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I feel that educating our youth on energy savings and protecting the environment is part of my service as a Certified EcoBroker®, and I'd like to share some of my favorites. They range in age appropriateness and levels of difficulty. Hopefully, your children will find them as stimulating as their...
Have you ever wondered if the lingering sinus infection you've had, or the persistent, dry, tickle-in-the-throat cough your co-worker experiences everyday at work, has anything to do with your home or workplace? Well, quite possibly, it could. The fact that our work and living spaces do positivel...
  Passive Solar is the way we build something to let the sunlight in or to block it out. This includes facing a building solar south, using materials with thermal mass in them like stone or tile (which stores heat during the day and then releases it in the evening), building window overhangs and ...
Today's consumers are environmentally conscious or at least they are trying to be. They want to know that the products they are buying are not harming the environment and perhaps even benefiting something. As a result, more companies are claiming that their products or services are eco-friendly a...
Finding alternative energy sources and minimizing our impact on the environment are hot topics today, made even more so by the success of former Vice President Al Gore's Academy Award-winning documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth. If you haven't seen the documentary, Gore speaks of the need for...

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