start of the New Year   I thought I would post a blog letting all my faithful readers know what I will be doing and where I will be when we start off the new year.   You will still be able to find me at my place of business, Greater Mortga...
some very good advice for todays timesSo, you have been unemployed for 2 or 3 months now. Or you may have just received news that your position will be eliminated after the New Year. What should you do? Many households exist without a BUDGET. Money comes in, money goes out - sometimes thousands o...
If you think that HVCC was bad ,,, you will love the new GFE Beginning January 1stthe new and improved Good Faith Estimate (GFE) will be required for all mortgages. What does this mean to you the consumer? It means you will be confused like never before. That's not the intent behind the new discl...
One Of God's Greatest Gifts / The Ability To Fail Like A Moron  After my last post this seems appropriate again. We can't survive or strive if we let the short sighted among us deyne us the right to fail, because failure is the opposite side of the success coin! You simply can't have one with out...
Today Fannie Mae released Automated Underwriting (DU) Version 8.0 and these changes are bound to have a big impact especially on multi-family houses.  Some of the changes included in this release are as follows: Minimum FICO score 620 (was 580) 2 Unit Owner Occupied Property - maximum LTV 80% for...
If you can afford to buy one of the Santa Maria homes for sale or a home on the Central Coast here is an article that gives you some food for thought on waiting????Have you read this article yet? It was featured in Business Week.  My first thought, wow! what a blunt and harsh statement! But the w...
WHAT'S "CO-BROKE" AND WHY IT SHOULDN'T MATTER TO YOU AS A BUYER In a nutshell, "co-broke" is the amount of compensation the buyer agent receives in order to sell you a home (please be advised that this pertains to Florida and Highlands County in particular). At the time of listing, the listing ag...
Santa Maria Homes for Sale - Regarding Home Affordable Modification Program The following is a quote by the New York Times regarding the Treasury's response to the news about the Making Home Affordable Program: "AFTER months of playing pretend, the Treasury Department conceded last week that the...

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