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QR codes are sort of cutting edge technology.  They have been used in other countries pretty regularly but are just catching on in the United States.  Below is an example in case you are wondering just what the heck I am talking about.  If you have shopped in a Best Buy store lately, you may have...
The new version of the FAR/BAR contract was released in June 2010 and became madatory in October 2010.  The former version (released in September 2007) is now obsolete.  The new contract is some 11 pages long compared to just 4 pages of the old contract.  Below is a handy guide to see where parag...
Great video here. Many of the scams mentioned in the video are actually violations of the Foreclosure Fraud Rescue Act that went into law in Florida in 2008.  Be wary out there.  Don't pay upfront fees to anyone and definitely don't sign a deed over to your house as part of a foreclosure bailout ...
The September 2010 monthly Orlando real estate market statistics have been reported by the Orlando Regional Realtor Association.  Here is a direct link to the full report details. Below is a breakdown of the numbers. This covers Seminole County and Orange County Florida, including the cities of W...
We often forget just how many others are affected when business stops being conducted.  Many other people and businesses depend on others buy and selling goods and services.  And when that money flow stops the results can be quite harsh.The ripple effect of the abrupt halt to foreclosures is far ...
This post is not about me telling you who I think you should vote for. Generally speaking I am for candidates that support smaller government, less regulations and laws, lower taxes, and more individual freedoms.  I do my best to base my vote more on a candidate's past experience, their resume', ...
This is a great video that truly explains how the economy works and how jobs get created. The President seems to think that the only way to stimulate the economy is spend money. His own words "What do you think a stimulus bill is? It is spending". Sadly, that sounds just like what a college profe...
My friend, Cindy Parker-Martinez has organized a non-partisan Middle Class Health Care Town Hall meeting.  Cindy was invited by the Obama's to attend the State of the Union address earlier this year.  A very cool experience to say the least.  My main goal with this post is simply to spread the wo...
During this busy election season, just think of all the new laws that are affecting the real estate arena on all levels of government. Property taxes, RRP lead paint laws, Amendment 4, new HUD1 and GFE statements, and the list goes on and on. Some real estate professionals feel that politics has ...
September was a crazy month for sales in Central Florida.  The $8000 tax credit came to an end this month - if you had a straggling contract from back in April but didn't close it before September 30, your chance at getting the credit is gone. Sadly I know a few short sale buyers that lost deals ...

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