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homes in Mira Vista are worth a look. Great location near downtown Fort Worth. As the completion of the Chisholm Trail Parkway approaches next year, area real estate paradigms are changing. Mira Vista, way down at the end of Bryant Irvin Road has struggled recently to maintain it’s popularity wi...
The Neil P. Building is one of my favorite downtown condos. Three reasons are 1) The historic nature of the building and it's location at the western gateway to downtown. 2) For those who like the urban lifestyle in a larger scale these roomy residences feel more like a house than a condo on the...
I am so excited to announce my new website. It's really not your typical real estate site, I promise.   www.urbanFW.com is a complete resource for choosing the best condominium out of the 10 major condo projects in beautiful downtown Fort Worth, Texas. The website offers objective reviews by Real...
Back in 2006 construction of condos in downtown Fort Worth and the 7th Street area was at a fever pitch. Tons of beautiful new urban residences flooded the market and consumer interest was high. As the national real estate market declined from it's peak in 2006 the inventory began to accumulate, ...
When I moved into a downtown condominium in Fort Worth Texas it was a departure. Leaving behind the lawn-mower, the power tools, the pool maintenance and upkeep of a suburban home. I jettisoned a lot of extra clothing and stuff that most of us keep packed away in closets, attics or garages thinki...
One of Fort Worth's finest treasures is our downtown. Having traveled to a few other towns I have often gone to great pains to find out "where to go & what to see". In many locations you worry about getting off the beaten path or getting lost in an unsafe part of town. It's also hard to find loca...
Hope my Realtor friends don't get sore at me for posting this, just having a little fun...                                          
Selling and renting downtown condos in Fort Worth Texas is something of an art. Traditional real estate agents are often challenged by the unfamiliar aspects of "urban living". If you're interested in a condo in Fort Worth Texas start your search here at my local website: ALL CONDOS IN DOWNTOWN A...
So after living in the T&P Lofts for 5 months and looking out the window at the train below, I finally decided to check it out. I had a really nice trip over to the Dallas West-end where a friend & I enjoyed a day of walking and site-seeing. We saw the 6th Floor Museum, The Dallas Aquarium and ha...
As you drive through downtown Fort Worth on I-30 you actually drive directly over (and through) the space where this imposing building once stood for less than one month in 1889. The Texas Spring Palace Fire destroyed the pride and joy of early Fort Worth residents, but only one life was claimed ...

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