tp lofts: Downtown Fort Worth Condominiums for Sale - 05/05/13 01:50 PM
I am so excited to announce my new website. It's really not your typical real estate site, I promise. is a complete resource for choosing the best condominium out of the 10 major condo projects in beautiful downtown Fort Worth, Texas. The website offers objective reviews by Realtors and by residents of each unit including walk-through videos, lifestyle blogs and comparison lists. Everything from HOA fees, amenities and HOA rules to available listings and past sales prices are described in accurate detail for every complex.


tp lofts: Condo living is different - 10/31/12 02:26 AM
When I moved into a downtown condominium in Fort Worth Texas it was a departure. Leaving behind the lawn-mower, the power tools, the pool maintenance and upkeep of a suburban home. I jettisoned a lot of extra clothing and stuff that most of us keep packed away in closets, attics or garages thinking we may decide we need it someday - and usually never do.
After settling in to my new home however I continued to have those random desires to acquire things. For example, I was at Target and saw a hot-air corn-popper, wow - that sounds great! I had … (0 comments)

tp lofts: Downtown Fort Worth History, A Walking Tour - 09/16/12 06:27 AM
One of Fort Worth's finest treasures is our downtown. Having traveled to a few other towns I have often gone to great pains to find out "where to go & what to see". In many locations you worry about getting off the beaten path or getting lost in an unsafe part of town. It's also hard to find local flavor and culture unless you know a local resident or happen upon a talkative Concierge at your hotel. I really believe that Fort Worth is different... If you are staying downtown you can step outside at any time of day or night … (0 comments)

tp lofts: Fort Worth History, A Free Walking Tour with Keller Williams Realty - 08/14/12 11:43 PM
As you drive through downtown Fort Worth on I-30 you actually drive directly over (and through) the space where this imposing building once stood for less than one month in 1889. The Texas Spring Palace Fire destroyed the pride and joy of early Fort Worth residents, but only one life was claimed by the fire, that of Al Hayne, a British national working in Fort Worth who returned into the blaze several times to guide and carry people to safety. The building which was made entirely of wood and covered with various native grains and textile products inside and out burned … (0 comments)

tp lofts: Free 2 Mile Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Fort Worth - 08/13/12 12:56 PM
Okay, I went on an awesome 2 hour spin through downtown Fort Worth on a Segway this morning. My guide was Vince Tennyson, proprietor of Cowtown Segway Tours. I am happy to report that I survived with nothing more than a couple of rosy cheeks from the blistering Texas sunshine, no broken bones, dislocated joints or road rash. I also am so jazzed about living in Fort Worth Texas where this activity is not only acceptable but called for.
See my Segway Tour Video

You can arrange a Segway tour with Vince Tennyson for your family, team, company or special … (0 comments)

tp lofts: Texas Spring Palace, Fort Worth History - 06/09/12 01:03 PM
When I moved to Fort Worth from Plattsburgh NY in 1967 I was in third grade. The kids in Fort Worth had started writing in cursive in second grade so I was already way behind. Lucky for me I had a great teacher named Mrs. Wallace who helped me get caught up. She had just come back from Hawaii, which was a bigger deal in 1967 than it is today, and we spent the better part of the year studying about Hawaii. We had Luau's, ate a roasted pig, built a hut with a grass roof and ate lots of pineapple … (0 comments)

tp lofts: T&P Tavern at the T&P Lofts - 06/07/12 12:06 PM
So, seriously... I have to blog about the T&P Tavern a bit. You may know I started working in restaurants 37 years ago and owned my own small chain for over 20 years, so I like to find a good place to eat. As important though as food is to me I like a special place where the staff seem to like their jobs.  That's what I always tried to achieve at the Texas Grills.
When I moved into the T&P Lofts I made a conscious decision to avoid the bar downstairs. Now when I say "avoid" I mean I did … (2 comments)

tp lofts: Fort Worth Water Gardens is worth a visit, even for locals - 06/02/12 05:50 AM
Soon after moving into the T&P Lofts on the South end of downtown Fort Worth I began to explore. Now everyone knows that Fort Worth's downtown has changed dramatically over the years, duh. But in so many ways I discover every day that even as a 43 year resident of Cowtown I have been in the dark about so much. Sure, we all go down to Sundance Square for a movie or dinner, or a concert at the Bass. Lucky us whenever someone treats us to Del Frisco's or Daddy Jack's... I had heard of- but only recently actually experienced Scat's, … (1 comments)

tp lofts: T&P LOFTS, Fort Worth, TX - 05/07/12 05:53 AM
T&P LOFTS, Fort Worth, TX

So after selling Urban Living for the past few years as a Realtor in Fort Worth I have recently been approached by fate to experience it for myself. After my first week of residence at the T&P Lofts I have to say that fate is on my side. Given the trajectory of my life over the past 30 years I would never have imagined having the opportunity, much less the desire to move into a condo in the downtown district of Fort Worth. From what I can tell so far though, it's a choice I … (0 comments)

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