advertising: Even More No-No Photos - 03/04/08 12:19 AM
Here are two more No-No Photos:
Both of today's examples depict bowing walls...
Is it just me, or are those walls leaning out?
When I look at the stove, it looks like it is rolling into the left wall. In fact, the whole home looks like it is leaning left, until I look at the refrigerator, which looks like it is leaning right...
These are two more good exampls of No-No photos -- and how NOT to market a property with bad digital images.

advertising: Reason #2 - Why Virtual Tours Should Be A Part of Your Marketing Effort - 03/03/08 01:40 AM
Virtual tours cost less than print advertising.
Consider these three print options:
10-day classified advertising in local newspaper
Weekend display adAd in local real estate magazineWhat are your costs for each?Now consider a virtual tour cost - which will probably be from $80 to $135. How does the cost of print advertising compare to the cost of creating a virtual tour? 
The cost of creating a virtual tour and placing on your web site is just less than print - or certainly competitive.

advertising: Get the Skinny on the Neighborhood - 10/25/07 12:20 AM
Here's a neat web site, and one worthy of a bookmark:
Still in beta and underdevelopment, this site provide all kinds of information about the people within a zip code.
Income, marital status, population density, and employment is just some of the data that this web site serves up quickly and efficiently. Perhaps not as pretty as it could be, the information is delivered fast. Well worth checking out.

advertising: Agents Not Very Happy with Advertising Choices - 10/24/07 12:54 AM
I just read a story published on RealtyTimes about real estate agents not being very happy with their advertising options. The article says that agents are spending more - not less - advertising; that print advertising is dead; and they are not happy with their Internet advertising results.
It's an interesting article available here:
Yard signs are still popular. That's one of the reasons why I just started offering panorama sign riders as part of my virtual tour service:
It's also a good way to drive traffic to the agent's web site. The panorama can include the agent's website, or a property specific web site. … (22 comments)

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