orange county california: King's Fish House Laguna Hills | Dining Out In Orange County - 07/28/11 04:54 AM

My hubby took me out to dinner last night. After a long day of handling listings, buyers, gardeners and car repairs....dinner out just sounded good.
Although we have some favorite places in Mission Viejo, we ventured 3 miles further to Laguna Hills to try King's Fish House for the first time.
This is THE place for fish! Huge menu and I dare you to think of anything which didn't make the list. From delicate sushi to Maryland Clam Bakes, it's all there. Not the place for meat eaters.
After choosing a nice Chardonnay from the wine list, we … (5 comments)

orange county california: I Set A Goal And Acheived It! Little-By-Little And Day-By-Day - 06/01/11 06:03 AM
I've thought long and hard about this post...and the timing of it. I am not gloating...although remember that sales people are by nature competitive.
I've been #3 in Orange County for a rather long time on the Active Rain States List for Orange County, California. Respectable spot, but not Featured. Only 1 and 2 appear at the top of the page in the Featured Location. When a consumer happens upon that page....I want to stand out. That's part of the exposure of Active Rain and why I'm here.
I was over 40,000 points behind #2 when I decided I could overcome it … (31 comments)

orange county california: Post Mortum....Do You Spend The Time When A Deal Dies To See Why? - 04/18/11 03:35 PM

I don't know if you realize it (that's sarcasm) but a deal of mine died this week. Months of work on my part, and more importantly, dreams on the part of my clients. It's sad for all concerned, but now is not the time for's the time for analysis.
Every transaction dies for a reason...and without going into the "not meant to be" arena, I always spend the time to analyze the situation and see what I could have done better.
I know we all strive to be the best we can...and failures are the best source … (53 comments)

orange county california: Orange County Consumers, Here Are New Laws affecting California Real Estate that you should know about in 2011 - 12/29/10 08:01 AM
New Laws affecting California Real Estate that you should know about in 2011, Orange County Information
Ralph has taken the time to put together some new laws which go into effect at the New Year. I am grateful to see the change in law regarding deficiency judgments after a short sale. Many short sale sellers are trying to do the right thing and control a very difficult situation....this puts to rest the fear of anything showing up later in terms of a judgment. Thanks again to Ralph for this great list!

New Laws affecting California Real Estate that you should … (1 comments)

orange county california: But.....I Don't HAVE An Infinity Pool!!! :( Sunny California? Not This Week - 12/21/10 05:57 AM

I don't have an Infinity know, those beautiful azure blue pools which look like they just merge into the ocean beyond? Yep....not me!
I have a basic backyard pool! And it's filled to the brim.
Now, I happen to know that when the pool over-flows, the water does drain down the side of the house. HOW do I know this? (cough, cough) well turns out that if you don't watch the water rise when you fill the might leave to go shopping and leave it on.....I hear. Oops!
But this time....not my fault! It's just raining, and … (15 comments)

orange county california: Southern California Christmas Shopping.....It's 80 Degrees Outside - 12/12/10 02:41 AM

Oh I know this is going to upset my friends in the rest of the country. And blah, blah, blah....we all love the change of seasons. But let's face it, heavy snow makes for a hard day.
I woke up today to the news that the Metrodome roof has collapsed. And Minnesota is no stranger to heavy snow. My in-laws live in St. Louis and they are expecting a high of 19° today. A HIGH of 19°. Yikes....too much for me.
Although I still have some shopping to do...and I'd love to be able to put on a turtle … (13 comments)

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