frisco tx real estate: Termite Damage And Real Estate - 07/24/11 05:26 AM

Termite Tubes
Termite damage, no matter how small it may be, is never good for a home.  During a real estate inspection, if any termite damage is found, it will affect the outcome of the home.  In most cases, the buyer is told that the seller will fix the problem.  Although this may sound good to some buyers that the seller will treat for termites, other buyers often wonder.
Of course it’s nice that the seller will pay to have the termite problem treated, which will normally cost around $1,000 or so.  Even though the termites will be gone, you … (1 comments)

frisco tx real estate: The Truth About "Rent To Own" - 07/22/11 09:00 AM

Most of us are very familiar with the term “rent to own”.  Places such as Prime Time and Rent A Center have built an empire with rent to own merchandise, although the buyer normally ends up paying double what the merchandise is actually worth.  While this may be great for those who have bad credit, most of us prefer to avoid going this route.  Homes are no exception, especially if you are buying a home on a rent to own basis. 
Even though rent to own may be good for a short period of time, it proves to be an … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: What Is The Definition Of Cap Rate, And Why Does It Matter? - 07/22/11 08:09 AM

In commercial real estate, cap rate, or capitalization rate, is used to determine the values of income producing properties such as apartments of five units or more, office buildings, strip malls and other such properties. The cap rate can represent extremely different things to different people in respect to their interests in commercial real estate. Before we investigate why cap rate matters, and what it means to specific people, let's look at the actual equation and see how it works.
Cap rate has two main components which area: net operating income (NOI) and price or estimated value of the property. … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: What Happens To My Mortgage When I Sell My Home? - 07/22/11 07:25 AM

You’ve decided to make the plunge and sell your home. More than a few people have innocently asked me, “What happens to my mortgage when I sell my home?”
If you own a home, you undoubtedly are carrying a mortgage on it. A mortgage is simply a loan from a bank or financial institution for percentage of the value of the home, which you pay to the person you purchased the home from when you bought it. Depend on the type of mortgage you have, the amount due on the loan should have decreased during the time you lived in … (2 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Weeding Out Buyers with Financial Excuses - 07/22/11 07:14 AM

Selling a home can quickly become frustrating when buyers claim financial delays. Here is how to eliminate these excuses up front.
If you have ever put your house on the market, you know the frustration potential buyers can cause you. It is fairly shocking how many people will come to an open house or ask for a private viewing, yet have no intention of buying the home. In fact, many of them seem to have no intention of buying ANY home in the near future. They are just out poking around in the business of other people.
A common excuse … (2 comments)

frisco tx real estate: What I Look For In a Neighborhood When Buying Investment Real Estate - 07/21/11 03:23 PM

I often get the question, “What do I look for in a neighborhood?”
My answer is always the same.  “Easy.  Value!”
I usually get a strange look, but it's true.  In a neighborhood, I am looking for clues to assess the value of the property, plain and simple.
Well, maybe not so plain and simple, I know.  So let me explain.
Normally, my rehab properties are not in the expensive areas of town.  It's rare that you'll find a rehabber meeting his or her investment goals buying in the expensive parts of town.  There are generally fewer homes needing rehabbing … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: How To Avoid Negative Equity In Frisco TX - 03/29/10 04:45 AM

Real Estate Investment Financing is simply industry jargon for a real estate investment loan. In a bad property market where rental yields are low, the most dreaded word that you can say to a real estate investor is negative equity. So what is negative equity? It is a situation which arises when the foreclosed value of your property is less than the price that you paid for it and in certain states like in New York, the mortgagee (the bank) can then bring a deficiency action against the owner to reclaim the difference.
This article will therefore go … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Things You Need When Applying For A Home Loan - 03/29/10 04:06 AM

Read More Articles about Shopping for a Home Loan in Frisco , TXBuying A Home With Past Credit Problems Types Of Home Loans Shopping For The Best Home Loan in Frisco TX
Things You Need When Applying For A Home Loan
Congratulations! Now that you have found the perfect home, all that's left is getting the perfect mortgage.  In order to do that, you will have to know what your lender needs from you in order to get your loan application approved.
Property Description   
When applying for a home loan, you will need to provide the lender with detailed … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Types Of Home Loans - 03/29/10 03:36 AM

Read More Articles about Shopping for a Home Loan in Frisco , TXBuying A Home With Past Credit Problems Things You Need When Applying For A Home Loan Shopping For The Best Home Loan in Frisco TX
Types Of Home Loans
If you are in the market for a new home, it's important that you know what type of loans are available to you.  Whether you have perfect credit, a few financial blemishes or are just starting out in life and want to own a home, understanding your options will prove to be invaluable during your house hunting excursion. … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Shopping For The Best Home Loan in Frisco TX - 03/29/10 03:31 AM

Read More Articles about Shopping for a Home Loan in Frisco , TXBuying A Home With Past Credit Problems Things You Need When Applying For A Home Loan Types Of Home Loans

Shopping For The Best Home Loan
Finding the perfect home is a task, but shopping for the best home loan can be even more tedious.  With so many lenders promising low rates, closing costs and little or no down payment requirements, it's often difficult to know which way to turn.  Luckily, there are several steps that you can take to find the right … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Buying A Home With Past Credit Problems - 03/29/10 03:26 AM

Read More Articles about Shopping for a Home Loan in Frisco , TXShopping For The Best Home Loan in Frisco TXThings You Need When Applying For A Home Loan Types Of Home Loans

