Did you guess Monday and Tuesday? Of course not! You chose Saturday and Sunday. Why? Because we all know that more people are available to work with us when their job or personal schedule permits. When are more people available? Saturday and Sunday.   What about you? Are you working Saturday and ...
Let's face it, if you don't have problems with a transaction, you don't have any transactions! Every sales professional I speak to is encountering difficulties getting unsure buyers to buy, unrealistic sellers to sell and approved sales transactions closed. What is surprising about that? If there...
I have discovered that even the most cynical people have dreams. They might night readily admit to them. They might have no real idea how to go about reaching those dreams. They might even believe in their mind that there is no way they could ever fulfill those dreams.   But, we all want to belie...
One of my favorite restaurants in St. Petersburg, FL is named Chunards and the owner is a chef named Joseph Chunards. Every single dish I have ever eaten there has been outstanding. Unfortunetly the restaurant is failing and I am afraid it might go out of business soon. Now, this restaurant is no...
Do you embrace technology as a tool to help you grow your business or do you claim to be technology challenged and use it only when you have to?   The invention of the telephone, the launch of the first satellite, the advent of the notebook computer-these are all things we take for granted now. B...

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