placer: Latest Sales Statistics for 4 Counties - Through May 2009 - 06/28/09 02:51 PM
The sales statistical graphs linked below are for the counties of Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer and Yuba. They compare May 2009 to the year prior (May 2008), as well as data for April 2009 vs. April 2008. California began a 90 day moratorium on foreclosures which began mid-June. Inventory in many areas is shrinking.Many bank owned properties are receiving multiple offers from Buyers as prospective homeowners see opportunity in the marketplace.


placer: Getting a Lower Property Tax Assessment on Your Home - 06/22/09 12:04 AM


placer: Some California Homeowners May Be Helped - 06/17/09 01:32 AM


placer: Don't Push the Envelope Away! - 06/09/09 02:56 PM

placer: Home Sales Graphs for 4 Counties - 05/27/09 11:55 PM
The sales statistical graphs below are for counties of Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer and Yuba.  They compare April 2009 to the year prior (April 2008), as well as data for March 2009 vs. March 2008.  The number of sales posted in March was greater than the previous year.  However, in some areas for the month of April, we experienced fewer sales than the previous year.  Prices have declined for the same time period. Many bank owned properties are receiving multiple offers from Buyers as prospective homeowners see opportunity in the marketplace.


placer: So You Think You Want To Purchase a Fixer-Upper - 05/24/09 04:44 AM

(1)  As in all home purchases, it is all about location, location, and location.  It is wise to talk with neighbors, who can provide a history of the neighborhood and any problems or nuisances, which may exist.  Neighbors can also enlighten about amenities in the community, the weather in the area, school quality, etc.   In addition to general neighborhood and community information, close neighbors of a property can often provide a good background on the specific property you are interested in.  One GreatWest GMAC professional reminisced about one delightful property, which was a mere 5 doors from a Megan's List … (2 comments)

placer: Many "bank owned" properties generate bidding wars - 05/16/09 05:27 AM
We've certainly had more than our fair share of bad news in the housing marketplace in recent months, but there may be reason for a glimmer of hope, and a new dawn breaking at last on the horizon.
More and more GreatWest GMAC Real Estate Professionals are reporting offers being written, and more buying activity than seen in awhile.
The entry-level housing arena seems to be enjoying some exuberance being fed by the CAL FHA, First Time Buyer program.
One real estate agent reported they had been working with a buyer for a few weeks, using this type of financing for … (1 comments)

placer: Mistakes First Time Homebuyers Make - 05/03/09 07:30 AM
GreatWest GMAC Real Estate professionals continue to be cognizant of mistakes that first time buyers can make.  If you are getting ready to purchase a home, here are some of those pitfalls you should avoid:
(1)  They don't ask enough questions of their lender and miss out on the best deal.  It is vitally important to be actively working with a professional lender, who has well educated you about the mortgage programs available to you, so that you are ready to act, when a home to your liking is found.
(2)  They don't act quickly enough to make a decision and … (0 comments)

placer: Latest Sales Statistics for Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Yuba Counties - 04/27/09 02:27 AM
The charts below provide sales statistics for the counties of Sacramento. and the surrounding counties of: El Dorado, Placer and Yuba. They compare March 2009 to the year prior (March 2008), as well as data for February 2009 vs. February 2008.  In most areas the number of sales posted was significantly greater to the previous year.  However, prices have declined for the same time period. The Sacramento MLS 24 Hour Watch has demonstrated a significant number of days reporting more homes transitioning to "Pending Sale" compared to the number of "New Listings" entering the market.  Many bank owned properties are receiving multiple offers from Buyers, as prospective homeowners, see opportunity in … (0 comments)

placer: Explore Sacramento's Pacific Rim Street Fest - 04/21/09 12:13 PM

The Pacific RIM Street Fest has become an important Sacramento tradition.  The Fest, A Celebration of Asian Pacific Rim Heritage, will be held this year on May 17th (Sunday) - from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  The Location is Old Sacramento and the Westfield Downtown Plaza.  Also celebrating FREE admission, the cultural richness presented through culinary specialties of Sacramento's Asian Pacific Islander community.  Other activies include (1) Entertainment on four stages (2) A Children's Corner with fun projects (3) Information on alternative & traditional helath medicine (4) 20 Vendors presenting ethnic foods.
Visit the Pacific RIM Street Fest website for … (0 comments)

placer: Questions and Answers Surrounding Short Sales - 04/11/09 01:32 PM
As homeowners grapple with declining home values, and in some instances, mortgage payments that have dramatically increased, GreatWest GMAC Real Estate professionals are increasingly be queried about Short Sales.Often a seller will become concerned because they are unable to make house payments, but do still have an ability to make all or part payment of the negative equity. They may hope to also hope to preserve their credit score. They wonder if a short sale will be right for them. The answer is, probably no. Sometimes if a seller is able to pay back all or part of the negative equity, … (0 comments)