Buying A Home With Past Credit Problems
Buying a home can be both exciting and stressful but, for those with past credit problems, the process may also seem intimidating. The good news is that many lenders have adapted to the idea that many hopeful homeowners simply need a second chance, which means that past credit problems no longer have to define your future.

frisco tx real estate: Family Three-Day Home Emergency Kit - 03/22/10 10:28 AM

Family Three-Day Home Emergency Kit
Every home should have an emergency kit.  Whether it's an actual emergency, inclement weather, a power outage or other unforeseen occurrence, it's important to expect the unexpected.  Therefore, it's a good idea to prepare a three-day home emergency kit that includes the following elements:
Bottled Water 
Experts recommend drinking 6-8 glasses (8 oz.) of water every day, which is why having bottled water in your home emergency kit is essential.  Not only is water necessary for good health, it's also necessary for survival.  You should keep enough bottled water for everyone in your … (2 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Winning The Clutter War - 03/22/10 10:04 AM

The first step in winning the Clutter Wars is to de-bug your own mind!  Most of us don't recognize clutter when it falls out of the closet onto our heads, so how in the world will we conquer it?  Let's start by defining what clutter is.  Clutter is anything in your home:
 ·     That is out of place
 ·     That is broken
 ·     That you have not used or worn in more than a year
 ·     That you dislike
Now don't panic.  I won't be telling you to throw away everything that falls within the above definition of clutter.  BUT … (2 comments)

frisco tx real estate: 16 Safety Tips for Your New Frisco TX Home - 03/22/10 09:10 AM

We all want to feel safe in our own homes. Accidents, especially tragic ones, aren't something we want to think about. But when it comes to accidents, the old adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is doubly true! I thought I would share with you some precautions against some of the most common household accidents.
Change the locks on all your exterior doors.  Unless your house is brand new you never know how many strangers may have a key to your front door. Never leave standing liquids unattended.  Stay within arm's reach while your child is bathing … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: A Short Sale Might Be Your Best Option - 03/17/10 08:27 AM

To Listen To a Pre-Recorded Message About Short SalesCall (972)200-1774 Ext.0627 As dreams of home ownership are taking newer turns, so are our efforts to realize them. It is only natural for anyone to dream of a home of one's own, where one can live with one's loved ones and cherish all the dreams that one had regarding a home, sweet home. And to acquire this, one can actually do anything starting from laboring day in and day out to pay that sky-high mortgage, even compromising on several aspects of daily life. But what happens when you miss one installment? The … (1 comments)

frisco tx real estate: To Build or Not To Build, That Is The Question! - 03/16/10 11:58 PM

The simple fact is we Americans move a lot... 11 or 12 times in a lifetime depending on whom you consult. Chances are you are going to purchase a house during quite a few of those moves and somewhere along the line you may have the opportunity to build a new home.
 Should you?
 Everyone has fantasized at some point about his or her dream house. You may want closets big enough to live in; a bathroom that doubles as a spa; a kitchen in which you could produce programs for the Food Network But, as in most fantasies, there … (3 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Home Selling Strategies for a "Normalizing" Frisco TX Market - 03/15/10 06:18 AM
After a many solid years of record home sales, the market is readjusting itself to a more normal level. Most of those who wanted to move have moved. Even though interest rates have remained somewhat stable, tightened lending requirements are lowering the upper end ceiling for buyers overall. With buyers qualifying for a lower mortgage today than they might have a year or two ago, the buyer pool for higher priced homes is shrinking. The large inventory of homes currently for sale is resulting in an overall downward trend of housing prices. With increased choices, buyers can be more choosy and take longer … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Where Are The Best Real Estate Investment Locations? - 03/14/10 07:41 AM
To find out if Frisco, Texas is good place to invest in Real Estate, Subcribe to My FREE Real-Time Market Reports. Learn about price trends, supply and demand and leading indicators. Better real estate market information helps you make your decisions with confidence!
Where are the best real estate investment locations? If you have enough experience investing in real estate, you can make money almost anywhere, but there are always places that are better or worse for real estate investments.  For maximum profits, you want places that have a better demand/supply ratio. You can use the questions below to find them. 
Real … (0 comments)

frisco tx real estate: Top 10 Home Showing Tips for Your Luxury Home in Frisco TX - 03/13/10 06:44 AM

Top 10 Home Showing Tips for your Luxury Home
Showing your home is essential in the real estate business. After all, who would purchase a property sight unseen? When a potential buyer stops in, here are 10 recommended tips to follow when showing your home:

Tip # 1: Welcome Your Buyers
If you are still living in the home while it's being shown, graciously greet your potential home buyers and invite them to look around. Make sure that you instruct them to take their time and to ask any questions that they may have. It may be a good idea … (1 comments)

frisco tx real estate: The Right Time To Reduce The Price Of Your Luxury Home In Frisco TX - 03/13/10 06:33 AM

When Is The Right Time To Reduce The Price of your Luxury Home

Every homeowner must set an asking price when listing their home on the market, but what happens when you don't receive any offers? Just as it's important to know when it's time to sell, it's important to recognize the right time to reduce the price.
Supply & Demand 

If a lot of homes are currently listed on the market or your home is overpriced, it may be time to consider a price reduction if you hope to stay competitive. If five different stores sold your favorite … (0 comments)

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