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Connie Ragen Green is an Online Marketing Strategist, multiple bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of marketing, entrepreneurship, and authorship. She works with small business owners and professionals to help them leverage the power of the internet to promote themselves and their services in the marketplace.
You can start an online business to make money online now, even if you are working in another area or field. Join me for my teleseminars to explain exactly how to do this. Whether you are currently working in real estate or another type of business, making money from your computer is an excellent...
In an effort to connect with the community of Santa Clarita, the Whole Foods market distanced itself even further. I'm a regular shopper at this store, and was excited to receive a flyer on Thursday announcing their big event this weekend. There were great offers at discounted prices, and the tim...
Today I spoke at the Rotary District Meeting on how to get your Rotary Club more publicity. I spoke about blogging, article marketing, and press releases. I spend less than one hundred dollars a year promoting my business, and you can do the same thing. Join me on my free weekly teleseminars if y...
Connie Ragen Green is a real estate broker and residential appraiser who now teaches entrepreneurs and small business owners how to market themselves using article marketing, blogging, teleseminars, and sociall networking. She also teaches the technology needed to build a profitable business. You...
With the need exceeding last years by more than 20%, the Santa Clarita Rotary Club stepped up and purchased 250 turkeys this year to donate to needy families throughout Santa Clarita. More than 25% of the club's members showed up at the SCV Food Pantry in Newhall to help with the distribution. Th...
I teach people how to market themselves and their businesses on the internet. I am giving away a course I taught during May and June of this year that will help you get started. Just go to my site, Ebook Writing and Marketing Secrets, sign up with your name and email, and then email me at connie ...
Later this week my client, Mike Thomas of Thomas Graphics, a printer in North Hollywood, California, will join us here in the rain. After seeing what I have done to help other small businesses in the community, Mike has agreed to join the 21st century and start marketing his small business online...
Just when we thought the annoying calls would slow down, it turns out that our cell phone numbers are now going public by being released to telemarketing companies. You can add your number to the DO NOT CALL list by calling 888-382-1222. You must call from your cell phone and it will block your n...
Tough times never last, but tough people do. I have heard this for as long as I can remember and I know it to be true. I have been helping real estate professionals to market their services online for two years now. Most recently my students have begun to offer digital products as a way to supple...
I have several hundred realtors on my list for the eBook and article writing programs I teach. They love the technology teleseminars I give because it enables them to maintain their own blog and website. But what about social media sites, such as Facebook? This is a great way to make contacts and...

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