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Connie Ragen Green is an Online Marketing Strategist, multiple bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of marketing, entrepreneurship, and authorship. She works with small business owners and professionals to help them leverage the power of the internet to promote themselves and their services in the marketplace.



The networking here on Active Rain has been incredible. I have only been here for one month and I have already met so many of you online and now a few of you in person as well. My Space now has an average age of about 40 years old and has been great for networking, but AR is better because it is ...
This morning I went to a small ceremony at City Hall held by the Blue Star Mothers of Santa Clarita. These are women whose sons and daughters are in one of the branches of the military. Our town is relatively small, so I chatted with Mayor Marsha McClean on my way to sit down. Then I ended up sit...
Santa Clarita dentist David Goldberg has many patients who are children. But does that qualify him as a children's dentist? David Goldberg, who has been practicing dentistry in Santa Clarita for over twenty years, explains the difference. He says that some dentists prefer to work only on children...
David Goldberg is a dentist in Santa Clarita. He doesn't specialize in children's dentistry but does have many children as patients. David Goldberg is also the president elect of the Rotary Club here in Santa Clarita. I would recommend his dental services to anyone in the area. He has a family pr...
That is the question I am most often asked by my clients. I always tell them to check out to see what it has to offer. ActiveRain will always attract a certain group of readers but you may want to be more specific with a blog than can brand you and your business. I suggest using b...
John Boston, Santa Clarita's own Hemingway in residence, has once again shown his love for the Santa Clarita Rotary Club. This time he mentioned our 400 pound gorilla. We love our gorilla but usually just refer to him as David Goldstein. David is the Rotary ape dentist (written about previously i...
I was reading Brad Andersohn's blog about the importance of having a number programmed into your cell phone in case of emergency. This is called ICE for In Case of Emergency and is a great idea if anything happens to you that leaves you incap...
Now that the National Association of Realtors has announced that it expects prices to drop throughout the United States during the remainder of 2007 I thought about Santa Clarita. This is one of the best places to live in the country, according to a variety of sources, the weather is beautiful (e...
The Santa Clarita Rotary Club completed a project at Old Orchard Elementary School in Newhall earlier this week. The dedication ceremony took place at the school Wednesday morning, May 16, 2007, at the school.The Rotary Club project, chaired by Nick Lentini, included fencing in a grassy area and ...
I moved to Santa Clarita last year and began looking for opportunities to volunteer in my new community. After reading through the local newspaper and several local magazines I found information on the Rotary Club. I went to a couple of their weekly meetings and got hooked.The Rotary Club is made...

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