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The Lancaster Newspapers reported that the Lancater County's largest real estate office is switch from a Coldwell Banker franchise to Prudential. "HomeSale Realty Services Group, headquartered at 215 S. Centerville Road, announced Tuesday it will end its alliance with Coldwell Banker and instead ...
Here is a nifty way to market a listing: use a single property web site. It's easy! And cost effective, too!Buy a domain name, like, and point the domain to your virtual tour. Here is a good example:www.1770eversedgedrive.comNow, in any advertisement, include the Web site. All t...
Sometimes, real estate agents just want to do the virtual tours all by themself. They don't want (or think they need) a professional photographer or tour builder. Maybe it's the economics. But here is proof that you get what you pay for: this is what happens with the Do It Yourself Virtual Tour -...
It is just a matter of time until I'll be offering my clients the ability to download a virtual tour to cell phones. And it's coming faster than you may think. I just read this in USAToday:Microsoft has licensed Adobe's software for viewing online videos and other files on cellphones, the compani...
Ahoy, matey! Did you know a virtual tour can sell a boat?One of my fellow full service dealer of Real Tour Vision recently completed a virtual tour of a boat. Looks like owners wanting to sell their boats have turned to virtual tours to get the job done. Here is the virtual tour.Recreational vehi...
Here are two more No-No Photos:Both of today's examples depict bowing walls...Is it just me, or are those walls leaning out?  When I look at the stove, it looks like it is rolling into the left wall. In fact, the whole home looks like it is leaning left, until I look at the refrigerator, which lo...
Virtual tours cost less than print advertising. Consider these three print options:10-day classified advertising in local newspaperWeekend display adAd in local real estate magazineWhat are your costs for each?Now consider a virtual tour cost - which will probably be from $80 to $135. How does th...
Does anyone here on Active Rain have any advice, tips, or suggestions on starting a networking or tips club? I have been thinking about starting one here locally. I assume most of these are started on the fly - with a few rules, such as only one real estate agent, one attorney, one CPA, etc. Any ...
Those threatening e-mail messages -- which included death threats to Lancaster County real estate agents -- originated in Nigeria, police announced. For the complete story, see my blog entry here.According to the updated report in the Lancaster Newspapers, "A number of local real estate agents re...
A couple of months ago, I was posting what I called the "no-no" photos. A book project and working on virtual tours kept me busy. So the no-no photos faded away. And just when you thought it safe, here comes some more! No-no photos are what not to do to sell/market a property. Here are some examp...

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