collections: 5 Techniques to Negotiate Collections on Your Credit Report - 10/27/09 09:34 AM
Collection Companies are the big bad wolves of the Credit Repair Industry.  Many people are unsure where to start with settling debt or negotiating collections, but in actuality, collections are the easiest things to fix on your credit report.  Here's how:
1.)  Pay for deletion
This situation is best for smaller collections ($500 or less), like medical collections or utility bills. You get the collection agency to agree to remove the listing from your credit report in exchange for payment.
2.)  Settling the debt
This technique deals with debts that are more sizable (over $1000). This method involves negotiating with the … (3 comments)

collections: Credit Myths: True or False? - 09/08/09 09:20 AM

According to a survey conducted earlier this year by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and the company formally known as Washington Mutual Bank (WAMU), there are still a record number of Americans that don't understand exactly what credit scores are designed to do or the major factors that are used to determine this all so important 3-digit number.
In fact, 74% of consumers still believe that their credit scores are influenced by income! Even more surprising was that many consumers also believe that marital status, age, level of education and race, are also significant contributing factors to credit scores.
Here … (3 comments)

collections: Credit Repair Limitations - 08/24/09 03:31 AM
Credit repair limitations occur almost 100% of the time under the following situations. These situations make it nearly impossible for credit repair to help someone needing results within six months to a year. Please keep in mind even when you can’t be helped in the short term, the advice that can be given now, if coming from a professional, can prevent you from making a mistake in the near future that may worsen your situation. Here are examples of situations where not much can be done with-in a six to twelve month period. 1. If more than 50% of the negative … (5 comments)




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