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A blog about homes, real estate and other interesting things to see and do around Greater Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside - designed to help people who are thinking about buying, selling or relocating in the Greater Seattle/Bellevue area by providing timely and accurate real estate market information, neighborhood, commute and schools information, and tips on interesting and worthwhile things to see and do.



Cities have history, and housing has trends, and if you want a particular type of home, you will do better looking in the areas where they built a lot of them. So this post is for the relocation buyer planning on moving into the Greater Seattle area - a story of how the Seattle housing market dev...
We have been working for some time on a new homes-for-sale search system that would be better than almost anything else out there - very easy to use and helpful for both relocation buyers and local people thinking about a move - or just watching their neighborhood. So here it is: Greater Seattle...
Real Estate Market Overview   Residential real estate market prices in our Greater Seattle & Eastside area continue to be stable. The improved availability of jumbo financing for higher-end homes appears to be starting to have an effect, as sales in the top 10% range are showing an uptick. Month...

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