real estate agent: Livingston County Kentucky Referral - 04/24/09 02:48 AM
I am trying to locate an Agent/Broker  in the Livingston County area for a pre-approved VA buyer.
Please contact me at for the details

real estate agent: Can you STILL sell homes WITHOUT 100% financing or can you? - 03/30/08 03:52 AM
Now most 100% loan prgrams are gone.
Still available
VA Loans 100% LTV
USDA Rural Development 100% LTV ( where allowed)
FHA 97% LTV with DPA or Gift of funds
Conventional Loans Some products will allow 97% LTV with reduced PMI and gift if funds or even DPA.
If you are involved in any type of family trasnsfer they will allow for a 20% gift of equity.
Some lenders are still allowing 100% with 680 or even 720 score but these are coming to and end daily.
So now you will most likey want to ask your buyer if they have any assets or how they plan on buying a … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Not all Condo's are FHA/VA approved. New FHA Limits equal even less. Why? - 03/18/08 06:56 AM
Be aware NOT all condominiums , townhouse and PUD complexes are FHA/VA approved for financing. When you have a pre approved buyer with either FHA or VA financing be sure to check the facility  they are shopping is approved.
                                                                        Approved HUD Condo List 
Especially now with the new FHA loan limits more complexes will NOT yet be HUD approved. Be informed, know the "spot loan approval" process
                                                                              Spot Loan Approval
Time is money$

real estate agent: Can you define STEERING - 02/26/08 05:28 AM
I was looking at a MLS listing and in the actual broker remarks it states" Broker Remarks: Fax offers to 216-xxx-xxxxw/EM check and POF. Addendums after acceptance. MUST have Countrywide pre-app if financing"
By indicating that a Countrywide Pre is required constitutes a direct violation of steering???  Maybe even a couple other laws as well.  Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
Can Anyone please supply me ith an actual definition of RESPA- Steering.

real estate agent: Do you have a buyer who suffers from the "yes but" syndrome? - 02/09/08 06:21 AM
Solve the problem
NOW USING FHA 203K Streamline 
Helpful tips to sell more units!!
You already know that 81% of the housing stock is greater than 15 years old.....
         Create a vision for a buying decision!
Watch for reactions to specific parts of the house.
Use phrases like..."If you want to change the color of the carpet in the living room, you can just include that in your mortgage,"  or the kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, appliances, install new light fixtures, replace the windows, make the house energy efficient, etc.
Owner Occupied 
Typical Improvements
                    Kitchen/Bathrooms                                        Well/Septic Repair or Replace
                   Painting/Carpeting                                          Tile Flooring
                   Windows/Siding                                               Energy Conservation
                   Plumbing/Heating                                           Install … (4 comments)




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