sales tips: Internet Leads.....Mining For Gold - 03/06/14 03:07 AM

Internet Leads.....Mining For Gold
When I find a slow week/weekend coming up. I go gold mining. I head into the data base of Internet leads that I've gathered and see what I can do to drum up some face-to-face activity. "There is gold in them thar hills."
It's common for us to use our laptops and smart phones to research almost everything. We rarely need to leave our couches to shop for clothes, cars and even homes. It's possible that the only thing which still requires personal attention is squeezing the melons at the supermarket, but I imagine … (71 comments)

sales tips: The Words You Choose Matter! - 10/09/13 07:17 AM
The Words You Choose Matter!
Scripts! That's a dreaded word in any form of sales. I challenge you to bring up the idea with any group of 2 or more professionals and watch the eye-rolling, foot-shifting and collar-pulling. The general discomfort is just as strong as if you had mentioned a get together for Amway. 
Hang on now.....come back!
I'm not talking about THOSE scripts! I'm talking about the scripts we can use in our heads. Not memorizing phrases and canned responses, but practicing the words we'd like to use in our conversations. Words know this! If you've ever … (57 comments)

sales tips: Personalized Mass Emails? Oxymoron? - 07/30/13 06:12 AM
Personalized Mass Emails? Oxymoron? 
Real estate is a personal business! We all know this, people work with people they like. In the "old" days we found all our leads in personal ways: 
Referrals from friends, family, neighbors and clients Social circles and events Open houses Phone calls from advertising Door knocking Now these lead sources can take a back seat to the Internet Lead. According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of home buyers use the Internet to search for a home. When these prospects land on an individual real estate agent's website they are typically … (56 comments)

sales tips: Talk About The Elephant In the Room - 07/13/13 04:24 AM
Talk About The Elephant In The Room
I realize that elephants are large, but they don't seem that scary. I mean aren't they called the Gentle Giants? If you are watching them perform in the circus or taking an easy ride through Africa, they are wonderful creatures. If you are working with clients and find one in the car, or in the room.....well, that can be a little disconcerting. 
Yes, I'm talking about the proverbial Elephant in the Room!
Oh we hate those, don't we? They seem to appear without warning and often are the difference in our ability to … (71 comments)

sales tips: Soaring Above Your Own Expectations! - 03/15/13 04:02 AM

Soaring Above Your Own Expectations!
We all have our personal lives and professional lives. We carry goals in our minds and post them on our walls. But what about when we achieve them? Typical of sales people is to forget to move past our own expectations and make new goals even higher.
Personally, I don't like the word "goal" in business. It implies the end game. Think about it, in sports games when some one or team reaches the goals, all activity stops and there is celebration. 
In business....if we want to be successful, we need to … (6 comments)

sales tips: Sales Talking Points.....Why Practice? Maybe You Aren't A Type-A - 03/04/13 08:28 AM

Can You Learn To Be A Type-A?
Nope you can't! And there is nothing wrong with this, by the way. I'm a Type-A!!! (I know, big surprise) There are many advantages to this personality type when it comes to sales positions and working with clients and other agents. When a Type-A runs into a hiccup of some kind we tend to just run with free-flowing "you know what" and more often than not, it works.
Today in a sales meeting I did some role playing with the other agents. I was the "agent" for both a buyer … (9 comments)

sales tips: Every Business Needs A Fat Lip Sometimes - 02/27/13 12:50 AM

Every Business Needs A Fat Lip Sometimes

See those nice lips in the graphic? Well formed and made up to go out? Yeah....mine don't look like that right now. Mine are black and blue and swollen. 
I look like a prize fighter who lost!
Brief back story is that Monday I took a face plant getting out of the shower and obviously broke my fall with my mouth. Ouch! That's the bad news. The good news is that my self-imposed house arrest has resulted in new business. 
We all have those tasks that we ignore and … (89 comments)

sales tips: You Got The Lead, You Called The Lead, You Stored The Lead...Now What - 09/17/12 08:23 AM

You know those leads....the ones we work so hard for? We blog, we prospect, we do mailers and open houses and garage sales...and then we get that precious lead.
So with all the excitement of Prom Night, we call and email and talk, talk, talk. And then:
They go dark. No more showings, no more emails, no more anything. They are on the back burner, or no burner. But they did reach out at one are they truly dead?
Maybe, maybe not!
But you set them up on a drip, or gateway, or something designed to automatically … (47 comments)

sales tips: Laying The Framework For Next Year's Sales - 09/07/12 07:58 AM

Are you a "sales whore"? Wow....did I just say that? But it's a great term for the average sales person who likes the quick deal and then move on.
Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!
Very sales training includes the phrase "NEXT," but I think this is a misunderstood concept. Many people hear this and assume it's about the quick sale or move on, but I disagree.
"Next" to me describes a state of mind that's necessary to move forward when one deal didn't work out. Could be that it's a client who isn't really ready to do anything....but it … (7 comments)

sales tips: Learn To Take No For The Answer - 08/29/12 06:59 AM

I spent some time this morning with an agent in our office, she was very upset about some recent attempts at cold calling. More like warm calling, they were leads which registered on our site, but they did not ask to be called.
My question about this is why put your phone number down on a contact form if you don't expect to be called?
She was just sure that she couldn't do this job. And I don't know if she can or not. But the point is that sales of any kind involves lots of "NO"s. It just … (53 comments)

sales tips: Talking To Myself....My Toughest Client - 08/27/12 09:53 AM

I talk to myself all the time.  Oh sure sometimes it's about whether I truly want those new shoes. I mean are shoes really a "want"? I think we can all agree that shoes are a NEED! But I'm talking about role playing.
One of the early lessons in any sales training class is role playing. Remember those moments when you felt like an idiot pretending you were "selling" someone something? Oh...that horrible interview when someone said "sell me this pen." Yikes...I hope they don't still do that out there.
But role playing is beneficial. I role play in my … (35 comments)

sales tips: Don't Believe What They Say.....That Is If You Want To Succeed - 08/07/12 02:44 AM
Don't Believe What They Say.....That Is If You Want To Succeed

"We aren't ready to move""I'm just looking""I'm not ready to really see any homes yet"
These are just a few of the comments I heard from some recent buyers.....before we closed. That's right, they didn't want to see homes, they were completely comfortable "just looking" on the Internet. I guess they thought that the right house would just jump out at them through the computer screen and then they could buy it...rather like an Amazon for houses?
It doesn't work like that.
So, the question is how did … (64 comments)

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