placer: Sacramento River Cats - 04/10/09 01:45 PM

A favorite entertainment activity for many Sacramentans is BASEBALL. This seasons opening game was last evening.  With River Cats home games scheduled at Raley Field, and it's close proximity to Old Sacramento, a fun packed family affair can be planned and enjoyed.Here is the Sacramento River Cat's Season Schedule: complete information about the River Cats, tickets, and news, please visit:

placer: Sales Statistics for Various Communities Within Counties of Sacramento, El Dorado, and Placer - 04/09/09 07:47 AM
The following sales statistics incorporate various towns, cities and communities within the Greater Sacramento area as well as El Dorado and Placer Counties.  They compare sales data through February 2009 to a year prior, February 2009, and provide the year-to-year percentage of change.  Currently, we appear to be working our way through listing inventory, as more homes are going to pending sale, than are coming newly listed to the market.  This is an encouraging sign that market equalibrium is being approached. 

placer: When All One's Eggs Are In The Same Basket - 04/07/09 09:21 AM

As Easter swiftly approaches, perhaps it is a good time to remember that it isn't always a good idea to put all one's eggs in the same basket - Whether it's real eggs; or investment and financial eggs.The expression "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" generally means not risking the loss of everything by placing all your financial investments or future goals on one and only one option.The perils of putting all your eggs in one basket ought to be obvious once the basket falls off the wagon or experiences some unfortunate event. Wherever the basket goes, … (2 comments)

placer: Are You Able to Refinance? - 04/02/09 04:17 AM
Recently GreatWest GMAC Professionals, are hearing from many homeowners who have found themseves in a situation they would never have dreamed of a few years ago.  They had purchased their homes in good faith, and had stayed current on payments, and they managed to keep their jobs.  BUT, because of declining home values brought on by the current housing crisis, they are unable to refinance and take advantage of current lower interest rates, because their homes are worth less than what is now owing on them.The government has just come out with a new plan, to try to allow many who don't … (0 comments)

placer: 24 Hour Watch - March 31st 2009 - 03/31/09 02:07 PM
The 24-Hour Market Watch for today (March 31st), as presented by the Sacramento Association of Realtors Metrolist provides the following statistical numbers for properties new to the market, those that have gone pending, and sold/closed.  It continues to be encouraging to have the number going to pending and sold outnumber listings coming on the market.  The number of homes selling is significantly larger than a year ago, although prices are deminished for the same time frame.


placer: Latest Sales Statistics for 4 Counties - 03/26/09 03:43 AM
The graphs below provides sales statistics for the county of Sacramento.  In addition there are links to the surrounding counties of: El Dorado, Placer and Yuba. They compare February 2009 to the year prior (February 2008), as well as data for January 2009 vs. January 2008.  In most areas the number of sales posted was significantly greater to the previous year.  However, prices have declined for the same time period. 



Increasingly, Real Estate Professionals are hearing of a trend - which could remind folks of the movie, "War of the Roses."Current real estate market conditions have some divorcing couples looking to separate their lives, but realizing they can't afford to live apart until their home is sold. Unlike a few years ago, when many homeowners had loads of equity to share, and really good credit, current times are providing many glimpses of reversal of fortune.If you are one of those couples, and need to continue co-habiting until you get the house sold, and shore up your financial situation better, there are … (2 comments)

placer: Is It Really The Luck of the Irish? - 03/16/09 06:30 PM

With St. Patrick's Day today, we are reminded of the traditions, that journey from the Emerald Isle.  There are the leprechauns, the shamrocks, and of course the Luck of the Irish. What I wonder is could the Luck of the Irish be more attributed to an ability to foresee trends.  For example, in 2004 and 2005, real estate appeared to be on a never-ending cycle of viewing the pot at the end of the rainbow.  It was difficult for us to foresee what was to occur the following year, with the beginning of recession here in Sacramento and across this land.As … (1 comments)

placer: Purchasing a Green House - 03/15/09 07:21 AM
There was a time when buying a green house meant purchasing a structure for the purpose of housing a few special or beloved plants? However, increasingly the reason for buying a "green" house is understood to mean acquiring an energy efficient home for our families.  The terms, "special" or "beloved" now describe the saved green in our wallets, because of living greener and energy efficient, while we are hopefully leaving fewer carbon footprints behind.The pain at the pump caused by rising gas prices, is working as motivation to our searching ways to become energy efficient in all sectors of our lives - … (1 comments)

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