listing agent in orange county: As An Orange County Listing Agent.....Others Can Do The Work For Me - 09/05/11 07:19 AM

I love working with buyers...truly I do. They are so excited and happy when the hard work pays off and they find that perfect home. But.....listings are also part of my business plan.
I know that over the past few years it's become a trend to specialize in either buyers or sellers. If that works, great. But this is an ever changing market place and we have not seen what's coming down the pike.
To always seem to be a moving market. Sometimes the buyers are driving and sometimes the sellers are driving...but always moving. The … (12 comments)

listing agent in orange county: I'm A Professional.....Not A Beauty Pageant Contestant - 08/31/11 04:41 AM

I wonder if consumers really understand why they should work with a specific real estate agent. I spend time on the Internet reading comments and questions which seem to indicate that one agent is the same as another.
Anything from shopping for the best commission rate to using many agents depending upon their availability on a given day. It seems they view us as competing for their business and that we need to jump through hoops...or lose.
I don't think it should work like that!
A solid real estate agent is worth their weight in gold!!! Think about it! … (16 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Closing Day.....Finally! Doing Right By My Client Ultimately Closed A Deal - 08/18/11 05:53 AM

Does anyone remember my tale of woe last April? My poor clients had the rug pulled out of them the day of closing.
All had gone smoothly, they even gained early occupancy of the new home....they were busy moving in and cleaning when the day of funding, the buyer for their home lost financing. After loan docs were signed and all monies in escrow, the lender was shut down my Fannie Mae.
Because that buyer was foreign, we could not find alternative funding in time to save the deal.
Devastated, the family had to move home and unpack. … (19 comments)

listing agent in orange county: We're Going To List Our Home Next Week....But Will You Take Our Offer Today? - 05/23/11 06:08 AM

Some people are crazy! Maybe it was the end of the world prediction which caused this offer to come into my inbox (mind you...the agent didn't have the nerve to call me first). The buyers obviously wanted to think about their new home prior to the earthquakes this weekend which were going to end life...I have no idea....full moon?
I got an offer on a listing this weekend. Great right? Wrong!
This offer, while not too off-base in price, asked that we take their offer now and then in a week "or so" they are going to list their … (21 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Elizabeth Weintraub Is Making Me "Sell" Myself To A Potential Client - 04/23/11 05:26 AM

I don't work near Elizabeth Weintraub...we don't "compete" for clients. So why is she making me work so hard to prove myself to a potential client? She's a blogger, that's why.
I met with a couple about a month ago who are planning to purchase an investment property this summer. This couple lives and works overseas and might not have another opportunity to meet with me before they purchase this property....they might do it long distance.
It's critical that they choose the right agent!
So prior to our day together we'd been communicating my email and they had lots … (22 comments)

listing agent in orange county: We Earn Our Pay With Closings....But We Earn Our Reputations In Cancellations - 04/16/11 07:16 AM

Never fun! But anyone who has worked in real estate for very long has had to give up on a deal. This is my day for that! Not fun....but we've really come to the end of the rope. And not just one transaction but listing and their replacement home.
I imagine the first question on my client's minds is "Will Karen really work to help us get out of this mess with what we are entitled to....or disappear since she's not going to get paid."
I'd wonder the same thing!
For me....I will be there and probably … (57 comments)

listing agent in orange county: "What Would You List My Orange County House For?" I Don't Know Yet.....Let's Talk About It - 03/09/11 09:16 AM

I went on a listing presentation this past weekend. In addition to the "what do you think of my home" and "what commission do you charge" type of questions, the other main question is:
"What would you list my home for?"
My answer is always the same....
"I don't know yet...let's talk about it"
I explain that I have the same comps as everyone else and pricing the home is the easiest part of my job. What I'm hoping to accomplish in the meeting is a partnership approach to the listing. An agreement of how to proceed....then together … (34 comments)

listing agent in orange county: I'm Interviewing You And 10 Other Realtors® - 03/08/11 03:48 AM

I met a lovely woman this weekend. She is going to list her home to sell due to a new job out of state. This is not an experienced investor with a real estate team ready to go....but an average, normal homeowner who might buy and sell only a few times in her life. So how can she know who to work with?
When I spoke with her on the phone she mentioned that she was meeting with 10 Realtors® and then would make a decision.
As an Industry, where did we go so wrong that someone needs … (98 comments)

listing agent in orange county: "I Don't Do Rentals".....Really? Then You Are Losing Some Listings, Aren't You? - 01/28/11 03:59 AM

I know you're thinking: "Hey Karen, what are you talking about?" Well...I'm glad you asked.
Who are the renters out there right now? It's a new market of former homeowners who are considering a short sale or just walking away. Many calls I get are people trying to determine what they could rent if they decide to give up their current home.
It's not a happy call.....but often they feel better taking a step forward, and understanding that they might be able to rent something very nice. A fresh start!
During these calls....I also can talk with them about … (45 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Sellers Are People Too!!!! - 01/18/11 04:49 AM
I admit it...I had dug in my heels. The other agent had too. We were locked in fierce combat for our clients. My buyers were frustrated and the sellers were being very unreasonable. At least that's what WE thought.
I have buyers who were buying a very nice home and using FHA financing. The price was right, the location was right. Everything in the home passed the FHA appraiser except one small problem......
There was a small section of graffiti on a bedroom closet door.
It needed to be repainted for the home to pass FHA standards. Don't ask me … (110 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Thinking of Listing your Orange County, California home ? ... Dont Wait 'til Spring !!!! - 01/15/11 01:27 PM
We are all tired and maybe a bit lazy after the holidays. Personally I was proud of myself that most of my rooms have been De-Christmased....most. I keep spotting Santas and trees. I might have too much decoration, but I digress.
Spring is the beginning of activity in many parts of the country. Thawing! Even in Sunny California the real estate market heats up in April. Sheldon has written a great post that should be encouragement to sellers planning to list this Spring.....don't wait, act now!

