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This is serious>PASS THIS ON EVEN IF YOU DO NOT USE ITRecently this past month, an acquaintance Nicole Dishuk (age 31...newly graduated student with a doctoral degree and ready to start her new career as a Doctor...) went by anbulance to a nearby hospital, after she passed out.They found a blood ...
Napoleon Hill in his masterpiece ‘Think and Grow Rich" says that we all need to have our own mastermind group. This is a group of individuals with whom we brainstorm and share experiences. Who is in your mastermind?Anthony Robbins was once asked by a person who was a fellow speaker and was stuck ...
Most Realtors target individual families. And how many homes does an individual family buy in 10 years? Maybe 2 or 3. That is selling retail.Selling wholesale is working with a buyer that buys 1-2 homes per year, or more. So where do you find people like this? Your local real estate investor's as...
Do you give gifts to clients as an incentive when they do business with you?If you do, do you give something that will last a long time and will create a good impression of you?I hope so.A good idea is to give something that will actually benefit your buyer.Something like a  $25.00 Savings Bond o...
I ran across this on the internet and considered it worth passing along.  This is a book written back in 1910.  And this book is a must read! It contains many, many timeless instructions that help you make the quantum leap to increasing your net worth.  And best of all, the book is free!Get your ...
If  I could offer you one suggestion that could give you 1-2 hours a day, everyday just by following a simple plan of action, would you do it?Ok here it is:Don't watch TV.   TV numbs the brain and dominates ours consciousness. That's right, Americans watch on average 4 hours of TV a day!  They ha...
Country fences need to be horse high, piig tight, and bull strong.Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.Life is simpler when you plow around the stumps.Don't skinny dip in the cow pond with snapping turtles.Words that soak into your ears are whispered,...
Just received this email from a friend.   She says she verified it as truth.It is just too important to treat as a joke.(URGENT !!)   TWO SUBJECT LINES TO BEWARE OF: BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!    READ AND HEED! I just verified this with Snopes and it is REAL.ALSO WENT TO TRUTH OR FICTION AND IT'S on...
How do you get someone to buy something? You have to get them emotionally involved.People use their emotions to buy what they want and then use their logic to back up the decision they've made.Want proof?Does anyone really need a Hummer vehicle? It's huge, expensive, lousy gas mileage, and a lot ...
 Have you ever said the wrong thing to the wrong person?Probably.  I know I have!Throughout my years, I have come to realize that there are two things you never talk about with customers, even if they bring up either subject.PoliticsReligionPoliticsThese two topics are so controversial that I mak...

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