pricing a home: Why I Won't Take Your Overpriced Listing - 04/05/13 05:30 AM
Recently I've been noticing some new listings popping up that are priced at a point that I just don't get.
I know it's been debated by many in the industry as to whether or not it's a good idea to take a listing at a price the seller wants to start at even if we know the market can't handle it. After all, we can always reduce it, right?? I've gone over the pros and cons of such a practice again and again and again, and have decided that for me, I simply will not take an overpriced listing. And it's for a … (54 comments)

pricing a home: We're Ready to List the House -- Now What Do We List It For? - 09/24/10 07:42 AM

One of the many things I try to plant in my sellers' minds is the fact that this real estate market we're in is ever-changing. Every day is a new adventure. Every day I learn something new.
And although this has been the reality for some time now, it still can be difficult to really wrap your head around the way things are. Prices are low and inventory is high. Foreclosures and short sales are out there -- even in "your neighborhood."
No one is immune from this. No one.
What does that mean  if you are ready to … (3 comments)

pricing a home: Are You Committed to Working with Me to Get Your House Sold? - 07/27/10 02:59 PM

Regardless of the reason for selling your house, there has to be a commitment on your real estate agent's part, as well as yours, to get the job done. And in this market, it can be tough.
It can be humbling to hear what your house is worth today. It can create a sinking feeling to learn you probably won't get back what you paid for all those nice updates you made over the past couple of years. It can tear at your heart to find out you may have to bring cash to closing because you owe a bit … (0 comments)

pricing a home: Facing the Challenge of Pricing Your Home in Today's Market - 06/05/10 01:01 PM
Recently my broker, Shorewest Realtors(R), has invited Steve Harney to speak to us about current and expected market conditions. While some of what he has to say is difficult to hear, I think he's helping us to provide the information our buyers and sellers need to make the decisions that are best for them in these ever-changing times.

Following is a recent blog of Steve's that discusses what must be taken into consideration when pricing your home for sale.
by Steve Harney on June 5, 2010
We have shown how even the experts are … (11 comments)

pricing a home: I Know It Hurts, But What You Need or Want from the Sale of Your Home Doesn't Matter - 04/16/10 09:29 AM

It seems like things are getting tougher and tougher in the world of real estate. More and more "for sales" are popping up, interest rates have creeped up a bit, the buyer tax credit is nearing its end, and short sales and foreclosures continue to spatter the inventory. And yet, it is still difficult for some to accept that no one is immune from the rippling effects of these conditions.
Those of us who are in the business of residential real estate sales hear it all the time. "I need to net this amount of money, so I need to … (28 comments)

pricing a home: How NOT to Price Your Home - 11/28/09 11:36 AM
Excellent post. Clear. Concise. And to the point.

How not to price your home:
Take your mortgage balance. Add your credit cards. Throw in your cars. Add a generous portion of all the money you borrowed from relatives.  Pile on your down payment for that other house you have your eye on. Last but not least, give yourself an extra 50 grand just for being you.  Get a blank look on your face when you are told that the buying public doesn't care what you owe.  Wait. Wait some more.  Decide you'll stay after all.  Here's a better plan: Find … (1 comments)

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