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    I wonder if consumers really understand why they should work with a specific real estate agent. I spend time on the Internet reading comments and questions which seem to indicate that one agent is the same as another. Anything from shopping for the best commission rate to using many agents d...
  I have had Orange County listing clients over the years who have come to me AFTER having worked with another agent first. Often they feel that they didn't get the attention they deserved/needed. And just as often it's because they chose an agent based on marketing. "I see her signs all over th...
    I'm working on an offer for one of my short sale listings. It started me thinking about how different I exercise my Fiduciary Duty to the seller when it's a short sale vs equity sale. When I first got my license, the term short sale was never mentioned. The Fiduciary Duty to the seller seeme...
Is that really the first star? or just an airplane? Star! I'm watching the last of the day's colors fall over the rocky peaks off the deck of my Lake Arrowhead Cabin. Orange, Blue, strips of Gray and Purple...and above it the bright dot of the first star. As I sit out here listening to the loud s...
    Do you know the saying? "Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out In The Noon Day Sun." Well we are getting noon day sun ALL day. It's hot. In an effort to escape the Orange County heat (yes, you heard that right), we headed to the cabin.....not necessarily a good escape as the cabin is also hot ...
  I read a featured post today by Bryan Robertson where he was advocating changing the points system of Active Rain to award points to only certain blog posts. Those which he considered to be real estate related. I'm burning up! I'm sorry Bryan....and I really do have a great deal of respect and...
  Remember Hill Street Blues? I used to love that show! One of the signature lines before the crew went out into the streets keeping the peace was "Let's be careful out there." Good thing to remember! How many times in our day do we make poor/dangerous choices? Do we drive with our knees? Walk t...
  I love this country! I love the country which is the United States and the ideal which is America. I get choked up at patriotic songs and the sight of a Marine. I'm proud of what we are supposed to be....we are the good guys! That said....ugh! What a mess we are in! I was thinking about this o...
    We are all learning as we go! Talk about a "full immersion" program. Of course I'm talking about short sales. We all are dealing with them in one way or another. Buyers Agents, Listing Agents, Maybe you are even losing business because you won't deal with them. Sad truth...they are here to s...
  Although I haven't been as public about it as Alan (really? a daily total on each blog?) but I've been losing weight since last March. I guess the winter festivities really added up this year. I also noticed some disturbing belly fat....I've always had a flat tummy and this was a concern, as I...

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