marble floor polishing: Marble Floor Polishing Contractors Burr Ridge IL 60527 - 12/07/18 11:05 AM
Burr Ridge Marble Floor Restoration Step 1:As you can see in these before pictures , first thing we did was clean and neutralize the floor before we started honing the marble.  This bathroom floor was cleaned with a toilet bowl cleaner and etched the floor along the grout joints and left spots  all over the tile.  Leaving the surface acidic increases the likelihood of the spots and etching to come back. After we concluded this process the floor was prepped and ready for the honing and polishing phase of the restoration project
Burr Ridge, IL Marble Floor Polishing Step 2:
 This phase of the job is documented in … (0 comments)

marble floor polishing: Marble Bathroom Cleaning Service - Chicago & Northshore IL - 11/30/18 09:25 AM

Do you need a professional marble bathroom cleaning service near Chicago, IL?
Marble bathrooms can be difficult to maintain. Do you have a marble cleaning and restoration service capable of fixing and maintaining the condition of your natural stone bathrooms?  Granite Heroes is professional Marble Bathroom Cleaning and restoration service servicing Chicago and the North Shore area of Chicago.  We specialize in the care and maintenance of all natural stone surfaces.
Chicagoland Marble Bathroom Cleaning & Restoration Services:
Marble Shower Cleaning Marble Shower Polishing Marble Shower Grout Cleaning & Caulking Marble Shower Grout Repair or Replacement. Marble Vanity or Countertop Polishing Etch, Spot & Stain Removal Counter top Chip & … (0 comments)

marble floor polishing: Marble Floor Honing & Polishing - Arlington Heights, IL 60005 - 04/20/18 10:21 AM
Project Description:
Marble Floor Honing & Polishing - Arlington Heights, IL 60005What do you do with a natural stone or marble entry way when its old and dirty?  Depending on the type of remodeling or home upgrades planned,  some people choose to replace the marble entryway flooring. Conversely other people choose to restore the marble entryway flooring.  This marble floor restoration project documents the diamond honing & polishing of this white marble and terrazzo floor in Arlington Heights IL 60005.  
Arlington Heights Marble Floor Restoration Step 1:The first thing we did was apply a clear natural stone filler to cracked areas where terrazzo grout joined the marble floor … (0 comments)

marble floor polishing: Can you put wax on a marble floor? - 03/27/18 12:27 PM
Can you put wax on a marble floor?
Granite Hero Hints: Marble Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

GRANITE HERO HINT: Conventional floor waxes should not be used on marble floors. Wax is an acrylic topical coating that does not allow the stone to breath and will cause discoloration and streaking. Professional contractors use buffers and specialty cleaners, and diamond resin pads.  If the marble is dull then you need the surface to be honed and then re-polished. DO NOT USE an acid or bleach cleaner on the marble.
Granite Heroes   Northbrook stone restoration archive, documents a day in the life of Granite Heroes. FREE ESTIMATES for all … (4 comments)

marble floor polishing: How To Polish Marble - 09/05/17 12:25 PM

Silicone-Carbide Wet Sand Paper is the best choice to polish marble:
Granite Heroes use the most innovative supplies and technologies to reproduce the factory finish on marble. Using silicone-carbide sandpaper that’s made for marble polishing and restoration. Granite Heroes will cut away successive ultra-fine layers of the marble counter top or floor until you have a polished high-gloss finish.
Marble Polishing Requires Multiple Grits to Get High A Gloss Finish:
The marble polishing process starts with a coarse-grit sandpaper or diamond pad. The grit scale starts with a low number typically 60 grit. As the grit number gets larger, the size of the silicone-carbide particles … (1 comments)