Time to List your home ?
Planning on putting it on … (2 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Dear Seller.....I DO Feel Responsible For The Sale Of Your Home in Southern California - 01/14/11 05:08 AM

I take my responsibilities very, very seriously. When I take on a new listing/buyer/investor I take on the pressure to make sure that everything goes smoothly.
If you are listed for want/need to sell your house. I understand that. Regardless of how many listings I have, you are NOT just a number. I care as much as you do!
I have a short sale right now that is scheduled for foreclosure at the end of the month. It's a great place, low priced and perfectly located. I don't understand why we don't have multiple offers by now. … (12 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Yes...."Staged" Is A Dirty Word To Some Buyers - 01/09/11 03:02 AM

I start my days with the Daily Drop email from Active Rain. It is filled with interesting posts from members for real estate professionals as well as consumers.
Today I read a post by Julea Joseph who is an experienced Stager. Is Home Staging now a Dirty Word? I have to say that unfortunately....YES, it is to many buyers.
Staging doesn't always mean a professional bringing in special furniture and paintings. It can also mean leaving a tray on the bed with coffee cups or plastic pitchers by the swimming's anything placed in a home to evoke an emotional … (21 comments)

listing agent in orange county: My Sellers Are Too Accomodating.....No, Really! - 01/04/11 04:26 AM

Uh Oh....frustration has set in! I started my morning with a very frustrated client. An equity seller who is just "trying to sell" their home. And all H-E-Double Toothpicks is setting in.
Calm down....let's figure this out!
The good and bad news is that they are getting tons of showings. I mean 3-4 a day. Great? Right? Sort offers yet. They are rearranging their days over-and-over and no offers. They are becoming unglued.
"Why? Why aren't we getting offers? Are we priced too high? Is the home not showing well? Can we do something different?"
Here's the … (6 comments)

listing agent in orange county: I Was Honest! I'm Sorry......Your Listing Smells Like Wet Dog - 10/22/10 04:21 AM may I assume you are going to take it personally if I don't like your listing? Then why are you calling me for feedback? Oh yes, I know....because you honestly think that almost a week after the showing you might find that we've just "forgotten" to call you with our full-priced offer?
Yep...that's it! Thank you for calling to remind me to write that darn offer! :)
I'm really busy and I dread the phone calls from agents which start "Hi, thank you for showing my listing last week....can I get some feedback?"
Oh no..maybe … (66 comments)

listing agent in orange county: At A Minimum We Need To Know Our Forms.....Contracts Are In Writing - 10/21/10 04:06 AM

Ok.....rough week for paperwork!
Agents are not taking care with writing up offers, counters, disclosures and repair requests. What is going on?
Real estate is not about opening doors with a lockbox key....isn't that what we always say? Then what is it about? Caring for our clients...and care includes dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s.
Lenn reblogged a post today Always be "apologetic" to your clients. and it triggered my post here.....yes, yes, yes, put it in writing. And don't come crying to me if you "forget."
This week, I've had quite a … (35 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Anticipate The Client's Questions....Don't Wait To Be Asked - 10/06/10 04:34 AM
Sales meetings can be very enlightening.....I really need to go more often (another blog).
This week, I did manage to remember the time and showed up, and there was a popular theme (gripe)...."why didn't the client just ask me"?We all know we are in a very challenging time. Lending is tough, short sales are tough, REOs are tough....buyers and sellers are worried. Tough times! We need to be the voice of reason and sanity.....and expertise!
We are supposed to be the experts!!!We do this every day!!!
We know the aspects of these transactions. From the offer to the close, we … (12 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Building Your Credibility At The Expense Of Others...Be Careful! - 07/20/10 06:32 AM
I just read a post by a mortgage broker that really upset me. Can You Trust Your Real Estate Agent?
In this post, the author made assertions about the motives behind a Realtor's® actions that were less than flattering. In essence the point was that Realtors® work on commission and so we often "push" the buyers into higher offers if we represent the buyers, and "push" the sellers to accept a lower offer if we represent the sellers.
Wrong, wrong, wrong....on so many levels. But this post is not about refuting the negative comments about real estate agents, what I found … (34 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Realtors® Don't Know Everything....But The Good Ones Find The Answers - 07/15/10 10:17 AM
I've been a Realtor® for a while now...but I am still surprised by the day-to-day issues which arise during transactions. In the current environment, it seems that every new escrow has it's own novelties. It's really keeping us all on our toes. And that's OK.....this is how we learn!
I have never felt uncomfortable saying "I don't know" but that's because it's always followed by "but I'll find out."
It doesn't diminish me by admitting that a situation is new to me....or challenging. The qualities that define a professional include honesty, follow-up and intelligence. These are qualities that exist on the … (94 comments)

listing agent in orange county: Finally!!! I Found A Door Drop Flier That Worked! - 06/22/10 12:17 PM
I don't know about you, but I don't read the door drop fliers that land on my front door step. Not unless I need a gardener or a new service of some kind. But would I use it to find a Realtor? No! So I've always seen them as a necessary evil for the neighborhood farm, and rarely done them. I'm sure I've missed opportunities by this, but not completely sure.
I've been revamping my business this month. Everything from a new website to hiring a new team member and really tackling a geographical farm. So the door drop was a … (168 comments)

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