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What happens when Blues Lovers hit the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a weekend of Camping, Comaraderie and the chance to hear some of the best Blues Artists around? Magic! Plain and simple. For the past fourteen years, Brad and Mike Benton have been hosting an event called The White Mount...
New Hampshire is known for having the most vehicles with vanity license plates than any other state in the Country, or so I've been told. Having paid special attention to them in the last few days, I have to ask the question, 'What are some of you trying to say on those plates?' Some of them are ...
A while back, I posted an article about the Profile Falls in Bristol, New Hampshire, in which I wrote about how the formation of rocks there look like a man's profile, much like the famous 'Old Man in the Mountain' of Franconia Notch. Well, I believe I've discovered another rock profile I'd like ...
Ten years ago, there were only a handfull of licensed Vineyards in New Hampshire. Today, in 2010, there are twenty-four licensed Vineyards and Wineries in the State, and many more home vintners, or winemakers, that have been bitten by the grape, so to speak. This past weekend, my husband and I de...
Last year, I wrote about the Snow Golf Tournament at Attitash. Well, it's that time again, only this year, I'd like to get the word out about the event that is going on at Loon Mountain in February. LOON MOUNTAIN: Loon Mountain and the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of New Hampshire wil...
Maybe it's just a Baby Boomer thing, but I love the thrill of finding a bargain and a piece of history, or art, at the same time. I am able to do this by shopping at consignment shops. Okay, so maybe it is not recycling at its best, but it is recycling at its most enjoyable. Some might think that...
Has anyone heard this news yet? 'The World Health Organization announced that they have established a new limit for indoor radon gas. The new maximum radon level is 2.7. This is a 32% reduction from the previously accepted "action level" of 4.0.' If you are still unsure of what RADON is, 'Radon i...
I live in New England and I have been hearing that it is going to be a long winter this year. I am curious as to who determines this, because as I look around my yard, I see squirrels burying acorns in my leach field and hornets that have made their nests in trees. These are not signs of a harsh ...
Last October, I wrote about my first experience going to the Grass Drags in Fremont New Hampshire where one can see snowmobiles and ATVs compete on land and on water! Well, it's that time of year again, only this time they are touting this as THE largest event of its kind in the country. October ...
New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association is holding its annual Green Building Open House Tour. This Saturday, October 3, 2009, is your chance to tour over 75 "Green" homes and businesses in New Hampshire. You can check out anything from straw bale construction in walls, insulated concrete fo...

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