marble floor polishing: Marble Floor Polishing Basics - 08/30/17 03:32 PM
Expert Marble Floor Polishing Services
Marble Repair & Maintenance
Natural stone such as marble is the most beautiful choice when installing new floors, kitchen counter tops, vanities, and showers in your home. Through no fault of your own marble can experience problems with wear, etching, improper cleaning agents, scratches, or loss of shine. IF your marble has an uneven finish or looks blotchy, then the surface of the marble needs to bee honed and polished back to factory specs. Marble restoration or Marble Floor Polishing is required when the stone surface has many etch marks, scratch's or has a finish eaten away … (0 comments)

marble floor polishing: Chicago, IL Commercial Floor Polishing (Apr.) 2017 - 04/24/17 07:44 AM
Granite Heroes has  begun to do more and more commercial work lately. One of the ways that we like to show our work to clients is to do a small "Demo" area to show them what the results would be. We tape of the area we are going to be working on so you can see the finished result right next to the old floor. You can see a huge difference like you see in the pictures below. This was a "Demo" we did for a location in Chicago IL. Take a look at the difference. You can see the clarity and … (2 comments)

marble floor polishing: Naperville, IL Stone Restoration Archive (Feb.) 2017 - 02/21/17 08:10 AM
Granite Heroes Naperville stone restoration archive, documents a day in the life of Granite Heroes. FREE ESTIMATES for all clients in Naperville, Illinois. Step into our shoes, as we clean, polish & restore showers, counter tops, flooring and more. Book Online today and receive 10% off your service if you live in Naperville, IL 60563. Call 312-800-1659
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marble floor polishing: Highland Park, IL Marble Floor Polishing (Feb.) 2017 - 02/12/17 12:41 PM
I hope all of our Granite Heroes fans are enjoying the nice weather we are having today in Chicago area. Spring is around the corner. In this post I wanted to share with everyone the great work our Master Stone Technician Erik did on this Marble floor. It is a small area but it does not mean is easy or less time to get done. this job we also polished and restored the Granite Countertops in the kitchen, 
The floor being a smaller space it is a bit harder to manuever with two people working on the floors. this floor had some etch … (0 comments)

marble floor polishing: Top Rated Marble Floor Polishing Company Lake Forest, IL - 02/10/17 07:31 AM
Hello Granite Heroes fans. Today I want to talk about Marble flooring for residential and commercial services. I would say 90% of the time we speak to someone over the phone they tell us the stone they have is Granite or Marble. Most of the time when we come to your home or place of business it is something different. This is okay to not know. I have found that home owners have not been educated on how to maintenance their marble floors or what to expect.
Talking with many clients they go online to see who offers the services they are looking … (1 comments)

marble floor polishing: Vintage Marble Floor Restoration in Chicago, IL 60611 - 06/16/16 07:14 AM
Vintage Marble Floor Restoration in Chicago, IL
Granite Heroes
Stone Cleaning & Restoration
1 (800) 312-1565
Project Date: May, 16th 2016
Location: Chicago IL 60611
Stone Species: Marble Flooring
Job Details: marble floor polishing, diamond honing, marble polishing service
Vintage Marble Floor Restoration In Chicago, IL 60611In our line of work the greatest opportunity to polish some serious stone exists in the form of Hotels. This was no ordinary hotel; this is one of the landmarks of the Chicagoland area. The Granite Heroes were called upon to restore a marble floor over 75 years old. Polishing marble floors should be conducted by a professional Chicago marble restoration … (1 comments)

marble floor polishing: Diary of a Hero: Marble floor polishing service in Chicago - 06/16/16 04:48 AM
Marble floor polishing service Chicago 
Granite Heroes
Stone Cleaning & Restoration
1 (800) 312-1565
Project Date: June 6th 2016
Location: Chicago IL 60610
Stone Species: Tumbled Marble Floor
Job Details: marble floor polishing, stone polishing, marble polishing,
Diary of a Hero: Marble floor polishing service Chicago, IL 60610IT was a Monday morning in Chicago when the Granite Heroes were called out to restore the look of a classic tumbled marble floor. This project was located in a beautiful Chicago high-rise and took place in the kitchen of the unit. The marble floor contained minor etching, dull marks and a water stain or 2. This project was classic … (0 comments)

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